22 Cool Baskets For Shopping Bags And Baskets

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How could one determine correctly and honestly whether a woman is feminine enough and attractive or not? Not only the character, the appearance and the charisma play a role in this. It is also a question of whether the ladies are able to make the world and everyday life more beautiful by simple means.

The cool craft ideas Are therefore very important for harmony in a household. At least in part they should shape the women’s vision.

Cool tapestries for the ladies with style

Cool bastelide damask lace ruffle decorating diy ideas

We are well aware that many women simply do not have time for everything. They work, take care of the children and make their own hairstyle and physical form. But believe us: there are some Cool baskets , Which can be realized quickly and easily. These make our femininity even more effective.

Elegant summer straw bag from Stella Rittwagen

Cool basalide damask straw bag decorating jutestoff lace crochet

In addition, the creative process is like an ointment for everyday women who are so stressed.

Today it is about two rather simple basement ideas. For example, you could make a shopping bag or basket bag for the beach. Are you staying?

Simple and individual shopping bag made of jute

The jute bags are currently back in and replace them with plastic. They are more lasting and beautiful. These are sold in a variety of designs. However, they are not always as original and appealing, as we wish. They are, above all, not really individual.

Cool Jute or cotton jersey

Cool bastelide jute bag jute bag love bag craft ideas guide

The materials:

The materials are quite little and they are the following:

A simple bag of jute;

Textile color;

A paintbrush;

A pen;

A ruler.

Cool bastelide jute bag jute shopping bag craft paintbrush

Step 1 – Write or draw something with the pen

In the first place, you should draw with a pen the outline of the word or the painting, which will decorate the bag of jute. With the inscriptions you can use a ruler to measure the letters according to their height. So make sure they are all equally sized.

Cool bastelide jute bag jute paint paintbrush textile tinker self-made shopping bag

step 2

Fill the letters and the figures carefully with color. Use different nuances for each one of them. This makes the result more appealing.

Step 3 – final touch and personalization

Now you are almost finished with the main project. It would be nice, if you now give the finishing touch with some cool basement designs. This can be made with some details or interesting jewelery elements.

A shopping bag is easy to decorate

Cool bastelide jute bag love shopping bag gifts


The next cool Bastelideen today are very appropriate for a basket bag. This can be good for shopping, but also in the everyday life or even for the beach in the summer.

Cool tapestry for the beach

Cool basaltide tables self-made beach basket straw bag decorate

For the production of such a bag you need the following materials:

Straw basket;

Applicator brush;

Thin brush;

A strip of stapling paper;

Lime color in selected nuances;

Shapes and figures of different sizes.

Cool bastelideen braided basket beach basket self tinkering

Step 1: The preparation

Wrap the edge of the basket and the neck of the backing with stapling paper. This ensures that they are not soiled during painting. This makes the results look much more professional.

Step 2: Attach the figures

With a thin brush and with the help of the paper pieces you have selected, you can paint the patterns that can be attached to the bag. Let it dry and then paint the inside of the figure again in the desired color.

The old straw bag can be spiced up perfectly

Cool basaltideen beach basket shopping make itself

Step 3: Spread the rest of the bag

Now you should paint the rest of the bag in a different color. Of course, you have the option to paint the basket bag in a color similar to the natural shades of the bag. This gives the natural look.

Only a star can work miracles

Cool basaltide beach basket decorating handmade selfmade shopping bag braided

Do you find such boutique ideas beautiful? They are more connected with individualization and are therefore simple. Nevertheless, they look super feminine and elegant. Such ideas are great for the beginning, right?

You can use any motif when decorating

Cool basaltideen beach basket shopping basket self-made

Put some fresh color accents

Cool basalide braided basket bag decorating diy idea

Cool carpet designs – chic motifs and trendy colors

Cool basaltide damask bag self-decorating colors

Sew or embroider maritime scenes on it

Cool basalide damask decorating diy deco

Colorful Pom Poms refresh the boring straw bag

Cool bastelide damask braided straw colorful pompoms diy deco

Sequins look quite elegant

Cool bastelide straw bag beach bag sequins crochet

Splendid silver luster itself

Cool basalide straw bags self decorating silver spray diy deco

Do not throw your old jeans pants away!

Cool bastelide damask old jeanshose bastelidee schicke tasche

You can also create an original patchwork work

Cool bastelide damask old jeanshose collage patchwork handbag sewing

Sew handbag from a skirt – instruction

Environmentally friendly and stylish with jute and cotton

Cool bastelide damask jute bags self tinkering

Or girlish with cute dots

Cool bastelideen damasks self tinkering dotted fabric bag

If it should go masculine

Cool bastelideen shopping bags cotton bags

Urban style is completely up-to-date

Cool bastelideen jute bag make your own

Are you standing on colorful stripes?

Cool bastelideen jute bag jute shopping bag striped

Surprise your little ones with a self-made backpack!

Cool basaltide kindertaschen käntaschen jute bag self-made
Cool basalide damask shopping bag jute bag decorating diy bastelidee colorful fabric

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