30 Bastelides For The Summer Or As A Hula Hoop Tire Comes Into Use

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There are hardly any people who do not know the Hula Hoop tire and have played with it as a child. Playing with the magical tire not only trains dexterity and concentration, it simply enchants one for a lifetime.

It would be wrong to think the game was only for girls. Hula Hoop likes to play with all children, even adults. We would like to present today the enchanting tire in a slightly less dynamic light and look at a series of summer baskets with Hula Hoop.

It would not be exaggerated to claim that the Hula Hoop tire is an Evergreen!

Hula hoop tire silhouette

Yes, playing with Hula Hoop means, of course, that you have to be inspired and creative. Whether you’re hovering with your hips or with your thoughts, what counts in the end is the blissful result. We at Freshideen are very enthusiastic about the Hula Hoop and would like to pass this enthusiasm right now in summer.

In every garage you will find at least one (seemingly) useless Hula hoop tire, which for sentimental reasons is not done away, but is still in oblivion.

With colorful adhesive strips or fabrics, the Hula Hoops can be made even more attractive

hula hoop

With Makramee and Hula Hoop, you can make your first dream catcher yourself

Hula hoop tire dreamfaenger

What can you do with Hula Hoop?

This question could also be different: What could be done with a circle?

The creatives among us, who know the relevance of the basic forms in the design, would immediately get ideas thrust. In support of this, we have prepared many beautiful pictures, with the help of which every idea for a practical DIY project can mature.

Mysteriously illuminating – this is easy with light chains and Hula hoops

Hula hoop tire garden lighting

A DIY outdoor wedding can be arranged even more splendidly by matching garden decoration

Hula hoop ripe willow branches

Wire and Hula Hoop provide a reliable protection for your garden plants

Hula hoop tire protection

Hula Hoop Tire as a decorative element

The perfect circular shape of a tire can flow into surprisingly many creative projects and lead to fantastic results. Whether you are planning a crazy DIY wedding or want to organize a fun garden party, the Hula Hoop can always be used creatively and aesthetically.

For example, you can wrap the tire with the less useful light chain in the summer and attach it to a Tree branch in the garden hanging. The low weight of the tire allows even the additional decoration with light and colorful fabrics.

Crafting can always be done with any means

Hula hoop ripe willow wall decoration

Hula Hoop in shop design

Fortunately, the tendency to think and live sustainably continues to be up-to-date. Especially when setting up or decorating a new business, alternative solutions are always sought. In our example, you can admire a boutique, where the shop window decoration and the exhibition possibilities alone by Hula Hoop have been fantastic.

An original shop design is always an advantage

Hula hoop ripe damask bag decoration

Make garden decor yourself and celebrate a great birthday

Hula hoop tire garden decoration

The role of light in interior design is very important

Hula hoop tire hall lighting

Hula Hoop as a DIY project

They love DIY ideas and projects about everything and that is why we simply do not listen to them. For example, you can provide reliable protection for your plants using 2 Hula hoop hoops and wire.

For the children’s room the idea with the homemade canopy bed is good and can be done by Hula Hoop tires and fabric simply, quickly and especially without expenses. From Hula Hoop you can build funny garden huts, colorful wall decorations Or even make the ceiling much more imaginative.

Creative activities enrich your sense perception

Hula hoop tire luminous

Demanding interior design does not exclude one or more Hula Hoop tires

Hula hoop tire schwarylicht color

The most beautiful things are simple

Hula hoop tire carpet knot wreath garden

Crafts with children and Hula hoop games

Especially with fantasy the games and the crafting with the popular Hula hoop tire can make a huge fun. Several Hula Hoops can give a tunnel, which the children find very funny. With Hula Hoop you can mark places on the water surface in the pool, where the children jumped enthusiastically.

With a Hula Hoop tire and an old curtain you can make a sky bed yourself

Hula hoop ripe damask bag decoration heaven bed

The Hula Hoop tire is also useful here

Hula hoop tire carpet

Colorful instead of white – the ceiling can also be designed

Hula hoop tire cover

Did you know that the biggest soap bubbles are only possible through Hula Hoop? Or that the moon phases can be learned with the help of Hula Hoop?

Or that leading designer labels like Chanel Hula Hoop inspire handbags? And if you’ve been an eternity Dream catchers themselves Would be the shape and size of a Hula Hoops more than appropriate, right?

We hope to have inspired you again with our suggestions and that you have got even more own ideas.

At this point we would like to say good-bye to you and wish you a creative time and until next time!

Become a hero and try to make the biggest soap bubbles

Hula hoop ripe damask store decoration heaven cot soap bubbles

An artistic wall decoration brings more tension into the room

Hula hoop tire wall decoration
Hula hoop ripe carpet knot deco decoration ideas somme bastelideen summer

Hula Hoop also inspires the fashion world

Hula hoop ripe damask bag

Read the watch made easy

Hula hoop tire diy watch
Hula hoop tire learning process
Hula hoop racing games
Hula hoop ripe grazing garden decor
Hula hoop tire carpet playing
Hula hoop ripe willow wall decoration beach
Hula hoop ripe willow twigs garden decoration
Hula hoop ripe willow twigs games

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