33 Fingerprint Images, Which Make Painting An Experience

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Impressions of the whole hand or individual parts, of fingers or fingertips are particularly popular with the design of original drawings and greeting cards. We covered the handprint pictures in a previous article. Today, we are going into the topic of fingerprint pictures.

Are you looking for an interesting leisure activity for your children? Or would you like to create an untypical wall decoration for your home? Then let us suggest something: learn to paint with fingerprints! This is a popular trend nowadays, which fascinates both young and old and is a pleasure to all. If you are a fan, take some time and enjoy the creative ideas in the following pictures, which we collected in a picture gallery! Certainly, this technique also arouses the curiosity of your child!

It’s so easy!

Fingerprint pictures creative bastelides how to make pictures with fingerprints

Create a unique guestbook

Creative bastelide guestbook with fingerprints of the wedding guests

Painting with fingerprints – a favorite activity for children and adults

The fingerprint images are unique and inspiring. They remind adults of their childhood and carry something fresh with them. That is why adults also enjoy this art. For example, when creating unusual guest books, this technique is used. But children make paint with fingerprints huge fun! They like to spend many hours painting; Using fingerprints makes the whole job even more amusing! Of course you add the necessary elements to get a nice overall picture. The fingerprint pictures can be done by hand, but with templates it is easier! This is even a beautiful way to promote toddlers, to develop their creativity.

Just let your creativity run wild and create strange things!

Creative bastelides beautiful paintings with fingerprints

Different motifs can be depicted

Creative bastelideen paint with fingerprint

Fingerprints are all colors and motifs allowed

Fingerprint images actually leave a great open space for experimentation. In this way the imagination of the children is promoted and also their development. The little ones combine colors and motifs and learn to be self-sufficient. Trees and cute animals are the most common motifs. Thus, different animals and figures can be created from one or more fingerprints. The fingerprints should only be completed with eyes, ears, mouth, legs, etc. It depends on the imagination of the little ones, what creatures arise.

Use a stamping pad to paint the fingers and go to work! This is how to design these unique works of art.

Painting with fingerprints is not only an independent leisure activity, but can also be considered a birthday game. The children paint together and spend time together.

A fingerprint could indeed be anything!

Fingerprint images create different animals

Fingerprint template for children

Fingerprint pictures with original bear with balloons

Just let the little ones be artists for a short time! Let’s see what images are created! However, the beautiful memories remain forever!

Colors and motifs

Fingerprint pictures funny ideas with lots of color

Creepy figurines create

Fingerprint image creatures from a fingerprint

Ideas for the youngest

Fingerprint pictures funny ideas for the little ones

Make fascinating Easter cards

Fingerprint pictures funny ideas for chicks and hares
Fingerprint pictures cute caterpillar painting
Fingerprint pictures beautiful ideas for the little ones
Fingerprint pictures beautiful ideas for christmas
Fingerprint pictures birds on wire
Creative bastelides with fingerprints paint
Creative bastelides with fingerprints a party
Creative bastelides cool guestbook with fingerprints
Creative baselides for the smallest who develop the imagination
Creative bastelides for children christmas tree making
Creative bastelides make unusual flowers with fingerprints themselves
Creative baselide ideas for the little ones with fingerprints
Creative bastelides with fingerprints a tree making
Fingerprint pictures for children who promote creativity
Fingerprint pictures beautiful bastelides for children
Creative bastelides pusteblume from fingerprints
Creative bastelide heart from fingerprints
Creative bastelidee fancy idea how to give favorite heroes
Creative baselides with fingerprints for children
Fingerprint pictures colored balloons
Creative bastelides with handprints and fingerprints
Fingerprint pictures beautiful tree with message
Creative bastelides for children christmas card with fingerprints
Creative bastelideen greeting card for christmas

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