53 Salt Dough Ideas – Inspiring Suggestions On How To Tinker With Your Children!

Perhaps you have heard of the fact that you can make many beautiful things from salt dough? This is not only a favorite activity for children, but also for every real friend! And just as different, because the salt dough is a modeling clay that sets no limits to the imagination! For the craft fans we have collected a few creative DIY ideas, as they make original decoration and jewelry themselves. Gain inspiration for your own projects!

Salt dough and make beautiful figurines

How to prepare the salt dough?

The DIY projects with salt dough are very easy to put into practice. First you have to prepare the salt dough. What you only need are salt, flour and water. Flour and salt are mixed in a ratio of two to one. Together with the water, they become a solid mass, which can then be easily formed.

Bake the dough at 150 ° C for 45 minutes. Allow to cool and spread with transparent varnish, so that you can later dye the dough with food color more easily.

Salt, flour and water to get a modeling clay

Salty ideas simple basalides the fantasy free run

Salt dough figurines

A variety of decorations and pendants can be made from salt dough. You can use knobs and other decorative elements to create a more beautiful look. For example handprints and footprints from the children are particularly popular motifs for the decoration of the salt dough. Thus such handicrafts can turn into beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day. Also at other festivals one could make original gifts from salt dough itself. Only use your own creativity! You can personalize these figuras as well.

Creative Bastelideen with salt dough

Salty ideas cute bird with heart crafts

Crafting makes children happy!

Hand- and footprints for creative decorative articles

Salty ideas

Hanging decoration made from salt dough itself

From Salzteig beautiful hanging decoration can arise! Make only one hole at the top of the salt dough piece, so you can hang them. Your Christmas or Easter tree would simply be spectacular if you hang up these self-made decorations on it!

Easter decoration made from salt dough itself

Creative tinkering with children beautiful hanging decoration made from salt dripping

Salt dough decoration with congratulations

Salty ideas for easter with messages

Simply adorable decoction for Christmas!

Creative crafting handprints as christmas decoration

Making jewelery from salt dough

Jewelry is not made today by what! So the salt dough is suitable for creating beautiful jewelery. Let your imagination run wild and make something beautiful for yourself or for friends and relatives!

Create original jewelery from salt dough? It is possible!

Salty ideas original jewelry crafts

So it is very simple and so funny to make something nice out of salt dough! Certainly do you welcome as DIY friends these DIY ideas? Even your children may want to participate in crafting with salt dough?

We wish you pleasant hours together and have fun doing it!

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