Advent Calendars And Make Sure You Have A Great Time For Christmas

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The cheerful atmosphere and the anticipation for Christmas are just a must and accompany the preparations for the big festival. In this magical time, young and old should feel particularly comfortable, carefree and cheerful.

In order for everyone to feel this way, the preparation time has to be used correctly. The festively decorated house with a great Christmas decoration, decorated with many shimmering lights and candles, creates a festive atmosphere. And what can not be missing among Christmas decorations? Of course the Advent calendar! He happily welcomes adults and children to the Christmas festival, surprised and delighted us 24 days to the arrival of the Christmas Eve.

A Christmas decoration full of surprises

Advent calendar in the picture frame

Ideas for the Advent calendar

The self-made is always good and in this context we will briefly ask the question: Why Make the Advent calendar Not yourself? A DIY project of this kind gives you the possibility to customize the advent calendar individually and to adapt it to the furnishing style of your home. A further advantage is also obvious: You can fill the Advent calendar with something quite personal, which fully corresponds to the taste and the wishes of your family members.

Today we would like to give you some ideas and suggestions about what little surprises are going on Content and fillings for the Advent calendar Particularly well suited.

Advent calendar in picture frame

A visually pleasing idea that also pleases the eye… Use boxes of different sizes (rather smaller ones) and pack in them the gift surprises for your loved one. Here you could hide small treats, chocolate candies and sweets for your little ones. Take beautiful wrapping paper for the packaging and decorate the boxes thematically. Obtain an image frame and attach a piece of cardboard on the back of the cardboard as background and support. This can of course be painted in a desired color or with colored paper. Now stick the gifts on, and your advent calendar is ready.

Advent calendar from cups

Advent calendar made of mugs

Are you looking for Small fancy DIY ideas for the Advent calendar? We find Advent calendars with paper cups very original. These are large enough and compact. Look for the cups in two or more different patterns, as desired. Pierce the bottom of the beaker, make an opening that is used to pull a cord. Look for small and light items that you can hide in the mugs. These could for example again be chocolate sweets, small gummy bear packets, a Christmas ball or great earrings. Cover each cardboard with paper and tie with yarn. Pull the cord through the cups by following the numbers or simply hanging them by chance. Fasten the cord with the cups on the wall or where it suits you and like it.

Adventskalender tinker from toilet paper

Crafts with Klorolls

Some of you will certainly not find this idea so great, but the end result will surprise you. Collect clowns – 24 pieces you need. Make them slightly flat and press the ends toward the center so that they come one over the other. Glue one end together, and not until the gift has been stuck in the other side.

Decorate with loops of your choice to make the whole look like a gift. Cut circles out of colored paper (in matching color) for numbering. Make a hole with the punch at the top of the circles so you can attach the numbers later. Take a wooden stick, and hang up the presents, with yarn, string, or whatever you just have to handle. Small Christmas balls and stars will make the homemade Advent calendar more beautiful and festive. The picture above shows you how to hang the gifts.

The Ideas for an advent calendar for self-baking Are numerous and everything is a matter of personal imagination, and craftsmanship. As far as contents and filling are concerned, you can use almost anything useful, tasty and enjoyable.

We wish you lots of fun with crafting and a merry Christmas!

Advent calendar tinkering and filling
Ideas for adventskalender tinkers
Original ideas for advent calendar self-made

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