Build Bird Food House Yourself And What Is Important To Note

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When winter is here, and the leaves of the trees have long since fallen, we see how many birds are flying off and find out that these are not just sparrows.

Especially in the big cities, the birds are forced to overwinter with the leftovers that they find daily. Often, the birds find us well-known from advertising products that are really unhealthy.

She and I and many others learned in elementary school how to build a simple bird feeder house yourself. For some, this has become a great hobby, taking care of the birds and always providing them with fresh food and water.

Build bird food house itself is usually easy and fast

bird feed house itself build covered landing site

Build bird food house yourself – important about the food

Building a bird food house can be very easy and likes as an upcycling project be perceived. If you want to have it even easier, you can buy the finished kits in the craft supplies business and just stick together. So now you have a pretty little house, which will make you even more attractive with color.

There is also a feed dispenser that you need to refill daily and it looks like you’ve done a good deed and can sit back and relax in your chair.

When the bird feeder house is covered, the food is protected from moisture

build birdhouse itself with love

Without having to hammer and work, you can make an organic pumpkin pumpkin

Birdhouse itself build from kuerbis

Unfortunately, they work homemade projects not always so fast. Depending on what feed you have prepared for your flying friends, you should make sure that the food is stored dry and secure. For this reason, a covered bird house would be very useful.

If you’re a friend of upcycling ideas, now has a creative task to accomplish with Tetrapaks

Build your own birdhouse yourself, tinker with tetrapack

With wooden sticks, a lot is possible – paint the finished house in great colors and look forward to the numerous visitors

birdfood house itself build colorful house

Why a canopy is important?

Even birds can catch a disease, so the bird food house should always be kept clean and the food – as fresh as possible.

Below are many inspiring examples of how to feed the sparrows or titmice without feeders. For this you need a Fruchtschale- either an orange or a coconut , With apples you can achieve similar success, if you get a bowl for the food.

Birds also need vitamins and delicious food

bird food house itself build orange peel

And so you can easily and functionally build your first bird food house yourself

Birdhouse itself build lollipops

When crafting tin cans you can make fantastic bird feeders

Build birdhouse itself tinker with tin cans

Lollipop chopsticks can also be used to make very functional feeding stations. And if you are just feeling how creativity comes out of your veins, you can make a lavish bird food house out of the milk carton.

We wish you a lot of fun with the cute birds in winter and a great success in building your first bird food house!

Saucers, some wire mesh and once drilling – so you can also get to the bird food house

Build birdhouse itself with wire

In the hardware store or at Idea you can find all the kits and build a bird food house like in a picture book together

bird feeders house build kit

In addition to baking in the run-up to Christmas, you can make beautiful birdseed ornaments

Birdhouse itself build good doing

With natural materials you can conjure up the most beautiful and the most environmentally friendly bird feeders

Birdhouse itself build half coconut

As in the elementary school- a square spar, small boards around it and a hook for hanging

Build birdhouse itself hangs

Made of wire, you can bend practically many things and give the birds daily new food

bird food house itself build orange

Do not forget to nail a piece of board where the bird can stand and peck

Birdhouse itself build rainbow

A pine cones can be hung well everywhere and provided with millet

birdfeeder itself build pinecone

Old mason jar and cooking spoon – the right utensils for the construction of a bird feeder house

bird food house itself build cooking spoon

With which you can bind the grains? With linseed oil, for example?

Birdhouse itself build seed
Birdhouse itself build artistically
to build birdhouse itself build upcycling
birdfeeder house itself building landing site meisen

A great idea, with which both birds and humans can be satisfied

self-build bird house yourself, apple cut out

The sweets dispenser is now a bird food house

Birdhouse itself build loecher
bird food house itself build pendulum

Not exactly eco-friendly, but practical and convenient – tinkering with PET bottles

birdhouse itself build occurs
birdfood house itself build upcycling
Build bird food house yourself
bird food house itself building landing field blackbird
birdhouse itself build landing pad cupcakes bowls
birdfeederhaus itself building landing field three level
bird food house itself building land coconut
birdhouse itself building land plexiglas
birdfeederhaus itself building landing site

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