Crafting With Beads – 59 Original Ideas To Imitate

The crafting with beads is very easy and prepares not only the little ones, but also us adults a lot of joy. There are simply many colorful beads, also called plug beads, designed on a plug base and any figures generated. Normally you use a template that is placed on the table or even under the plug-in board when it is transparent. In addition to the iron-on beads, you still need very few materials and tools that you probably already have at home, such as baking paper, scissors, irons and tweezers.

Crafting with beads is easy and fun!

cow template tinker with hanger beads

Tinker with beads for big and small

It is not for nothing that tinkering with hanger beads is one of the most popular methods of employment of all educators and primary school teachers. The little colorful pieces have it all. These are versatile and even the laying itself promotes the fine motor skills and the concentration of children in a fun way.

The perfect way for Tinker with children

funny monkeys tinker with bracelets

Adults on the other hand find quite nice the relaxed side of the craft fun with plug beads. With tweezers in your hand you can spend hours working on a pearl project and conjure up beautiful motifs. Since the so-called recommend Photo Pearls® , These have been specially developed for advanced ironing bead hobbyists. Similar to the Painting by numbers The beads are numbered in color and instead of templates, digital images are transformed into bead-bead templates using special software.

In principle, you can not only make little figures out of pearls, but also Christmas balls and ice crystals, Easter bunny and lambs, key chains, coasters, wall Clocks Glass covers and even video game figures that are simply recreated pixel by pixel with the beads.

Try it with these little monsters!

tinker monsters with ironing beads on a plug

There are even already iron beads with striped motifs on the market. So you have even more arts and crafts and even more fun. Just great!

Iron-on beads not only make flat motifs, but also more complicated 3D projects such as houses, wall decoration and jewelry.

How about, for example, with such a 3D beaded cake?

3d tinker tinker with ironing beads

Crafting with beads: Simple technique, great effect

And how is tinkering with ironing beads really? The craftsmanship is pretty simple and everyone has a lot of fun.

First, put the iron beads piece by piece on the special base and put together the desired motif. Then put a piece of baking paper on it and set the iron at medium level. First gently press the iron onto the covered iron-on bead pattern and then iron it on with gentle, circular movements. If desired, you can treat the figure on both sides with the iron.

Allow to cool and dry, then peel off the baking paper. The iron-bead figure can be easily removed from the board. Place them on a flat surface, such as the table or countertop in the kitchen, and complain with a thick book or other appropriate weight. That way, your pearl creation will be beautifully smooth.

Iron your figure beads carefully

tinker with iron balls iron baking paper

First press gently with the iron and hold briefly

tinker with iron beads coaster ironing iron

And how about craft ideas from the oven? Yeah right! Crafting with iron beads with a difference:

Always use metal cookie cutters for your handicraft creations with stirrup beads!

tinker with iron balls oven cookware christmas decorations

After only 2-3 minutes in the oven, the pearls melt together

tinker with iron baking paper cookie cutter oven

As the motto of the manufacturer Hama puts it nicely, is the tinkering with beads a great educational system for children in development , It could hardly be more precise. Adults love the pearls too. And rightly so!

convince yourself! Try it out. Here we have 59 beads ideas for imitation ready for you. You can save this as a graphic, print it and then use it as a template.

Much craftsmanship and a good luck!

Make funny popsicle sticks out of sticky beads

ice lolly idea tinker with ironing beads

Two sweet, fallen monkeys

tinker with iron monkey hearts

Sun and star

flower sun tinker with bracelets

Crafting with beads for the little ones

baby pacifier tinker with hanger beads

tinker with hanger beads template fire truck

tinker with hanger beads template for bunny

colorful butterfly template tinker with hanger beads

tinker minions with hanger beads template

rainbow template tinker with hanger beads
making Easter bunny yourself with ironing beads
template owl tinker with hanger beads
pikachu pokemon template tinker with hanger beads

Great templates for young girls

tinker with bow pearl template rose advanced
unicorn template tinker with bracelets
unicorn template tinker with bracelets ideas
strawberry tinker with baubelideen
frozen template snowman making with ironing beads

Templates that would be more interesting for little boys

batman tinkering with bracelets ideas
Batman superman templates tinker with iron balls
fidget yourself make spinner tinker with iron balls
crafting craft ideas with ironing beads
football basketball crafting ideas with ironing beads
great mario template tinker with ironing beads
helicopter template tinker with hanger beads

tinker with bow pearl template star

Decorate Christmas decorations with stirrup beads

tinker with christmas pearls
making snowmen tinker with iron balls templates
Make animals yourself with ironing beads
template tinkering with iron balls making little figures

Templates and craft ideas for advanced

fox tinker with iron balls ideas
dory fish tinker with hanger beads template
make yourself emojis tinker with ironing beads

making necklace yourself with ironing beads

Handyhülle make yourself tinker with ironing beads
witch tinker with bracelets craft ideas to halloween template
Dogs tinker with bracelets ideas template
joker template tinker with ironing beads
Mardi gras masks make tinker with iron balls
mandala template tinker with hanger beads
Make homemade fruit bowl with ironing beads
make keyring yourself tinker with ironing beads
make wall clock yourself tinker with ironing beads
Totenkopf bunt tinker with hoop beads
make coasters yourself tinker with ironing beads
coasters crafting with flower beads flower deco idea

watermelon tinkering with iron template