Decoration Ideas With Tassels For More Warmth And Mood At Home

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DIY ideas are an ideal means for overcoming the autumnal melancholy. If you find a good creative activity, the already cooler days are almost too beautiful! This article is about something simple: tassel-making. There are several simple knitting styles and these can be found all over the internet. We’ll show you two typical techniques: First, we briefly explain them and at the end of the article we add two video tutorials.
We also show you some decoides. Cleverly used, these can spread a lot of mood and warmth in your interior design.

You can use plain tassels to enhance plain textiles

cover with tassels refresh

The used means and knitting

The beauty of the tassels is that you hardly need any materials. These vary depending on the type of production. Mostly you only need scissors, yarn, wool and in some cases – a needle or cardboard. Very often we have all these things at home. In addition, this is a good opportunity to make valuable remains of materials useful.

In the video at the end of our article you tinker the tassels in the so-called Burda style. They are finished only with fingers: around this one winds the yarn, so that an eight forms. In the middle of this is bound.

The two loops are laid together. One takes another thread and wraps its head from the side of the knot. At the other end you cut the loops with the scissors.

With the homemade tassels you can spice up a bed

bedding tassels

The second tutorial shows a similar technique. In this case, however, cardboard is also used. This is sometimes very helpful, especially if you want to create several pieces of the same size. In this video you use wool.

The other techniques with which you can make tassels yourself are more or less related to these two typical ways of working.

Look at several techniques to find the easiest method for you!

Children find tassels as decoration certainly charming

diy swing on spice

Dekoideen for colored accents in the room

The tassels are perfect for autumn decorations. As a colorful accent, you bring your home in harmony with any season or celebration. We have chosen some of the best pictures with tassels, which are the most illustrative. Some serve as a wonderful wall or table decoration, others enhance the old curtains, the third are hung on cosmetic bags and other used items.
The ideas are endless many and leave room for your own creativity.

Tassel-mobilee will certainly bring joy to your child

mobilee handicraft decoration ideas

Tassels for children’s room

Tassels are an environmentally friendly, healthy and original, so child-friendly decoration. Simple DIY Mobilees and other toys for the little ones can be tinkered and adorned. From a certain age even the little ones can participate in their production. So they become more skilled and have a great job at home. Attention: Very small children should not come into contact with tassels because they could swallow them.

Old bed or table covers, curtains or other fabrics can be freshened by tassels. Small defects can also be hidden. Tassels are also wonderful for crafting DIY lampshades, garlands and to spice up some furniture.

The DIY lampshade with tassels fits well to noble rooms

diy lampshade with tassels

Qasten and the different styles

The tassels can be made of different materials and in different colors. That is why they can be adapted to almost all possible styles. They are simply predestined: they fit wonderfully to rural and many ethnic interior decoration concepts.
The tassels also provide a warm and feminine touch. This is particularly suitable for the winter season and the arriving family parties such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and others.

old stuff with tassels spice up
flower head decade tassels
decoration garde decoration
dezete deko tassels
shopping bag spice decoration ideas
solemn garlic tassels
large tassels wall decoration
large tassel wall design
lamp screen tassels themselves
cards diy deco
tassels wall decoration ideas
tassels decoration

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