DIY Christmas Gifts From And With Paper, Which Also Serve As A Stylish Decoration

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Colorful paper or cardboard, scissors, glue and inspiration – that’s essentially all you need for many simple Christmas gifts. Oh yes, some paint, colored pencils or markers would not be superfluous. In time for the beginning of the Advent season, we would like to make our contribution to it. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of simple, stylish Christmas ideas made out of paper and cardboard. They can all work together with bigger and smaller children. Despite the simplicity of the ideas they look super elegant and stylish.

Something simple: A funny face on the Christmas gift wrap

bear face christmas crafting idea

Great packaging for the Christmas gifts

The packaging is no less demanding task than the Christmas gifts themselves. One would have to put a high value on these as well. Still, the expensive wrapping paper does not always have to be. Homemade packaging shows that you have taken time for your friends and family.

This can be taught to the children by realizing the ideas together with them.

Snowman faces are popular motifs for Christmas gifts and deco

tinker with children Christmas present

Choose kid-friendly ideas!

The snow and Santa Claus, as well as the deer are somehow banal for many adults. However, if you are working with children, you should be able to take their place. You always find such characters funny. At least attach them to a pair of Christmas presents and decorations. They would have several different options. The simplest thing would be printing from the internet on paper that is suitable for packaging. In addition, you could paint the familiar motifs and shapes on the wrapping paper. Or make them from different pieces! In the picture below you have chosen a combination of these procedures. Some of the faces have been painted and some accessories have been made of fabric.

Such DIY Christmas decoration is also a great gift idea

tinker christmas faces cardboard

Decorative figures as Christmas presents

Would you like to have Christmas presents for all your visitors during Advent? Then you can make several great figures out of paper. They are all created according to the same principle, but do not take up too much time. Very fitting would be the fir trees made of cardboard that you see below. They are also suitable as decoration for noble interiors. So you do not have to worry about the storage space.

The DIY decoration can look very noble

tinker christmas paper fir trees as a window decoration

Cupcakes packaging

Do you want to make the Advent season with many culinary surprises for family and guests particularly pleasant? Why not! You can use the festive season as an occasion to perform various taste experiments. Christmas-wrapped cupcakes like these in the picture are also great Christmas gifts. Partly they can be prepared with the children.

Cupcakes are among the Christmas ideas that everyone loves

tinker christmas paper wrapping cupcakes

Jewelry for the Christmas tree

Every year we should decorate the Christmas tree with at least some new items. You do not necessarily have to be bought, you can do it yourself. These DIY jewelry would also be suitable as Christmas gifts.

Fancy vintage? You can make such a Christmas tree jewelry!

making paper flowers for the Christmas tree with children

DIY greeting cards

Selsbotten greeting cards made of paper or cardboard would individualize any Christmas gift. You will find many ideas on the internet and in our collection of great pictures. Below you can see a great example, which you can tinker with children and which nevertheless looks stylish.

Every craft idea in green and red can have a Christmas effect

Flower from paper Christmas present

When and for whom are the homemade Christmas gifts appropriate?

The attitude to Christmas presents is quite different in different families. Some use this occasion for new gifts. In this case, the homemade Christmas gifts could be something extra. These can be given along with the”main gift”. In addition, the DIY Christmas gifts would be a trifle given to a variety of people. The investment is not big and the joy you get with it – priceless.

These beautiful angel figures are ideal for crafting with children!

Paper angels christmas

Chocolates are great gifts and jewelry for Christmas

gift wrapping with christmas face crafting

You can also make a beautiful garland for Christmas

garland faces making christmas presents
Glass with chocolate tinker with children
heart music paper tinker to christmas
deer and christmas tree tinker christmas

Bring mood through Christmas ideas into the nursery!

children's bed Christmas decorations with children
make small christmas presents
funny jewelry for tealight holders tinker with children
paper adventskranz christmas tinker

Cardboard Christmas gifts have a special charm

paper gift wrapping christmas tinker
craft star of paper christmas

make paper cards with children
tinker paper lanterns christmas presents

Old cardboard boxes can be used for crafting at Christmas

making sledges out of paper yourself tinker christmas

Christmas tree made of paper crafts with children
Christmas tree garland crafts with children
Christmas tree paper based Christmas presents
Christmas tree trinket tinker with children

Minimalist paper-forest decoration and figures that you can use as Christmas gifts

tannenbäume papier christmas gift tinker
tinker animal face christmas present

great gift with paper card christmas idea
christmas tinker face
Christmas crafts gift bags

Such houses are made simpler of paper than made of gingerbread

Christmas city making paper

making christmas presents out of glass
christmas ball with paper card making with children
Christmas presents make ideas

And if you have something to paint anyway, you can turn other items into real eye-catchers!

Spice up chalk with chalk
tinker with children's mugs

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