DIY Gift Idea – Sweet Flowers Tinkering With Paper

Posted on May 15, 2017

On the second Sunday in Wonnemonat Mai the most important people in our lives are honored: our mothers. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to thank Mom and Grandma for everything: the always open ear for our little and big worries, unconditional love and infinite patience. Mothers look forward to little attention, especially when they are self-made. DIY decoration and craft ideas Come right there! This bouquet of DIY paper flowers will never fade and will find a place of honor on mom’s shelf. But also in general such a DIY gift idea will always ensure a pleasant surprise to the recipient.

01k diy gift ideas flowers from paper craft


In order to be able to reproduce this sweet paper bouquet, you need the following materials:

  • Patterned cardboard box in coordinated colors
  • Big buttons
  • A strong craft adhesive
  • wooden skewers
  • Green acrylic paint and a brush
  • A scissors and a pencil
  • Simple paper for the stencils


And that’s how it’s done:

1st step: Create templates

For my flowers from the box I wanted to make the first stencils, so that the individual petals would really be the same. For this I folded white paper, drew a half, drop-shaped petal on the folding edge and cut it. For the green leaflets of the paper flowers I made a somewhat elongated stencil.


Step 2: Cut out the petals

Next, I transferred the template for the petals to the back of the patterned cardboard box. Each flower should have six petals, but I chose three matching papers and cut two petals from each box.

04k flowers from paper craft diy gift idea

I had a cardboard box with green checks and printed paper for the leaves of the paper flowers selected. For each flower I cut two leaves.


Step 3: Paint the stalks

Long wooden spikes are almost perfect for use as stalks for flowers made of cardboard or crease paper. I took a long brush and painted the wooden spikes with light green acrylic paint, then I placed the stems on the side and allowed them to dry well.


Step 4: Stick the leaves

After the acrylic paint had dried, I stuck two sheets of cardboard on a stick. A really strong liquid adhesive is best for this DIY craft project suitable.


Step 5: Make the flowers

Next came the flowers! I applied some liquid glue to the edge of a petal, and stuck the second sheet. I arranged the petals in a circle.


Step 6: Stick the buttons

At the center of each flower I pasted a large flat button and the paper flowers were ready. Have not the flowers become sweet? For this tapestry idea one can also use wonderfully paper remnants, which are much too bad to throw away.

011k flower craft made of paper gift ideas for self-making


Step 7: Stick the sticks

Finally, I fixed the sticks with liquid glue on the back of the flowers and let the glue dry. Now my paper flowers were ready to be given away!

I hope you liked my idea and I wish you much fun with the Nachbasbasten. You will find more cute basement ideas for Mother’s Day and other beautiful events diydekoideen.





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