DIY Idea: Knit Dishcloth On A Summery Theme

The summery pleasure lies in the details. Celebrate this beautiful season by introducing it to your everyday life with little things. What do you think of a dishcloth in the form of a watermelon? If that does not look summerly and refreshing! Surely you will use such a dishcloth well in the other seasons to cheer up the mood well. Or you can do similar DIY Ideas to make other patterns and themes themselves. So we have just listed a few reasons, why is the realization of this DIY dishcloth idea worthwhile.

You can make some dishcloths of this kind yourself

Dishcloth - two pieces

Necessary materials for the dishcloth

The most important thing for such a sink is the material. This would necessarily have a shaggy structure. Mainly two options are possible: There are certain types of cotton with these properties. You can also use polyester.

So here are the materials needed for this DIY idea:

  • Scrubby yarn in different colors: red, green, white and black,
  • A matching crochet hook,
  • Nähnädel
  • Scissors.

Such a dishcloth will certainly make the mood in the kitchen funnier

Dishcloth while rinsing

Procedure and tips for the realization

The procedure can be found step by step from our pictures. However, there are some important tips to keep in mind so that you can get the best possible results right from the start. In the first place you should make even stitches. If you do not, there might be problems with reaching the shape. It is especially important that you use excess yarn for the puncture points.
Sometimes, due to the texture of this fabric, it can happen that you can not tell where the puncture marks are. But that’s not really a problem because you can always reapply anywhere. After all, you will not spoil the final appearance of this great homemade dishcloth.

You can use the guide to realize various other fruit dishcloth ideas

with detergent dishcloth

Possibilities for individualization

This example draws inspiration from the watermelon. Your own DIY dishcloth, however, can represent a different fruit. You can use practically the same guide as soon as you want to reach a round neckline. What you just have to change are the colors, the size of the circles and some other sea features! Be experimental and make your life more beautiful and interesting. This dishcloth is just one of many ideas that can help you in this regard!

These are the different colors for the watermelon dishcloth yarns!

Dishcloth materials in four colors

How to sew exactly the inner red circle of the dishcloth, you can see in this picture

red yarn dishcloth

Follow the tips in the text to get a nice round shape

Dishcloth nö

You can have several bullet points – you will not notice that with such a substance!

Dishcloth great sewing

Here is the ideal inner shape of your dishcloth!

Dishcloth find a endstichstelle

Continue with dishcloth tinkering by shaping the white border

red and white dishcloth

Here we see a matching yarn in green

Structure of the yarn dishcloth

You only need the black yarn at the end

Dishcloth with a needle

… so you do with the black dots in it…

Dishcloth apply the dots

It should be mentioned again: the uniform stitches are the guarantee for the beautiful round shape when crafting

Dishcloth three different colors

Like other small utility items, the dishcloths can have a decorative effect

Dishcloth finished watermelon

Choose great fabrics, so that the rinse is not only beautiful, but also effective!

Dishcloth in action

The good care helps for the long use!

Dishcloth to dry