DIY Ideas For Paper Decoration For The Modern Apartment

Paper has long been part of our everyday lives. This is perfect but also for crafting! The paper decoration fascinates with its unique charm. The paper home décor is enjoying great popularity today, resulting in many uses in almost every room. They provide an airy ambience and give it not only the finishing touch, but also its own character. That’s why we want to give you a few cool DIY ideas deco that bring color and joy in any room!

Create a fresh atmosphere with colored paper decoration

diy ideas deco fancy hanging deco paper

The paper as a classic among all craft materials

Paper is easy to process using any techniques and means. Often it is also about paper decoration made from recycled materials. This paper decoration gives the room an individual look. It does not take much time, it is fast and easy to make a fancy paper decoration yourself.

In most cases you do not need anything else out of paper itself, scissors, glue, pencil and ruler. That’s why children can easily develop and promote their imagination and fine motor skills through crafting paper.

Attractive spring decoration made of paper captivates the view now!

diy ideas deco bouquet of paper flowers

home accessories and you like to make small gifts out of paper. Colorful sheets of paper create wonderful works of art. So children like to make small gifts for their parents or friends and give away special paper gifts. But even seasonal paper decoration is in vogue!

Every season inspires with new craft ideas. For example, spring and autumn, Easter and Christmas are beautiful occasions to make a new decoration yourself. So the floral motifs are especially popular for spring and Easter. And especially currently, when this beautiful season is already on the threshold. Origami for hanging, stand for the table, cool wall decoration, paper lamps… All this and much more can be crafted from paper to bring a fresh touch to your own home.

Cute hedgehogs made of paper hearts are a cool crafting idea for the little ones

diy ideas decoration hedgehog paper hearts

Paper wall decor is perfect for the next party!

diy ideas deco party decoration ideas garlands

Newspapers, magazines, old books, even wallpaper remnants are quite well suited to transform into original decoration for living room or children’s room. It creates paper fans, paper rosettes, whimsical wall decorations or cool lanterns that provide a fresh touch in the room. In different sizes and in different patterns, the paper decoration enhances every ambience!

In the nursery you can bring out the paper decoration particularly beautiful

diy ideas deco lantern nursery paper

Spring decoration made of paper

Spring is coming soon and we would like to introduce you to a very fresh DIY project! A current DIY idea is a bouquet of paper flowers. For children in particular, this is an excellent pastime that gives a lot of pleasure. This work of art is just as much fun for adults!

Crafting with paper is fun!

diy ideas deco heryen flowers paper

You need almost no tools for this project:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • straws
  • Paper punch
  • Paper punch

Use diy ideas deco paper straw

Each flower consists of four hearts. Make a hole with the paper punch at the end of each heart. Push the hearts into the drinking straw. Arrange the flowers in a mason jar. So your unique spring decoration made of paper is finished!

diy ideas deco heart cut out paper

Colorful and springlike!

diy ideas deco flower paper colored

Be creative!

diy ideas deco paper flowers mason jar

Designer deco ideas made of paper

The French illustrator and paper designer Mlle Hipolyte shows that careful attention to the smallest details can result in unusual paper decoration! He shows mastery in paper decoration, creating works entirely out of paper. He also works with ecological commitment: The theme of all his artworks is always coral. The size of the works is 2m X 1 m.

For wall decoration, this artwork is just great!

diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral colored attractive
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte yellow coral
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral authentic details paper
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral details
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral color variety
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral masterfully use paper
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral orange blue light green
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral paper colors combine
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral paper
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte coral variety
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte creative coral details paper
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte paper coral ideas
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte paper use
diy ideas deco Mlle Hipolyte wall decor coral paper

So become a real artist in paper decoration! You have to find the most suitable for your own home from so many decorating ideas. Surely you lose yourself in this jumble of ideas! Do not be surprised, but do one after the other!

diy ideas deco wall decor paper bedroom
make diy ideas decor garland yourself
diy ideas deco paper flowers make yourself table decoration
diy ideas deco paper flowers vase
diy ideas deco wall deco paper flowers
diy ideas deco colored wall decor garland