DIY Ideas For Tablecloths: A Guide And Dozens Of Great Ideas!

Have you already thought of making a tablecloth yourself? So you can easily customize the interior design to your own taste, or adapt to the style of various festivals. We have great examples that can inspire you to DIY ideas.
Before that we want to show you that it’s not that difficult to do it yourself. We have a great guide (with two variations) ready for you! The design of this DIY tablecloth is bold, eye-catching and at the same time casual. It is not only suitable as a tablecloth, but also as a decoration for the wall or even the sofa. The variant with the Scheeflocken patterns is very suitable for Christmas. The other variant – with the Dreidel patterns has an appealing rustic character.

You can make such a tablecloth pretty easy yourself!

finished homemade tablecloth DIY

The following materials are needed for DIY ideas for tablecloth-self-making:

  • Around the 45 cm long and about 95 cm wide Freezer paper piece (can vary depending on the size of the table, or the tablecloth),
  • A pen,
  • Scissors or craft knife cardboard,
  • Ruler (optional),
  • White tablecloth made of natural fibers,
  • Iron,
  • Plastikabdeckplatten,
  • Paint spray without solvent.

This is part of the required materials for the DIY tablecloth

pattern for the snowflake diy idea

This is how the finished patterns for the star tablecloth look!

big and small snowflakes pattern for the tablecloth

Cutting out the templates – snowflakes

That’s what you should cut out the snowflake templates for the DIY ideas for tablecloths. The largest one was made from the 45 cm long Freezer Paper piece. The smaller snowflakes and star patterns were made from the remaining materials. Fold the piece of paper diagonally to create a triangle. Now fold this figure as well. The result should be a smaller triangle.

Now fold the figure into a cone, as shown in the picture. Now you can start drawing smaller figures (also seen there). Apply only to the bottom three quarters of the area, leaving one quarter free on the top. Carefully cut them out with the scissors or the cutter.

How To Cut Out The Dreidel Patterns For The DIY Tablecloth Ideas!

Cut out the dreidel pattern diy ideas

Cut out the gyroscopic patterns

If you prefer a Dreidel pattern instead of star pattern, you will again need a piece of freezer paper 45 cm long and 90 cm wide. In this case, one has addressed to the dimensions of the tablecloth. To get a consistent appearance, you need similar patterns that are evenly distributed on the tablecloth. To achieve this, you could make a small cardboard pattern. Also with the pen you can draw circles for the positions of the patterns on the tablecloth.

To cut out several patterns of the same kind at the same time, you must fold up your piece of Freezer paper accordingly. Draw the pattern on the top sheet and cut it out of the others at the same time.

On the rest of the paper you can make smaller Dreidel by the same principle.

The iron needs to be set to the right temperature for the realization of the DIY ideas

make tablecloth yourself iron

Apply the patterns to the tablecloth

Lay the tablecloth on a broad surface that is very durable and heat resistant. A larger part of your material should be able to handle it easily. You must handle the tablecloth as little as possible while you work. On the other hand, stains could form on it. Distribute the desired patterns to the imaginary positions. The radiating side should be turned down. Slip over with a medium-hot iron.

Colored tablecloths – a great idea!

finished tablecloths with color

Apply the color

Now it comes to the realization of the last step – the application of the paint on the tablecloth. You need to lay them out somewhere so that they do not wrinkle. Underneath there should either be a larger piece of cloth or some other pad. So you will not discolor the area under the tablecloth.
On the tablecloth with the snowflakes you have to spray these and the area around them with the paint. In the second variant you should only shade the dreidel patterns themselves. It is best to try the color on another fabric first. So you practice a bit and will not do anything wrong by coincidence with the tablecloth itself. Once done, you can let the tablecloth dry overnight. Now you just have to pull off the freezer paper and enjoy the results of your work.

A DIY tablecloth of this kind is also very universal and original. Everyone loves snowflakes, but you can always make them look a little different. Depending on the design, they can look more rural and robust or elegant and even exotic. The colors also largely determine the character of their appearance. The same applies to the idea with the Dreidel patterns and the many other examples that you will discover in pictures below!

The classic color duo black and white makes any design look stylish!

dreidel pattern tablecloths inspiration

You can decorate such a tablecloth with dishes in the same colors

black dreidel pattern tablecloth

If you made the tablecloth yourself, the tea tastes even better!

snowflake pattern diy idea homemade

Other DIY ideas for DIY tablecloths

blue tablecloth diy ideas
diy ideas for tablecloth checkered
diy ideas inspiration tablecloths
Minimalism Raised Tablecloths DIY Ideas

You can simply repaint old fabric for the DIY tablecloth!

neutral color diy tablecloths
tic tac toe tablecloth diy ideas
Tablecloths ideas ethnic style

The great tablecloth is the best decoration!

table decoration table runner diy ideas
Table decoration instead of a tablecloth DIY ideas
Table runner sewing diy ideas

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