DIY Lamp: Easy Guide For More Light In The Cold Season

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creative Bastelideen for DIY lamps are always very welcome. You will also find plenty of inspiration here. Especially with the beginning of the autumn, we are all more and more longing for light and warmth and miss the wonderful summer holidays and the pleasant mild evenings in the garden or at the beach. Do not worry! The next summer will definitely come… Until then, we can cuddly warm and cozy in our own four walls and spend more time with our loved ones – for example when drinking tea, solving riddles or even crafting.

And crafting is not only fun for children, but for adults as well. In addition, most of the Bastelideen are relatively cheap and in most cases environmentally friendly, because they are often created out of the old and in this way not only for the sake of nature, but also for their own purse.

So then, let’s look at how we can create a great DIY lamp from very simple and cheap materials together. Although the luminaire looks very simple, it looks very elegant and stylish, adjusted to the rest of the interior. You can vary the colors and combine them to your liking. It would be best if these corresponded with the colors of your interior or as refreshing color accents.

Trendy DIY lamp made of curtain rings

diy lamp hanging lamp in the living room

Everything you need:

  • Large light bulb – best from milk glass
  • lamp cable
  • Curtain rings made of wood
  • strong all-purpose glue
  • Colors as desired
  • Sponge or brush

Materials and tools for the DIY lamp

diy lamp materials adhesive wood rings

DIY lamp – step by step:

Step 1:

First color the curtain rings in the colors you want. Our tip: do not use more than 2-3 colors and leave 2-3 of the rings in the natural wood color. Especially if you have other elements of the home furnishings made of wood, such as furniture and home accessories, these are in perfect harmony with the lamp.

Use the sponge or the brush

wood rings color paint glue

Step 2:

Then stack the curtain rings in the desired order and when you are satisfied with the result, stick them together. This creates the colorful decoration of the lamp holder.

A great color combination of pastel pink, gray and wood

diy lamp wood ring glue

Step 3:

Now, basically, the only thing to do is to pull the lamp cable through the glued rings and insert the light bulb into the socket. Finished!

Large round bulbs look particularly effective and trendy

diy lamp with wooden rings

How do you find our DIY lamp? Try to copy them today! Have fun and have a good time!

Such a homemade pendant light can be easily integrated into almost every interior

Hanging lamp milk glass making wood rings

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