Friendship Ribbons-macrame Instructions And Sample Templates

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The knotwork technique from the Orient is now celebrating a huge success. Particularly in alternative cult settings, on festivals or on handmade websites, one finds more and more and more beautiful macrame productions in different price classes. The word alone means”woven”and is associated with a veil of oriental history.

In today’s article we would like to draw your attention to this old, traditional and very original technique and present it in an inspiring and very modern light.

Makramee friendship ribbons knot Celtic knot

Attached we have splendid examples of bracelets attached and different instructions how to make even friendships. And since you have not been called friendship bands without reason, they turn out to be fantastic gift ideas for a good friend or best friend.

Making macrame is easy, but takes a long time.

Therefore, you should look for your DIY Projek T with sufficient time and patience, which also pays off to the conclusion of the work.

Makramee friendship tapes or buy

What can we make macrame?

Makramee tapes, but also Necklace , Curtains or even clothing can be made from any fabric. It is advisable to choose a solid fabric for your design, because this is the only way to make your workmanship last. It would be best and also very authentic if you take yarn, twine or hemp rope.

Makramee friendship bands knot wristwatch

How can I make my friendships best?

A friendship booklet is, after all, the temporary expression of a good friendship. Therefore the right answer can come from the designer himself. In the enclosed examples, you will recognize a macrame pattern of climbing rope, which can only mean that the technique has little to do with the material. If that makes you lighter, set loose and wrap the appropriate expression for your sporty, elegant or quite demanding friend.

Makramee friendship ribbons knot colorful steinchen

Macramee bracelets with precious stones and pearls

The difficulty increases as soon as you think of a knotted bracelet with precious stones or pearls. But there is also a solution for this and you can find it in the attached video tutorial.

Makramee friendship tapes tie diy ideas
Makramee friendship tapes hemp

Makramee friendship tapes bunti tutorial

Makramee friendship tapes tutorial sporty

What else can be done with this beautiful technique?

With the technique of the macrame you can give your imagination a free run. You can still make reliable flowerpots by yourself, apart from friendship tapes. Otherwise curtains would be conceivable, just like a sweet wall decoration. A wall rug or a summery blanket on the sofa, with the help of this technique would also succeed quite well.

In this sense you will be inspired by our pictorial material and learn the magic technique of oriental knotting!

Makramee friendship ribbons tie with stones
Makramee friendship bands tie green
Makramee friendship ribbons tie green lila
Makramee friendship tapes tutorial 2
Makramee friendship ribbons tie owl
Makramee friendship tapes
Makramee friendship tapes
Makramee friendship tapes tutorial
Makramee friendship ribbons tie colorful stones
Makramee friendship tapes pomegranate
Makramee friendship ribbons tie marine

Makramee friendship ribbons tie pattern template
Makramee friendship tapes beading beads
Makramee friendship ribbons knot stones
Makramee friendship tapes

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