Garden Decoration Made Of Natural Materials – 35 Examples Of How To Spice Up The Garden

Nature is a rich source of natural materials, from which one can create beautiful decoration. Not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. Today, we are concerned with how to make beautiful garden decoration from natural materials. Have we piqued your interest? Do you want to make your garden decoration with natural materials? Then take a look at the following suggestions and get inspired for your own garden decoration! Because each season and every festival is more exciting with an attractive decoration!

Let your imagination run wild!

Creative gardenides paint beautiful stones and spice up the garden

Which natural materials are suitable for garden decoration? Wood and stones are, of course, first and foremost. Eggshells, on the other hand, are perfect for embellishing the garden at Easter. And the Christmas celebration could also be much more comfortable if you use your creativity to make a natural decoration.

Pines, willow and straw wreath, hay, moss, birch slabs, tree stumps and trunks are perfect for giving your garden its own charm.

Reuse wood for the cool DIY projects

Creative garden ideas made of wood beautiful garden figurines

Wooden wood figures

Wood finds its right place in the garden. Wooden figures made of wood give the outdoor area an excellent look and create a unique atmosphere outside. If you want your garden to look natural, rustic or simply funny, then put on wood for your basement ideas! In a garden designed with original wooden garden decorations you can feel a long stay. It is not particularly difficult to make original wooden decorations from wood. But fantasy is the order!

As far as wooden garden decoration is concerned, you have the freedom to realize your creative decorations. Pallets and stumps are then suitable materials for the realization of DIY ideas. Old doors and other wooden pieces of furniture could also find a new application… Genuine works of art such as funny hunts, original planters and vases can arise! See for yourself the following examples! And the video shows clearly how you make a fancy plant container from a tree stump yourself!

Funny wooden decor made of wood

Creative garden ideas diy ideas from pallets

The old pallet could turn into an excellent plant container

Garden decorations natural materials pallets reuse for plant containers

Tree stump as a plant box? Why not?

Creative garden ideas beautiful idea for a plant container

Let yourself be inspired for your original garden decoration!

Garden decorations natural materials diy ideas with wood and stones

A bit of skill and you will get an original vase for outdoor use!

Creative garden ideas made of wood beautiful vase

Paint stones

A popular way to give the outside area a fresh touch and a can of charm is to paint stones, because these embellish it in a unique way. There are no limits to the imagination! It is hard to imagine how diverse the colors and motifs are, with which one breathes stones into a new life. The result is an inviting garde design to admire! This DIY project you could realize together with your children. You will enjoy such excellent hours together with them!

Painting stones is amusing and funny!

Creative gardening stones painted as ladybugs

Watch the video below to see how it works!

DIY ideas with halloweens

For Halloween, pumpkins are used for an authentic decoration at home and for the home entrance. You could simply arrange a few pumpkins in interesting shapes at the entrance and so welcome the Halloween. But what brings a lot more festive mood into your garden are funny and creepily carved pumpkins. Also use a lot of color, make for an extraordinary garden look for Halloween!

To carve pumpkins is an excellent idea of ​​how to decorate your garden naturally

Creative garden ideas with pumpkins for halloween

In the following, you will be inspired by your Halloween decoration!

Easter decoration made of natural materials

Easter could also be celebrated with creative garden decoration. Nature wreaths in the form of a hare are a great idea for the entrance door. These can be tinkered without much effort! But let us give you a creative idea for the Easter decoration: Arrange flowers and twigs together in a vessel and add eggs. Both decoides provide a stylish festive exterior!

Garden decorations make natural materials osterkranz selbst machen
Garden decoration handicrafts easter decoration with eggs and twigs

If you are looking for a fancy garden look, you should pay attention to the materials you use in gardening. Natural materials are then an excellent solution for outdoor use! They give you the opportunity to unfold the charm of your garden without letting it appear in an unnatural way…

Are there some tree stumps in your garden? Then be creative and turn them into real eye-catchers!

Garden decorations made of natural materials unusual diy idea with tree stump
Garden decorations natural materials unusual garden path made of wood panels
Creative garden decoration made of wood colored and fresh
Creative gardenide garden path making with stones
Creative gardening reuse wood to embellish the exterior
Creative garden ideas halloween decoration ideas with pumpkins
Garden decorations natural materials wood and stone use for the creative diy projects
Creative garden decoration flower pots with wood decorate
Creative gardenide gourds decorating at christmas
Creative garden ideas
Garden decorations natural materials tree stump in plant box
Creative garden ideas with wood unusual garden path made of wood panels
Creative gardenide tree trunks and plants look gorgeous together
Creative gardenide stones and set beautiful accents in the garden
Garden decoration crafts natural materials wooden christmas tree in the outdoor area
Garden decorations natural materials made of wood flowerbeds themselves
Garden decorations natural materials garden decoration for christmas from wood crafts
Garden deco crafts natural materials palettes reuse to display the flowerpots
Creative gardenidees with wood panels made of fancy tree itself
Creative gardenide for halloween pumpkins
Creative gardening pallets can serve quite functionally
Creative garden ideas with stone and pebbles
Garden decorations natural materials plant containers made of wood
Garden deco tinker natural materials tree stump convert for a nice garden

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