Handcrafted – 43 Original Ideas And Simple Instructions

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Crafts with small children do not know the season, just like the creativity itself. The little ones love to always discover something new and to get away. Children are always fascinated by small things and finds and can spend hours with them. This is why the crafting of small children is one of the most popular and useful activities that not only give the kids great fun, but also promote their fine motor skills and imagination. As a parent, you should regularly integrate basic features into your family day and support your children as much as possible. You can not, of course, exaggerate with time, because children can not keep their concentration so long and get bored quite quickly. Try to track down your child’s specific interests and develop new ones. You will be surprised how quickly your little treasure gains new skills and learns words.

In this article we have collected a few simple but very original basement ideas for toddlers who can help you with little time. Many of the materials and the necessary tools you have already at home. Others can be gathered outside on the beach or in the forest, and others can be arranged quickly and easily in the shop.

Painting and tinkering with small children is all fun

Tinkering with small frog painting

What materials are suitable for crafting with small children?

There are quite a few materials, such as natural materials – autumn leaves, pebbles, mollusks and also paper and cardboard. When painting with children under three years, the finger colors are particularly suitable, since these are absolutely safe for children’s health.

With the help of different food colors you can create as many color shades of finger colors at home.

Crafting with little ones: simply make finger colors yourself

Food colors in bright, funny colors

Finger color ideas for children

Edible materials such as noodles, rice and salt dough are also recommended, as these are completely safe for children’s health. Nevertheless, you should always stay with the child, observe the whole process, and participate affectionately.

Colored noodles are best dried out in wooden crates

Noodles colored tinkles with small bowls

Handprints in salt dough are, for example, very popular among young and old and even very popular as a mother’s or father’s day gift idea. The craft itself is very simple and pleasant and can only be made with salt dough, which you can prepare from 2 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of oil, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of salt yourself. The complete instructions for DIY salt dough can be found here ,

Beautiful Christmas decorations made from salt dough

Hand print salted

Children love to play with salt dough

Tinkering with small salty self-made ideas

From salt dough, not only beautiful pendants for the Christmas tree or the Easter shrub tinker, but also cute animals, simple wind lights or shells create. With your support, the little ones will do everything and will be very proud and happy.

Let the little ones relax in peace!

Salty self - made with children

Danger: Too small parts that could get into the mouth should be avoided or used with the utmost attention. Conventional paints or adhesives do not belong in the hands of small children, of course. For this reason, it is best to use finger paints which are prepared with food colors and adhesives that are harmless to health.

Here is a light recipe for Self-made adhesive from foodstuffs for small children ,

Safe tools for small hobbyists

Children’s scissors, cookie cutters, cotton swabs, rubber pencils, small pompons as well as fruits and vegetables in pieces used as stamps are among the most common tools that you can use for children under three years of crafting. Caution is always asked. Potatoes, apples, celery and lemons are also some of the most commonly used vegetable varieties, with which the little ones can paint beautifully. They dive the cut pieces in finger colors and then create cute animals, flowers or males on paper or cardboard.

With a few pieces of celery you can easily draw a colorful fish

Paint with celery bastelides with small bowls

Painting and tinkering with finger colors

Children start to have fun with painting and crafting at the age of one year. Colorful colors and different textures fascinate them and they like to touch and enjoy them. Until the small colored pencils, fiber mermaids and watercolors can be used, will run for a while. It would be best to start with the finger colors. After you have already seen how easy and fast it is to make your own finger colors, we would like to present you some great examples for painting and crafting with finger colors.

The small footprint becomes a cute grasshopper

Footprint basaltide grasshopper tinker with small

And how about a sweet elephant?

Elephant painting with small basalty fingerprints

Colorful cardboard and finger colors quickly become a beautiful flower

Craft paper ideas color hand print flower crafts with children

Original gift idea for Mother’s Day

Gift, mothers day, coasters, paint with kids, handprint, colors

A bit of finger color plus wiggle eyes is like a funny crab

Cancer painting with children handprint colors

Smiling caterpillars are created in no time with fingers and hands

Caterpillar painting with children

Larger handprints are suitable as horns for the popular Rudolf

Rentier self-made with small paper craft paper and color

Paper and cardboard can do wonders

Especially thinner transparent paper and crepe paper are perfectly suited for the delicate children’s hands. The little ones love to crush paper and listen to the great sounds. Even if you have not provided any special paper, you can quietly bring old newspapers or magazines with softer pages and give them to your children. They can then tear the paper to their heart’s content, and later tinker with the small paper shreds. It makes a giant fun. Promised!

With the so-called Papierschnipsel-Technik it is very easy to make great crafts. You can, for example, make the small paper plate available or cut off beautiful figures from cardboard. These are then glued with the small pieces of paper. For example, below:

Help your child make a sweet cardboard chick

Pappteller bastelideen chicks tinker with small

An Easter bunny made of cardboard can also be created in no time

Osterdeko tinkering with children paperboard ideas osterhase

With a little imagination, you have also created a small fishing range

Sea fish tinkering with small bowls

Cut the colorful craft paper into circles and create a sweet caterpillar

Ant made of paper crafts colorful tinker with small objects

Klorolls are also a fairly popular kit for children

Bastelideen with klorollen butterfly crafts with children

Muffin shapes made of paper, cotton and buttons become beautiful summer flowers

Tinker with children's flower craft paper buttons
Flower crafts of paper wooden sticks

And of course that Crafts with egg carton ! Simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly, animals and other figures can be made from old egg cartons. Very suitable for Easter, but also generally. The individual containers of the egg box can be easily separated from one another and painted in different colors. Feathers, wobbly eyes and flexing plush, for the insects’ feelers, for example, will do the rest. Let the imagination and creativity of your children run free and tinker along with them at every possible opportunity.

Easter baskets with egg cartons

Crafting with small easter carton easter

Colorful caterpillar made from egg carton

Caterpillar tins with small colored egg cartons

Modeling chocolate, plasticine and sponge

Recently, these materials have become increasingly popular and preferred by many parents. They are completely harmless to children’s health and are also easily made by themselves. For this, you only need some ingredients that are cheap and simple to get, such as bird sands, salt and flour, as well as cooking oil, sugar or glucose.

Here is a simple video tutorial for kinks, which will also be a pleasure for your little one:

Of course, there are also a lot of cheap handicraft materials that you can use together with your children during crafting, such as ice sticks, old DVD rolls, plastic bottles and mugs… the list is quite long. Main thing the little ones are happy and all have fun.


Through skill, skill and imagination are brought to the children and their self-awareness is strengthened. The many motions support and develop the fine motor skills and simultaneously increase the concentration. When crafting with small children you can easily and cheaply make many craft materials and also get many more from the nature. It is a great activity that you should absolutely integrate into your family life and enjoy the tinkering hours together with your little ones, in all seasons!

Eisiele tinkering with children's ideas
Old cd tinker with karton mashmallows

Tinker with kloroll wasp bee tinker with small

Craft paper fish paint crafts with small objects
Bastelideen for children hare chicks make themselves
Tinkering with children old rollings felt glue bottle cap
Tinkering with children's bastelides for birds from paper
Tinker with paper carton felts bastelides for small children
Salty bastelides for children handprinted pendants
Osterdeko salty basaltides for small easter eggs
Eisiele wooden bastelids for children halloween
Coloring rice for tinkering with children

Footprint baby paint with small gift

Garnklorollen eisstiel food colors tinkering with children

Halloween tinkering with children with paper wackelaugen and meisespck

Small mouses of walnut shells with children

Taster paper with children easter decoration self making easter bunnies
Carpet paint crafts with paper plates bastelides for small children
Loewe tinkering with small paper noodles
Paint tinker with small cachepots chick easter bunny carrot ice cream
Paint for small children with cotton swabs
Paint with small fork fork color bastelidee sun
Paint with small wattons

Painting and tinkering with small wooden sticks eisselfilter wackelaugen

Seaweed tinkering with small fishes algae beans pappteller bastelideen

Paper kite tinkering with children eisiele karton
Paper ice itself tinker with children idea eisiele holz
Paper snake self tinkering with children color
Sheep paint with small paper
Sun tinker with small plastic plastic paint
Squid fish from turf self made with children
Christmas tree crafts with small paper paper
Toilet paper roll tinker with children colorful butterflies

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