Handicrafts With Children: Creative Baskets Made Of Cardboard And Plastic Cups

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Paper cups and Coffee to go? Well, this trend is still very popular in big cities, even on its practical side. Unfortunately, few of us think of the negative consequences for our environment. Because Disposable coffee mug Are not only practical, but have a very poor ecological balance. Because these are not really recyclable, but end up in the residual waste, it would be much better for us all to enjoy our latte macchiato in reusable cups and to refrain from to-go drinks in conventional coffee cups.

However, if you have already used cardboard or plastic cups at the last garden party, you can keep them. And this for a good reason. The cups are ideal for crafting with children. The little ones will love it. Not only is their creativity and fine motor skills encouraged, but also indirectly their environmental awareness.

Using cups as a craft material is a great idea. You do not need many additional materials or tools. Colorful paper or cardboard, acrylic paints, brushes, glue, scissors, buttons and pens can cause miracles. Wackelaugen stickers and plush wire as well as feathers and yarn are also welcome materials, which make the craft creations even more funny and playful.

Sweet penguins made of paper cups

Penguin tinkering with children from paper cups

Today we have a great collection of creative basaltides with cups for you, which will not only be fun for your little ones, but also for yourself. Especially animals can be simply made from plastic or paper cups. With a bit of imagination and a few suggestions, even a whole zoo can be generated in no time.

Make cute jungle animals only with color and plush wire

Animals tinkering with toddlers monkey tiger

To make such cute animals as these above, you simply need to place the cups upside down and get rid of them. This gives the figures a better grip. Make sure you paint the cups in white first, so that the colors can be more effective. After the white paint layer has dried out, you can proceed to the actual painting. Here are a few more examples to paint. It is really not difficult. Try it out!

You can then form the ears and tails from the plush wire and attach them to the cups. Instead of plush wire you can of course also use colorful paper or cardboard.

Creative summer ideas from coffee cups and paper

Paper cups animals with children

Do not forget your wobbly eyes! So the animals look even more alive. How about a cute polar bear and a cute penguin, for example?

These two friends can even create toddlers

Tinker with kids cardboard animals weissbear pinguin

A whole duck family is also very fast tinkered. The yellow color for the chicks can even be applied directly to the cups to achieve an even cooler DIY look.

Little duckling with her mother

Diy ideas kueken duck tinkering with children from paper cups

These bunnies below can also be created quite simply and colorful. In particular, the seating effect makes them very popular with many children and adults, even as decoration. In this way you can still make many other animals or imaginative creatures.

Especially suitable for Easter

Easter bunnies with children's clothing
Chick tinker with small plastic cups

With white or colorful feathers from the baskets or from the park, sweet owls are created very quickly.

White feathers color easily in watercolors

Cardboard bastelides for children with colorful feathers
Bastelides with paper cups plastic cups with children

Owls made of paper cups with children

Christmas is, of course, also a big issue when it comes to Handicrafts with children goes. Reindeer and snowmen are clearly the most popular motifs for the little ones. These can also be made from cardboard or plastic cups very quickly. Below you see also how exactly… simple and ingenious!

Christmas time is craft time

Crafts with small paper cups
Snowman making of plastic cups for children
Penguin tinkering from paper cups funny
Plastic tea cups with children's paper cups

In summer, on the other hand, frogs, crabs, butterflies and flowers are the best. No problem! Here we have exactly the right ideas for it.

So if you enjoy a lot of fun with your sweets and even do something good for the environment, try some of these great basement designs from mugs! And who knows, maybe a lot of creative ideas come to mind…

Again quite uncomplicated and easy to copy

Frog home tinker tutorial for children
Carnival creations with cardboard cups plastic cups
Suesse butterflies made of cardboard bastelides with children
Margeriten from plastic cups tinker with children
Animals ideas tinkering with children's paper cups
Cats and dog tinkers with children from paper cups
Lion tinkering with children's paper cups
Tinker with children plastic cup coffee mug
Osterhase self tinkering with children's ideas
Easter baskets made of plastic cups with children
Easter bunny made of plastic baskets for children
Cardboard spider tinkering with children's ideas
Tiger leopard tinkers with children from plastic cups
Pappbecher tiger tinker with small bowls
Suesse animals tinkering with children cow chick pig
Animals tinkering with children from paper cups

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