Ikea Hacks For A More Functional And Original Home

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January and February are ideal months for small changes at home. For larger projects usually one usually does not feel like it at this time of the year. By contrast, the small DIY ideas can improve the atmosphere at home and keep us pleasantly busy. That’s why we found the time suitable for some Ikea hacks. They are so funny that they will certainly improve your mood. The choice is varied and you could certainly find something for your home!

Many Ikea hacks are in rural style

diy ikea hacks in rural style

Ikea hacks for more storage space

Traffic jam furniture with usual dimensions for the height and width are not always the most suitable. In the picture above, we see an Ikea unit that can be used for the functional use of wall niches and other tricky places. At the same time, you set an accent in the room. Besides that is the rustic design very individual and gives the whole room interior great character.

Minimalist and at the same time so comfortable – typical Ikea DIY ideas

DIY seating ikea hacks

Needed new handles for the drawers?

Small damage to the furniture can permanently spoil the mood of a demanding inhabitant. It is super annoying when the handles of the drawers are broken! If this happens to you the next time, you could use the opportunity for a creative transformation. DIY Ikea hacks like these on the next picture would be the ideal solution.

Replace the dresser handles with Ikea hacks. Why not?

ikea hacks blue drawers

Make more out of your workspace

Ikea hacks are popular for providing more storage space in the home office. You can make a great cake stand like the ones shown above yourself! It would be ideal for the industrial design. Great Ikea hacks are also available for Wohnugseinrichtungen in many other styles. Research for the most suitable solution for yourself!

Do you like this DIY idea for etagere?

ikea hacks tiered hanging

Creative solutions for lighting

The individually selected lighting completes the entire design. Designer lamps, however, can be very expensive. This is all the more true when looking for individual solutions for your own style. Ikea laundry baskets can be the perfect solution for some designs. Do you like the homemade lights in the photo below?

Custom made lampshades – also a very nice DIY idea

ikea hacks original lampshades

Seating and storage space in one

The next idea is super original and functional. It is perfect for the lovers of functional yet seamless design. A chest that also serves as a comfortable seat. A dream of many people who work from home! You could sit down there with the PC or with a great book in your hand. Awesome, right? These are the latest and original Ikea hacks we have found for you! In the following you will find a few more that are now considered something of a classic.

Anyone working from home will love this DIY hack!

ikea hacks original seating and working space

Living ideas for space-saving are always welcome in the hallway

ikea hacks efficient hall facility

New DIY living ideas with wall shelves are always useful!

ikea hacks customized storage area

With Ikea hacks you can make wonderful use of the vertical surfaces

ikea hacks more storage space on vertical surface

Living ideas needed for more storage space in the kitchen?

ikea hacks open storage area

Here’s a vintage style Ikea Hack

ikea hacks nice things for the wall

With such DIY ideas you can easily drop your cups everywhere

ikea hacks placemat coffee

Hang up great deco with this great Ikea hack

ikea hacks great bed design

Another super modern decoration idea that can be realized with Ikea products

ikea hacks great stauregal

Everyone needs a storage area next to the front door

ikea hacks great wall shelf

Vertical storage area made of slatted frame? Great for the bathroom and other rooms

ikea hacks vertical wall design

Creative storage space for flowers! So great and original!

small garden home ikea hacks

Movable furniture is great for small spaces

nice drawers ikea hacks

The room can be so elegant for charging from the mobile phone!

bin handy ikea hacks

DIY guide for Ikea design with stamps!

We have the following idea in one wonderful blog found! With great patterns and a wonderful Ikea tool you can customize your textiles and some items!

Corncobs and paint you need as materials for this kind of DIY ideas

ikea hacks materials corn cob

This pattern application tool can be found at Ikea

materials from ikea hacks

Put paper under the fabric you are working on!

ikea hacks stamping on a white surface

The smaller the area, the smoother the pattern intensity

ikea hacks stamp with different intensity

Cushions and other textiles can be processed wonderfully

ikea hacks great pillow

ikea hacks nice pillows

Instead of the Ikea tool you can take a corn cob

ikea hacks corncob

So you can make a simple lampshade something special!

ikea hacks a great lap screen

Such simple actions, so great results!

ikea hacks paver lampshade

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