Jewelry Made Of Acrylic Glass? We Show How It Goes

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Acrylic glass is a material which, because of its color and form diversity, always arouses the interest of fresh ideas. Even delicate jewelry can be produced from the popular plastic. You do not believe that? Then convince yourself!

Acrylic glass is perfect for DIY projects because of its transparency and endless design possibilities. The material is easy to edit and you can let your creativity run wild. We will give you 5 different tips on how to design your own individual piece of jewelery.


A chain is the absolute must-have for all fashion enthusiasts and becomes more and more a statement piece. Those who want to make their own chain need only a few materials. Colored acrylic glass , Eyelets and an old chain that is no longer needed is all you need.

First cut the acrylic glass into the desired shapes. The experts at Freshideen recommend a geometric design, especially triangles are in full swing. Afterwards, the acrylic glass molds are placed in the oven for one minute, so that they can be condensed and become more robust. At the end of the day, cut the holes and attach the little jewelery to the chain. The eyecatcher is ready!

Jewelry made of acrylic and plexiglass noble

High-quality Plexiglass jewelry?

You can admire and wear stunning Plexiglas jewelery. No one will notice that individual parts of a necklace or ring are made of either precious stones or real glass.

Jewelry made of acrylic and plexiglas jewelery

With Help of modern technologies you can create truly stunning jewels, which can be seen more and more frequently on the catwalk of many fashionable designers. Accessories such as Plexiglas bags also leave the viewer speechless, thus setting new trends in fashion and jewelery design.

Jewelry made of acrylic and plexiglas stones


Accessories made of transparent or fluorescent acrylic glass are a controversial trend that you will surely love. FreshIdeen introduces you how to create your own acrylic glass bracelet. The process is super fast, but the result is all the more impressive. In the first step, the acrylic glass must be trimmed according to how wide the bracelet is to be. Then simply over hot water steam or under the hair dryer, or for a few minutes in the oven and then bend so that it fits perfectly to your wrist. The new bracelet is finished

Jewelry made of acrylic and plexiglass


If there are no matching earrings that match the new outfit, then DIY is called for. For earrings made of acrylic glass, two different colors are available. At the beginning the material has to be trimmed, this is best possible with a scalpel or a small saw. Then remove inaccuracies with emery wood and glue the individual parts together with glue. Then only the plug has to be attached and the new fashion accessory is ready.

jewelery making earrings2
jewelry making itself triangle


A new outfit without a matching bag? Unthinkable. Acrylic glass is very sturdy and is suitable due to its texture and color variety for an individual bag design. Since you design the bag yourself, you can specify how big or small it will be. Therefore, this DIY project is particularly recommendable for those who do not find the”right”bag when shopping. The production is very easy: Cut out five different parts from the Plexiglas. These later serve as sides and bottom of the bag. Together, the parts adhere to the adhesive. Then drill four holes in the top to attach the two handles. Striking, fashionable, homemade!

jewelery from acrylic glass


Beautiful and colorful rings are fashion accessories, which no one likes to do without. Even with acrylic glass, it is possible to design many unique rings for various occasions. Simply cut a desired piece of acrylic glass, bend it under your hair dryer and finish it. The ring can be embellished with pearls or even pins that hold onto the acrylic glass. Great patterns and fun guaranteed.

jewelery making ring transparent

Acrylic glass jewelry is perfect for anyone with a modern, simple, and possibly even futuristic style of clothing. The DIY jewelery sets a fashion statement with its transparency and unusual look and is therefore suitable for all who are confident about their style.

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