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Work with concrete, create decoration and become creative? This does not sound new. BUT IT IS! For the means to fulfill the creative needs has reinvented itself. So far decoders of concrete have been produced from the classic KreativBeton. However, its texture made it difficult to express any thought, some forms were not possible at all. But this is exactly what you can do with the new one Knetbeton do now. On Saris’s garage, you’ll find instructions and ideas for self-help. That`s the way to Saris Garage Knetbeton DIY’s and guidebooks.

Kneaded concrete ideas There are no limits!

But What is kneaded concrete Because exactly? The kneading concrete, like its predecessor, is also produced on the basis of concrete. All that is inside is sand, cement, special artificial fibers and glass fibers. It is free of pollutants, low odor and ready to use. Just as with conventional concrete, the resulting artworks are weather-resistant and frost-resistant.

A simple video tutorial for DIY bowls

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The special thing about the kneaded concrete

Of the Knetbeton Is refined with special synthetic fibers and glass fibers, which gives it an incredibly good formability. This means there are no limits to creativity, because even filigree figures are now possible. If you work with it, it feels a little like plasticine. It can be processed like clay, but after drying the result is rock hard.

If you have ever thought about working with concrete, but have rejected the idea because it seemed too expensive for you, then Knetbeton The solution for you. You can cut out or cut out figures with it, and you can print or stamp ornaments, sheets or whatever you remember. Pictures, figures, bowls and vases, almost everything can be easily decorated or framed.

Every creative potential can also be lived with kneaded concrete. Before, one could pour more and make pretty bowls, bowls and birdcases. But the new type of concrete expands the range of possibilities enormously. Apart from the fact that concrete decoration is totally trendy and absolutely trendy, it is simply a huge advantage that the results of kneadable concrete are so incredibly robust and durable.

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Kneading concrete Ready to buy

If you ask yourself whether you Kneading concrete itself Then the answer is yes. On the website You will find detailed instructions with the appropriate video. Here is also explained exactly how the homemade from the finished kneading concrete differs. Step by step you will get tips for your hands so you can enjoy your home creatively.

To summarize, you can create kneadable concrete loosely with some standard commercial ingredients. But the mix is ​​never going to be as good as the ones you can buy. On this website you can see comparisons, of objects made from homemade and bought kneaded concrete.

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Kneading concrete Saris Garage (4)

Creative kneading concrete ideas

There are ideas for decorative and nostalgic looking living accessories. Jewelry cups, candle cups, whatever you think. What materials can you use to print adorable patterns, what do you need to achieve? All these questions are answered on the DIY blog Saris Garage.

Lots of suggestions, ideas and DIY tips are waiting for you there. Practical, understandable and for anyone who loves to make beautiful things with their own hands instead of merely buying them. A site for everyone who likes it individually and especially. A page for you if you are looking for a way to realize it or simply need a valve for your creativity.

Kneading concrete ideas can be found here en masse. Above all, ideas really look and look for what. Not only the eternally dull keys, but kneading concrete ideas that make your home really a little bit special.

And another guide for DIY bowls in leaf shape:

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