Make Anti Stress Ball Yourself With Instructions And Pictures

How can you actually do an anti stress ball yourself? Nothing is easier than that. To make a kneading ball, you need very few materials and tools. Most of them you probably already have at home or can get them quickly and cheaply. Colorful balloons, scissors, yarn or felt for the hair, flour or rice as a filling – quite suitable also for Tinker with children , If you are under 5 years of age you should definitely not leave the children unattended – due to a risk of swallowing or injury. But even for us adults, this kind of crafting is a lot of fun. It’s really jerky. Take a look at the simple instructions below, get the necessary materials and get started!

Doing a stress ball yourself is really easy

make anti stressball itself colorful

What effect do the balls of anger have?

Chronic stress in the relationship, in the family or in the workplace can be known to weaken the immune system and logically lead to sleep and eating disorders as well as any diseases. Avoid this with all possible countermeasures and stay healthy!

Such a measure for you could be stress balls.

The harmful principle of stress situations is quite simple. When stressed, the so-called stress hormones are released and thus excess energy accumulates. To break them down and stay in balance, you should move extra and consume calories. That is why regular sports, dancing and walks in the fresh air are especially recommended. Unfortunately, these measures are not always immediately applicable. And so the anti stress ball was invented, also often called anger or even aggression ball.

It is a very simple but very effective way to relieve stress in between. Because the kneading balls can be kneaded vigorously or thrown on the wall and on the floor. These are so space-saving and can be easily transported in the purse or in the jacket. You can even leave them in the office next to the computer and use them as needed. Even looking at such an anti-stress ball is already relaxing and calming. Try it yourself!

Make a fun stress ball yourself out of balloon and yarn

Do Anti Stress Ball yourself: step-by-step instructions

The great thing about anger or stress balls is that they can be individually designed with faces. You can laugh, cry or be sad, with colorful hair of yarn or felt and with big 3D eyes – depending on your imagination and creativity. In our example today, colorful balloons are used and flour as filling material. You can also use rice, soy, polenta or sand as you wish. And maybe even invent yourself another possible filling for your stress balls. Some prefer soda and small plastic beads, for example. Just experiment with it.

Required materials:

  • colorful balloons
  • a scissors
  • empty plastic bottle or funnel
  • Flour (or rice, sand, polenta, plastic beads)
  • smudge-proof pen
  • Yarn or felt
  • Glue

Extra tip: If you use rice for your filling, take only round-shaped and not those with sharp edges. These grains can easily burst your stress ball when kneading.

If possible, select the balloons in your favorite colors

1st step:

First, pick up the empty plastic bottle and fill in as much of the filling as you need. Normally you need about 2/3 of a cup for a mid-sized stress ball that sits comfortably in your hand. You can even mix rice and flour in equal parts and use it as a ball filling for more grip. For easy filling, use the funnel or quickly make a paper bag and cut out a small opening at the top.

Craft useful stress balls with balloons and flour

make flour natron colorful balloons anti stressball yourself

2nd step:

Now it’s the balloon’s turn. Blow it up and attach it to the bottle opening so that you fill it with the flour when turning the bottle over.

Small colorful beads from the craft shop are just as perfect as a filling

anti stressball itself make colorful balloons beads

3rd step:

If the whole filling is already in the balloon, then take it very carefully from the bottle opening, so that the air does not go out too fast. Otherwise, the flour will be blown out around you. Well, now it’s time to slowly and patiently let the air out of the balloon. It would make sense to press the balloon neck with the thumb and forefinger and thus regulate the air flow more accurately.

4th step:

If there is no air in the balloon, knot its neck and cut off the excess with the scissors.

So your anti stress ball is ready!

make anti stressball yourself guide pink balloon

5th step:

Last but not least, the actual decoration of your stress ball remains. Maybe this one gets a nice hairstyle made of felt or yarn and funny eye stickers or maybe you prefer to paint this beautiful?

We wish you a lot of fun in crafting and a good luck without stress!

Your creativity knows no limits

anti stressball make blue balloon eye stickers yourself

Original deco ideas for your DIY anti stress balls

make mignon pig anti stressball yourself

Make funny faces with unusual hairstyles made of yarn

make anti stressball yourself with yarn and balloon

Or simply and minimalist decorate with a pen

make balloon anti strassball yourself

This is how cute pigs and chicks are made

Balloons anti stressball make idea

Anti stress ball made of two balloons in different colors

Two colors of anti stressball make balloon rice

Children have a lot of fun doing the anti stress ball themselves

tinkering with children make anti stressball yourself

Because besides their main role, balls of anger are also perfect toys

yarn balloons make flour anti stressball for children