Make Pen Holder Yourself: Simple Instructions And Many Original Craft Ideas

It’s fascinating how many things we can make from simple materials or used objects. Not only do we save money, we also save the environment and have a lot of fun at the same time. This is exactly the case, for example, if you want to make a pencil holder yourself. Here you can transform practically everything and great upcycling projects Implement in no time. In addition, old tin cans, canning jars, plastic bottles and cups, wooden stakes, straws and even toilet paper rolls are also suitable for this purpose. With only a few auxiliary materials and tools such as glue, scissors and string or plucking, wrapping paper and ribbons can be wonderful, original pen holder make. Especially for tinkering with children are such DIY craft ideas highly recommended, because the little ones can not only bring their creativity and imagination, but also develop their fine motor skills.

Make nice pencil holder yourself

make washi tape craft ideas pencil holder itself

Pencil holder itself make from toilet paper rolls

Let’s start with the toilet paper rolls first. This often overlooked by us material actually has a lot of craft potential in itself. The cardboard rolls generally look good in advance as practical bricks in a cylindrical shape and can be easily decorated with wrapping paper and any number of stickers, sequins, rhinestones or beads.

Of course, you can also use colorful craft paper, felt, fabric or Washi tapes and beautify the toilet paper rolls depending on your taste.

From toilet paper rolls and cardboard beautiful pen holder make yourself

crafting with cardboard roll up pencil holder make DIY ideas yourself

Simple picture tutorial for colorful pen holders made of toilet paper rolls

do handicrafts with klorollen pen holder yourself

A great DIY idea for pencil holder while crafting with children

klorollen craft ideas pencil holder make office supplies yourself

Bastelfilz is highly recommended for making pen holders

make felt crafted pencil holder yourself

Very quickly and easily decorate pen holder with tip

tip toilet paper rolls make pen holder yourself

Or imagine something…

Pencil holders themselves make paper rolls with paper

Especially little boys stand on Angry Birds as decoration motifs

Angry Birds Pencil Holders Make Themselves Out Of Tissue Paper Rolls

So, from now on do not throw away toilet paper rolls, but accumulate them and great craft projects realize it.

Make a whole fantasy city of Klorollen yourself

Klopapierrollen Make your own pencil holder yourself

Or simply place rolls of different sizes in a cardboard box

Tollpaper rolls penholders themselves make colorful

The toilet paper rolls can also be easily put together and made into a garland

pencil holders themselves make toilet paper rolls instructions

DIY pencil holder made of tin cans

Similar to toilet paper rolls, old tin cans can be easily upcycled and converted into beautiful pen holders. It is important to wash the cans well first and clean them from the grease and dirt. Then you can simply decorate them with fabric, paper, washi tape, foil, plucking or paint and stick with any other decorative materials. Crafting techniques such as decoupage are of course also perfect here.

Washi tape in black and white with graphic patterns

tin box pencil holder make yourself

The decorated tin cans can be easily attached to a wooden board

make pencil holders themselves attach to the wall

You can also decorate tin cans with wooden ice stalks

old tin cans colorful ice cream cake craft ideas

All you need is a tin box, glue and colorful stalks

make colorful ice cream cake craft pencil holder yourself

Such DIY pen holders make the hearts of all design fanatics beat faster

gold diy pen holder make your own idea

Used corks are just as good for pasting old tin cans

cork tin can make your own pencil holder

For those of you who like it more funny

make yourself funny pencil holder from tin can and plastic lids

Make rustic pencil holders from tin cans with fabric roses and plucking

make plucking fabric make pencil holder yourself from tin can

A chic craft idea for real Shabby Chic fans

make shabby chic pencil holder yourself

Simple string or jute yarn can do wonders

Pencil holder make tin box jute

Attach old music paper in thin rolls to the tin can with glue

Pencil holders make DIY with paper

Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

pencil holder itself make tinkering with tin cans and fabric

Or use ready-made forms or stencils

pencil holder itself make tinkering with fabric snails

For a classy look, it is recommended to use marble-look film

Pencil holder itself make marble optics office supplies

Pen holders made of preserving jars, plastic bottles, wood and paper

Whether as a hip ball Mason Jars or simply in their classic version, jars are some of the most popular craft materials ever. They can be decorated in a versatile way and will very often turn into original vases, lanterns or pen holders. A popular color technique for decorating mason jars is the coloring from inside. Just pour acrylic paint into the jar and shake it a bit. If possible, you can also use the lid to even better color the glass walls when shaking and turning. On the outer side you can then paint with a paint pen funny faces or other motives or stick on additional decorative elements.

Colorful and funny – the DIY pencil holder made of jars

Make simple glasses craft ideas pencil holder yourself

Make a yellow male as a pen holder

pencil holders themselves make diy ideas with glasses and colors

Stop! Do not throw the empty shampoo bottle into the bucket! From this you can make incredible monsters as pencil holders. Below you can see how it works.

You only need: a craft knife, some paper, scissors and an empty shampoo bottle

monsters tinker penholders themselves make ideas

Bunnies or cats can also be quickly made from plastic bottles

pencil holder itself make from old plastic bottles

A few colorful zippers and there we have these cool DIY pencil holders

pencil holders themselves make plastic bottles with zippers
pencil holder itself make plastic bottles zipper scissors glue

Decorate your crafting creations to your heart’s content!

Make pencil holder yourself with washi tape and plastic bottles

Make pencil holders out of packaging

make tinkering with children pencil holder yourself

Old PC boards are also very good as crafting material

pencil holder itself make of plastic circuit boards

Just like old paper or cardboard

pencil holder itself make tinker from old paper
origami ideas pencil holder itself make out of paper
Pencil holders themselves make craft ideas with paper dots stripes
pencil holder itself make wrapping paper crafting mushrooms

A lot of craftsmanship and a good luck wishes you the Freshideen-Redaktion!

pencil holder itself make unicorn crafts
do handicrafts with children pencil holders themselves with juteseil
painting old things white pencil holders themselves
do handicrafts with wood pencil holder yourself

pencil holder itself make tinker with wood

pencil holders themselves make crafting ideas with crochet

pencil holder itself make office supplies tinker
pencil holder itself make fotoprint concrete apple and pear
pencil holders themselves make art foam craft ideas
Pencil holder itself make metallic gloss 3d
Pencil holder itself make metal shine office supplies
pencil holders themselves make natural wood a bastel idea
Pencil holder make parrots motifs yourself
Pencil holders themselves make world map cork craft ideas