Make Your Own Lantern – 42 Simple Templates And Ideas For St. Martin’s Day

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Slowly and surely the days become shorter, darker and colder, even if the autumn of this year really means good with us and gives us magnificent and golden moments. Nevertheless, we slowly turn on the heating in the evening and light candles in the tea pot. The candle light in the evening reminds us quickly that the autumn is also over.

Light and darkness – these are two concepts, which are also the most famous festival in the autumn, on which many enthusiastically anticipate. The talk is of Halloween and on the subject we have prepared and published enough material for you, our readers. You can also read about the origins of the festival, but also about self-made decoration on our website.

Lantern itself tinker-soon it is so far!

lantern self tinkering small

Today, however, we would like to remind you of another festival in the autumn, which is especially pleasing to the children all year round. Shortly after the Feast of the Creeping Halloween, many lanterns are used to craft original lanterns in every school and kindergarten.

You can make lanterns very simply and can bring them together with existing materials

lantern self made from glass

Every child would of course want to make his own lantern himself and take part proudly with the others at the lantern parade.

For many children this is the first encounter with the darkness. On the day of St.Martin the children are allowed to stay, join in and sing along. The excitement is great and when you giggle at the Halloween for”sweet or sour”, the mood is a bit more serious on Martin’s day. It is a festival to celebrate, but this festival takes place about 2 weeks later than Halloween, which means that the days have become even shorter, darker and probably even colder. On Martin’s Day, too, one is challenged to deal with his fears and overcome them.

Think of the fire hazard and replace the candle by LED light

lantern itself crafting geometry

The cohesion in the group at the Lantern Festival and all the songs sung together at night are the most beautiful moments that remain in the memory. We do not want to think about the festive dinner even now, even if one could also be looking forward to the red cabbage.

The scissor cut is the best and most beautiful technique when crafting a lantern

lantern self made shears cut

Today we are talking about lanterns, and in this context we would like to draw your attention to our examples, where you will find instructions and inspiration for your lantern.

Because the topic is already mentioned, one of the upcoming articles could be about the festive meal on Martin’s day.

The crafting with children makes a lot of fun before every party

lantern itself craft dragon
lantern itself simple dragon simple

After each birthday many balloons stay over for the next, or maybe not..

The fox is a popular and very important symbol for a lantern parade

the lantern itself

The skilful could craft more elaborate lanterns


With a lot of imagination and wit, the simplest design seems plausible


And if you still have too much of the balloons, we will introduce you to this great technique:

Since this festival is mostly connected with the church, appropriate pictures on this topic would be wonderful

lantern itself

Stars, suns, and other symbols of light are well placed on a lantern

lantern itself crafting stars

Halloween and martin’s day can combine many themes

lantern self made for halloween

Step by step, magical beauty emerges

lantern self made shears cut2

Each lantern is beautiful in its own way

lanterns selfmade masterkind simple
lantern self made paper lantern
lanterns themselves
lantern tinker self-adhesive paper lanterns
the lantern itself
lantern itself
lanterns themselves

The friends of the upcycling ideas like to make with egg carton

lantern self - made handicrafts with egg cartons
lantern self tinkering picture motif paper lanterns

The crafting with paper cups can surprise

lantern self made cardboard cup

The most beautiful things are simple

lantern self tinker loecher
lantern itself

Cat eyes are easy to draw and cut out

lantern self made shears cut catkins

Lanterns can be made of paper plates, glasses, tetra-packs, etc.

lantern self titled title
lantern self building air balloon
lantern self made master balloon
lantern self building air balloon2
lantern, selfmade, original, small
lantern self - made picture motif
lantern self made masterpiece windlight crafts
The lantern itself is made of tetrapack
lantern self - made unicorns
lantern self made master with pendant
lantern self tinkering featured
lanterns themselves
lantern itself

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