Making Dumplings Yourself: Simple Instructions And Important Tips

The cold winter is already back. Now even the sweet little birds find it difficult to eat something delicious and energetic. And the little ones need plenty of sewing materials to make ends meet. We can help here and that right. By making”Meisenknödel”ourselves, we will not only give joy to the hungry birds, but also ourselves. Of course, children will be happy too and would like to participate in the preparation of the”Meisenknödel”and”Futterglocken”.

Of course you can feed birds all year round, but most importantly, do it from November to the end of February. Not only the sparrow, but also Meisen and finches do not fly south in winter. Such small birds stay here during the cold season and are constantly looking for high-calorie food.

Making dumplings yourself is very easy and cheap

make coconut fat seeds meisenknödel itself

Making birdseed on a fat basis yourself

You can easily prepare proper calorie bombs for winter birds from any type of fat, such as organic pork fat, beef or mutton tallow or coconut fat. These remain sufficiently hard even at temperatures of approx. + 10 ° C. On the other hand, the fat on sunny winter days can melt and pollute the feathers of the birds.

Such a thing can only hurt the feather family and of course we do not want that.

Important: Speaking of fats! These with animal origin have a much higher energy density and are much more preferred by birds than vegetable fats.

Extra tip: To prevent the grease from becoming too brittle when cured, add a dash of cooking oil while heating.

Make a high-calorie bird cake from fat and seed-grain mixture

bird feed dumplings make cereal sunflower seeds coconut fat

Hanging on windows, on the balcony or in the garden, the bird treats will make for a happy twittering and exciting bird watching.

Especially sunflower seeds are ideal for making dumplings themselves, but also flaxseed, peanut breakage and oatmeal are very popular with the birds. Many berries and raisins, of course, all raw and unsweetened, are preferred by many domestic winter birds, such as starlings, robins and thrushes, for example. And so you can use a successful birdseed mixture to prepare the perfect dumplings and food bells and make many birds happy.

Add sunflower seeds, sesame, flaxseed, berries and nuts

Meisenknödel itself make seeds cereal bird food

Making birdseed on the basis of fat on the basis of cookie cutters

cookie cutter coconut butter seed meisenknödel make yourself

Children also enjoy making the dumplings themselves

Doing DIY with my children makes meise dumplings

You need the following ingredients and tools for making Meisenknödel yourself

make meisenknödel itself instructions

Basic instructions for making Meisenknödel itself

Put the fat in a pan and heat over low heat and let it melt. Caution: Do not simmer! Add a dash of cooking oil. Add the desired mixture of grains, seeds and berries and stir well with the fat. The ratio should be about 1: 1. Afterwards, all you have to do is wait for the birdseed mixture to cool down but still be malleable. So it can be shaped perfectly in different ways. In addition to classic dumplings, you can make food bells or master with bird cutters cookies with cookie cutters.

Preparing Christmas cookies without baking for winter birds

make coconut fat star star meisenknödel itself

It is a great DIY project, which is not only easy to do, but also brings benefits and joy for both humans and animals. So, prepare your very own birdseed mix of valuable seeds and nuts and give the little winter birds delicious energy and loving attention. They will thank you. Promised!

You have a lot of preparation fun and a good luck!

And here’s a great guide for DIY food bell:

Christmas cookies for feathered friends

cookie cutters for cookies Meisenknödel make yourself
Meisenknödel itself make christmas tree ornaments bird food
Make birdie dumplings yourself
christmas pancakes make my own dumplings
make christmas decoration sammen coconut fat meisenknödel yourself
star bird food cookie cutters make meisenknödel yourself

Or a kitten?

cookie cutter meisenknödel itself make seeds coconut fat

Also walnut shells and muffin forms can be used to make the dumplings themselves

Doing DIY with your children in the mornings makes meisenknödel my own
Meisenknödel itself make seed spoon
tinkering with children making meisenknödel themselves almonds seeds
Making praline dumplings yourself making bird food
Meisenknödel itself make seed berries bird food

The walnut shells are easy to fill with the mixture and hang many at once

Making walnut shells Meisenknödel itself
make walnut shell coconut fat seed meisenknödel yourself

Or do you prefer to prepare seed-grain bagels?

donuts thong seeds make meisenknödel itself
make meisenknödel myself eisstiel muffinformen

Small bird seed cakes are not a bad idea either

make rosehip coconut fat seed meisenknödel yourself

In addition, rosehips are also great

Meisenknödel itself make rosehip seeds coconut fat

In addition, roll the finished dumplings into a few grains and seeds

make balls of birdie meisenknödel itself
make meisenknödel yourself seeds berries sasam bird food

An ingenious variant for DIY bird food are pine cones as a basis

Pinecone seeds Coconut fat Meisenknödel make yourself

Lubricate the cones with the Meisenknödel mixture abundantly and hang outside

cones make seeds fat dumplings yourself