Making Newsprint Is Fun And Good For Nature

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Everyone has old newspapers at home that seem to be stacked up and seem useless. Sometimes these are a lot! What to do with these? Throw away? No way! Keep these, because they could serve you wonderfully: The old newspaper can be used quite meaningfully. With old newspapers you can also make original decorations and useful articles. Bowls, baskets and any flowers are only part of the possibilities. In this article we want to show you some great ideas for crafting newsprint. From the following 33 examples, you can draw inspiration for your own craft projects!

New flowerpot makes the plant stand out better

tinker with newspaper colored flower pot

The upcycling tinkering is very popular nowadays. The newsprint is a great crafting material that gives you several options to develop your creativity. You can, for example, fold different Origami figures. Especially children, this is great fun! But it is much more amusing to make something complicated, which is later exhibited as a decoration or even used in the home.

It takes some time, and requires a lot of diligence, but the end result is worth it! Because you get something original. In most cases, a real eye-catcher!

Tinker with newspaper – make a basket

The variety of designs of baskets that you can fold or braid from newspaper pages is really great! These can be from simply decorative to quite stable. You can design the newspaper basket yourself and even provide it with a lid! Watch the video on how to make a storage basket.

From newspaper you can make even unusual bowl with lid itself

tinkering with newspaper unusual cup with lid

Hardly one can surmise that this basket is made of paper

making paper with newspaper paper basket yourself

Newsprint baskets have a unique design

tinker with newspaper make your own basket

Crafting Newsprint – Create decoration and useful items

People who use their imagination do not just make baskets and bowls out of newspapers, but also any interesting decorations! From something old, something new emerges that looks beautiful and decorative. You need a gift bag? Why not make an eco-friendly paper bag from old newspapers yourself?! In the following video you will learn how to make an angel out of newspaper by yourself.

Beautiful bouquet of paper flowers

tinker with newsprint elegant bouquet

Make beautiful paper pen holders

tinker with newspaper green pencil holder

At the end we want to summarize again: Old things can be upgraded! If you feel like making a handy basket or a nice little bag of old newspapers yourself, it is not compulsory to be a true master! It is full of instructions on the Internet! And you have the ideas here first-hand! We wish you a lot of fun!

Let your creativity run wild and make colored boxes of newspaper

tinker with newspaper paper boxes from paper

Paper bags with decoration

make paper bags yourself with paper

A basket that looks a bit untypical

tinker with paper making paper

Paper basket, but very stable!

tinker with newsprint colored festively original
Make your own basket with newsprint paper
tinkering with newsprint creative ideas for the flower pots
tinker with newsprint original basket with handles
tinkering with newspaper make unusual bowl

Wrap the flower vase with newspaper

decorating with newspaper paper flower vase decorate
tinker with newsprint colored creative craft ideas
tinker with newsprint colored egg baskets
decorate with newspaper paper photo frame decorate
tinkering with newsprint paper making functional objects yourself

Also use the newspaper as wrapping paper!

decorate wrapping with newsprint gifts decorate
tinkering with newsprint creative ideas baskets of different sizes
tinker with newspaper beautiful fruit bowl
tinker with newsprint christmas decorations fir trees
make your own with newsprint paper coasters

From newspaper you can also make a wall clock

tinker with newsprint wall clock paper
make paperwork yourself with newsprint paper bag
make paperwork yourself with newsprint
tinker with newsprint pencil holder plant container
tinkering with newsprint making origami basket yourself

Colored baskets in different shapes

make your own egg baskets with newspaper
tinkering with newsprint practical basket of creative ideas
tinker with newspaper paper bags with decoration
tinker with newsprint beautiful rose

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