Making Your Own Dough: A Simple Recipe And Lots Of Fun

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Do you remember the time when you have been watching your mother or grandmother with her eyes when she cakes? And it was so great if they allowed you to join, did not they? They could even taste the raw, sweet dough before baking…. Gorgeous! And this unforgettable fragrance…

In the same way, your little ones will feel just the same, and look forward to every opportunity to bake, tinker and play together with you. Try to make it with yourself! It is a great idea to give your children great pleasure. Because children of different ages love to play and model with plasticine. Today we have a very simple recipe for homemade clays ready for you. This is also perfect for toddlers, because the ingredients for the child’s health are completely safe.

Make colorful plasticine by yourself

To make one 's own

Recipe: Make edible dough yourself

Even for the very small ones, you can still prepare edible doughs at home. And how? Very easily!

Here are the necessary ingredients for this:

  • 750 g flour
  • 500 g of salt
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Food colors or even better natural colors
  • 250 ml lukewarm water
  • A large bowl and four smaller ones

Let the children also participate in the preparation!

Children's games with knete ideen

And so it goes on:

Mix the flour with the salt in the large bowl. In the smaller four bowls, add equal amounts of water and evenly distribute the oil evenly between the four containers. Each bowl is then given its color for kneading in four different colors. Everything is mixed well. The salt-flour mixture is then divided into four equal parts and each into the respective bowl. Blend it all together. Then dust the work surface with flour and begin kneading the four doughs one by one until the mixture becomes even. This homemade, edible knead is immediately ready for use and can be used without hesitation by the children for modeling. After playing, keep the plasticine in the refrigerator, either in freezer bags or in other containers with fresh food.

In this way, the kneading sticks will last for a few weeks

Edible knead in small plastic containers

Extra tip:

If you want to keep your children’s ready-to-eat creations for an extended period of time, let them dry out in the air or bake for approximately 20 minutes in the oven at approx. 80 degrees.

It is a basic concept for homemade clays, which you can supplement with heartfelt with other ingredients. For dyeing, for example, wax chalks or different natural ingredients such as beetroots are also used. And a very great idea, which is more suitable for older children, is the fragrant plasticine. Use only essential oils from organic cultivation and of the best quality! Make sure your child is well tolerated.

“Frozen”kneaded with edible glitter dust

Especially girls will love this kind of homemade plasticine. It was called”Frozen”, as the ice queen of the same name from the famous cartoon film. Frozen kneading is again made quite easy. edible glitter You can find it now in the specialized backdrops or online.

Make magical stars of heaven

To make glitter

All you need when preparing the”Frozen”plasticine are:

  • Pot and wooden spoon
  • Bowl, salt and flour
  • Water and mug
  • Tablespoon for measuring the ingredients
  • vegetable oil

In this video you can see exactly how easy it is to make the glittering knives themselves:

Can you see it here Once again very detailed in pictures, how you can prepare magic glittering plasticine”Frozen”itself.

Try to involve your child in the preparation process all the time. Thus, not only is modeling with the homemade kneading to the giant passport, but also the preparation itself.

Let the game begin right from the start!

Make your own make with small chefs and hobbyists

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