Original Planters Of Used Objects And Natural Materials

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Spring is finally here. All the flower shelves are already full and you need more space for the new plants. Then look at the up-and-coming upcycling ideas in our collection today and see for yourself. Do you feel the same way? Then you definitely need more planters, right? How do you find the idea for original flowerpots and planters that hardly cost anything? Impossible? But on the contrary. Here you can find out how you can use old, used items as well as natural materials to create creative plant pots by yourself. Practically all old things are suitable as plant containers. Do not you believe it?

Stylish tin cans for an original retro look

Plant pots old cans retro

Tin cans of all kinds are the perfect material for your DIY flower pots. You can simply use the cans as shown above, or you can paint them in any color. Interesting is the next idea with wooden clothespins. The brackets, which form a chic overhead, are attached directly to a tin can.

You also have the choice to decorate the cans. Below you will find a creative example of a decoration with peppers and wood pieces.

Creative overpacks from clothespins

Plant pots old wooden clamps

Paint tin colorful

Plant pots old tin cans

Decorate the plant pots for your kitchen herbs

Plant pots old tin cans wood paprika

Other very often used items for planting bucket are the car tires. They are very convenient to stack. You can easily arrange and paint them. The tires secure a lot of space for the flowering soil and are easy to handle when pouring. Small old boats are also not uninteresting. You can place the boats in your garden and fill them with soil. So a planter bucket will definitely be the ultimate eye-catcher.

Unusual planting buckets from old car tires

Plant heads old car tires

Turn your little boat into a cool flower garden

Plant pots old boats

Think again, if you want to throw away your old window shutters. They are ideal as a flower stand, which you can attach directly to the wall. This is done with flowerpots or glasses and you have a vertical mini-garden. The used, metal coffee and teapots also look particularly attractive as plant pots. No matter whether you arrange these hanging or standing. Plant succulents in old suitcases or chests, they need very little water.

As you will see, there are no limits here. Old shoes, kitchen straws, cages, coffee cups, PET bottles, books, wheelbarrows, chairs, armchairs, desks, old ornamental fountains and shells. In this way you achieve both – you manufacture unique plant pots and act in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Your reward is the originality and the good conscience. Have fun!

Hanging flower stands out of window shutters

Plant old window shutter wood

Exceptional flower pots from old teapots

Plant pots old teapots

Make funny gardening pots made of ceramic pots

Plant pottery old ceramic flower pots funny male

The old suitcase gets its second chance

Plant bucket make old suitcase yourself

Mini flower pots made of cork

Plant potted old cork succulents

Paint the useless kitchen screen in fresh colors

Herbs, old, pastry, pastry, tea, teapots

Leave the birds in freedom and use the cages only for decorating purposes

Plant heads old metal cages

PET bottles as clever, hanging flower containers

Old pet bottle hanger bowl

Vintage planters made of porcelain wheels

Plant pots of old porcelain plants

Already long-read books are still current

Plant pots make old book by itself

The rusty wheelbarrow is brought to life

Plant pots make old wheelbarrows themselves

Spray the old shoes and boots in gold and silver

Plant pots old shoes silver gold spray

Or leave them in their original look

Plant pots old succulent shoes

Combine rubber boots, braided baskets and kite screens

Pots of old boots

You can still re-paint damaged chairs and armchairs and convert them into flower pots

Plantspots old chair chairs make yourself

Vibrant colors and chic patterns

Plant pots paint tin cans

The retro desk offers lots of cultivation space

Plant pots flower stand old desk

Unmistakably rustic

Plant pots wood wine barrel making itself

Ornamental fountains become fabulous mini-gardens

Plant pots succulents

Collect mussels and snails for your succulents

Plant pots succulent mussel snails

Plant pots make old hats themselves

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