Sewing From Fabric Remnants: 3 Simple DIY Ideas With Instructions

You have a lot of disused clothing and other fabric leftovers at home and do not know where to go? Why do not you just make new things out of it? How about original doormats or planters in DIY look? Old furniture, such as chairs, for example, you can also beautify easily and effectively. We show you today how. In this post we have 3 great and very simple craft ideas ready for you. Sewing from scraps is not only easy, but definitely a lot of fun and is no problem for beginners.

Sewing made from fabric scraps made easy

round documents sew from fabric remainders

There are different techniques when sewing fabric remnants and we would like to present to you today only one of them – tinkering with a homemade cloth cord. In other words, to get started with the actual craft project, you first need a long, colorful drawstring to make from your scraps. Too complicated? Wrong!

Look at the simple principle below in the video!

# 1 DIY Idea: Colorful doormats are made from scraps of fabric

To be able to sew such sweet, round floor mats from fabric scraps, you need very little sewing experience with the sewing machine, a bit of patience and, of course, enough craftsmanship. Take a look at the next steps, how exactly!

The DIY doormats are then sewn together to form an original rug

small seats sew from fabric leftovers

First, sort all fabric scraps you have found for colors and textures. It is best to mix them together and cut into long strips – about 3-4 cm wide. The result then the cloth cords, which you can make yourself according to the above instructions. You can then join the individual strips of fabric together using a fabric adhesive or simply sew them together. It is even easier with a special technique, through which you can bring the two fabric ends together without any stitching or gluing together.

Sewing fabric scraps saves money and protects the environment

Sewing fabric scraps according to the cord principle

Sewing from fabric remainder

To make the cloth cord neat, you need empty bobbins or similar.

make colorful fabric cord itself sew from fabric leftovers

When you have finished the material, you can proceed to the actual sewing. It is best to use a zigzag sewing machine. You can also sew the doormat by hand, just as you like, by twisting the fabric cord in snail shape.

Sewing from fabric leftovers for beginners

sew from fabric remnants to reuse colorful fabrics

With a zigzag seam, the whole looks prettier

carpet sewing from residues

When all the doormats are finished, you can make a DIY carpet from them by sewing them together. You can do this again using the sewing machine or by hand. Tesa adhesive strips or similar aids help to fix them in advance.

Of course you can also use the floor mats separately

Seats sew from fabric remainders

First fix the floor mats and design the model of your rug

Sew off fabric scraps with tesa fasten

Join the individual parts together

colorful fabric cord sew from fabric leftovers

If desired, reinforce with a special fabric adhesive

Sew from fabric remainders with a hot glue gun

Iron the doormats stitched together afterwards

Instructions for sewing made of remnants of round seats

And finished is your colorful DIY rug from fabric leftovers!

DIY ideas for sewing fabric scraps
small round carpets sew from fabric leftovers

# 2 DIY idea: make old out of old

Do you want from such an old chair, like this one…

from old make new sew from fabric remainders

… make such a great modern armchair?

decorate from fabric remainder to decorate chair

Well then, let’s go!

First, take the chair apart. The upper part is made of wood and therefore you need sandpaper and gloves. Carefully sand the wood first with a little coarser sandpaper and then with a finer one.

If the chair is made entirely of wood, you can also work the base in this way

old chair sew out of leftovers

It is up to you whether you only paint the wood or color it with a special color

chair old repair sew out of scraps

If you want the whole chair to look like metal, get a metallic paint and spray the entire chair frame with it.

If the base is made of metal, you need anti-rust spray

from old make new chair repair sew out

After you have removed any rust and paint with the metal paint in black, as in this case, you first need to let the chair dry out. To be on the safe side, do not continue until the next day by referring to the fabric cord.

The chair is ready to be embellished

Sewing from fabric remainders colorful fabric cord as chair seat

To create a colorful seat like this one above, you should do the following:

Sewing from fabric remainder chair reshaping
Sewing from scrap fabric colorful fabric string on chair

Then you also wrap a little cloth cord around the back of the chair

Decorate the chair again


reshaping the chair from fabric leftovers

A real eye-catcher for your cozy reading area

from old new chair sew from fabric leftovers

# 3 DIY idea: make a planter out of scraps of fabric

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to this great crafting idea for a pot of fabric remnants. You do not need to sew or braid at all. It’s all about simple wrapping and gluing. Look at the instructions.

Such a colorful DIY planter is very easy and fast to tinker

Sewing out leftover vase diy idea for indoor plants

The needed simple and cheap materials:

sew from fabric remnants hot glue gun plastic container vase tinker

Simply glue the fabric cord to the plastic container using the hot glue gun

hot glue gun fabric cord sew from fabric remainders

The different, colorful fabric remnants provide soft texture and cool look

Sewing out of residual vase tinker

Your houseplants look even more beautiful now

sew from fabric remainders
making vases for indoor plants making rests from fabric leftovers

You still much craftsmanship and a good luck!

Sewing vase from fabric