Simple Instructions For DIY Shopping Bag Made Of Fabric

Maybe we do not worry too much about it, but shopping really is part of our lifestyle. Whether we feel comfortable and elegant influences our motivation for well-thought-out consumption. This in turn is crucial for us to eat healthy and if we have the patience to always choose the most suitable products for us. You can make a super great DIY shopping bag from old fabrics and materials!

This is what the finished DIY shopping basket looks like!

DIY idea with industrial, upscale style

The following instructions could be custom made by you in different ways. This means that it can be adapted to different styles. However, if you want to imitate the same fabric and design exactly one to one, then the end result on the one hand industrial and on the other – very upscale.

In addition, such a shopping basket is very convenient in terms of various types of clothing. That would be such a great gift, do not you think? Let’s start with the instructions.

These patterns can be used to cut out your shopping basket

diy to cut out

The required materials

By and large, you will need two larger pieces of fabric for the realization, and a smaller one that serves as a second layer for the bottom of the fabric bag.

Let’s start with these materials that you need for this DIY project. Here you can see at a glance:

  • To the 50 cm felt,
  • A thick insert for the floor,
  • Spray adhesive for fabrics,
  • Paperclip,
  • Tool for going through the leather.

At this point we would like to emphasize again that the deposit should be as thick as possible. Our other important note refers to the leather strips: The most appropriate are those that are processed with vegetable color.

The materials needed for this DIY tutorial are not that many

diy pliers and fabric

Instructions step by step

Cut out the felt and also the insole. You can use the patterns illustrated in our guide. The recommended dimensions for the rectangles are approximately 30 to 45 cm. Cut squares with 8 cm sides from each corner.
Next you should attach the insert to the felt. Of course, this has to be done from the inside. At this point, use the spray adhesive for fabrics to bring both layers together. Only you should sew the outer edges together, leaving 3 to 5 cm free space.
In this process, you can help yourself with the clothespins. These can hold the edges of the bag together. This makes it easier to sew them together. At the end, cut off the remaining fabric from the edges of the finished DIY fabric bag.

Here is the intermediate result after folding the bag

DIY working process idea

Attach the handles

The next step is to attach the leather handles. To do this, you need to puncture the felt with a leather device. Make sure the holes are centered and the handles should be long enough for the fabric bag to be comfortable to carry. You should fasten the leather handles with the help of screws. After that you are already done and can use your DIY shopping bag. It is quite robust and can be suitable for different goods.

Clothespins are quite useful for bashing this shopping basket

great clothes hanger diy

For the handles you prefer to wear qualitative pieces of leather

DIY with handles

To prepare the shopping basket as a gift, you can use the following ideas for products

DIY materials for crafting
diy full of goods

different things inside diy

two perspectives diy