Super Simple And Effective Guide For DIY Leather Keychains

In the following, we will introduce you to a weird, but very elegant idea. It’s about a DIY key chain, which is relatively easy to make and at the same time looks very chic. He looks like an elegant accessory, which would fit well above all to a sophisticated male look. At the same time it is convenient and cheap. Attached to it can be several or individual keys and also you can write down something. Let’s take a look at how to make a DIY keyring yourself.

Materliaen for the DIY key chain

DIY key fob

Necessary materials for the DIY key fob

There are different types of stores where you can find suitable leather for this project. Of course, in the first place, you can go to places specializing in the sale of such goods. Furthermore, there are matching leather materials in stores for horse accessories.

Finally, there are a number of matching deals on Amazon.

So get the following materials:

  • A 7 to 9 cm wide leather strap,
  • A leather-tipped punch,
  • Matching screws,
  • Senk screwdriver.

The good quality of the materials guarantees the best results

DIY Keychain 1

More information

This project is simple, but there are some important tricks that can give you a noble effect. You can use any type of leather, but the best results come when it has been dyed. Often you can cut out the required piece of leather from old accessories. Suitable are, for example, those belts that are no longer used. Another important moment is the selection of the screw. Brass or materials with similar properties are ideal for this project. The size of the screw must be adapted to the quantity and size of the keys.

This DIY idea is suitable for different types and number of keys

DIY Keychain 2

Instructions step by step

Cut a leather strip about 8-9 cm long. Fold in the middle and make a hole next to each of the outer edges of the strip. Now attach the screw with the appropriate tool. Check again at this point if it fits the size of the leather piece and the key. Carefully attach the keys to the screw and secure with the screwdriver.

Such DIY key holder is considered a noble accessory that you can take anywhere

DIY Keychain 3

You can easily realize this DIY idea several times

DIY Key Chain 4

Then a name can be impregnated easily

DIY Keychain 5

Be sure to select the appropriate size screw

DIY Keychain 6

With this key lock you can handle your keys very easily

DIY Keychain 7