Tinker Carnival Masks – Make Beautiful Animal Masks With Children

Continue with the theme carnival and carnival costumes – today we give you simple tips for homemade animal masks with children. Keep reading and enjoy crafting!

Necessary materials:

  • paper
  • pencil
  • Colorful cardboard
  • colored pencils
  • Needle or punch
  • knife
  • Eraser or wool
  • scissors

Prepare for Carnival!

exotic animals jungle masks carnival

Tinker carnival masks

Beautiful animal masks with children make lion cardboard


First, print out the template and stick it on the cardboard. Now cut them out and copy them so your little ones will not have to wait long for their templates. For smaller children you should draw the pattern on Kraft paper.

Bright animal masks made of cardboard

Carnival masks make cardboard

If you paint the eyes and the nose (where applicable), make sure the carnival mask will perfectly adapt to the child’s face. The eyes have to be cut out with sharp scissors.

Animal masks for children made of felt

Carnival masks make animals children


If necessary, draw the rabbit on brown or gray paper and cut the inner ears to adhere them. Draw your nose, eyes and teeth with the black marker.


You need brown, black or white kraft paper here. Draw the ears, nose, eyes and tongue with a black felt-tip pen and Voila! – the forest wolf is here!

Make light masks from paper plates

Beautiful animal masks with children make paper plates

For this carnival mask you need brown or white cardboard. If desired, cut the inner tubes and stick them together.

Beautiful child outdoor with a wolf mask

Animal masks with children make little wolf

More precisely

Carnival masks tinker wolf little girl


On gray kraft paper, draw the elephant. Put on the realistic-looking ears, eyes and trunk.


You can draw hedgehogs on brown or gray paper. Use cardboard and decorate with felt-tip pens.

The family in the forest

fox family forest carnival costumes

Lion costume in yellow

Beautiful animal masks with children make yellow lion

Power of valor

Beautiful animal mask with-children-tinker yellow

A hare and a fox together

Beautiful animal mask with-children-tinker-happy

Peacock feathers as animal mask

Beautiful animal masks with children make peacock

Another bird mask

Beautiful animal mask with-children-tinker-green-blue

Owl made of cardboard

Beautiful animal mask with-children-tinker-bird

A smiling wolf

Carnival masks tinker wolf boy

Angry Birds mask

Carnival masks make angry birds

bull mask

Beautiful animal masks with children tinker bull

Sweet honeybee

Beautiful animal masks with children make bees

The Aries

Carnival masks make aries white

Fox mask with white polka dots

tinker fuchs children animal masks

Joy for the little ones

Animal masks with children make cute

Some carnival costumes for big kids

Carnival masks make hunter forest animal hunters

Tinkerbell on the whole

carnival masks tinkerbell costume

Unsuspecting deer

carnival masks forest animal

Play two roles

carnival masks two persons

Demo of one of the world’s most famous paintings

carnival masks-famous-art-paintings

The Simpsons family

carnival masks family simsons

Tiger mask awakens the curiosity in the children

make carnival masks children costumes themselves make ideas

Creative bird mask in two colors

faschingsmasken tinker children craft ideas

Funny masks of animals make for a cheerful mood

carnival masks make children different animals

DIY for the little ones

carnival masks tinker toddlers costumes bear

Creative monkey mask made of paper

faschingsmasken crafting monkey toddlers crafting carnival

Hare mask made of paper plate

faschingsmasken tinker hare tinker paper plate use

Different variations!

carnival masks tinker bunny children crafting ideas

Colored ideas from paper plates

carnival masks make funny masks toddlers paper plates