Room decoration DIY – Fresh spring decor made of paper

Posted on Mar 18, 2017

Room decoration DIY for spring spreads good mood

We are all waiting impatiently for the beautiful weather and the cheerful spring mood that floats in the air. However, clouds and sun are still changing in the sky. If you are looking for some ideas on how to welcome Spring, let yourself be inspired now! We will give you some fresh suggestions as you Spring decoration Create your own! With paper and some creativity you create whimsical DIY decoration !

Paper flowers in a vase and create an extraordinary decoration for the spring

Diy deko apartment flowers from paper crafting and decorating the room

Flowers made of paper

The spring fascinates with its fresh colors. Its beauty is mainly embracing flowers. That is why we propose to convert the apartment in these color nuances. Paper flowers are a perfect match because they do not limit your creativity. Decorate the walls or simply hang them up.

How to make a beautiful chrysanthemum made of paper:

What you need for this DIY project: carton in any color, scissors, tape, green flower tape, wire stalk, glue

  1. Cut the paper into strips
  2. Then roll the paper to form the bud
  3. You could use adhesive tape while rolling, so the flower does not undress
  4. Glue the bud firmly to the two ends
  5. Then glue the wire rod to the lower end of the bud
  6. Now you must wrap buds and stems. If the diameter of the bud is slightly wider than that of the stem, then you could use a napkin to fill the gap before wrapping the bud and stem with flower tape
  7. After you have tied the flower, you will ensure a beautiful shape of the flower

Room deco diy flowers from paper craft

Charming chrysanthemum in lilac tinker

Room deco diy chrysanthemum

Other types of flowers could also be made very easily. A dahlia for example.

Fresh wall decoration for spring

Diy deco apartment paper flowers for wall decoration


Decorative fabrics are suitable for the Spring decoration At home just wonderful! They are in most cases colorful and fresh and spread a wonderful spring mood! You can not only decorate room walls, but also put fresh party decoration into action.

How to make a decoration garland of silk flowers by yourself

They need silk paper, scissors, string

  1. Fold the silk paper on the horizontal axis
  2. Now fold the paper again, but on the vertical axis
  3. Fold the silk paper a third time, again on the vertical axis
  4. Cut the paper lengthwise
  5. Do not cut to the end of the top edge and leave at least 2cm free
  6. Fold the paper apart and cut it into a few pieces
  7. Make a tassel out of each piece
  8. Roll the paper and turn the center of each piece carefully
  9. Arrange the various color tassels as desired

You could make a few individual garlands and then hang them all on a branch.

Hang several decorative garlands together on the wall

Diy deko home decorations made of paper and napkins

You could also use triangles for your decorations

Diy deko apartment house deco from paper

Let your imagination run wild!

Room deko diy colored decoys of paper craft

Stylish and fresh at the same time

Room deco diy flower garland paper making

Decokranz tinker

They want the home in line with the beautiful weather outside decorate From? Then make a wreath and hang it! He captivates all eyes with his fresh radiance.

How to make a paper wreath by yourself

They need cardboard in pastel colors, styrofoam ring, paper glue, a ribbon and scissors

  1. For the flowers cut the carton into a rectangle
  2. Fold the rectangle in the middle and then do the same again
  3. Fold the carton a third time until you get a triangle
  4. Cut the triangle in the form of a drop so you get a petal
  5. They could combine small and large flowers, creating a beautiful flower
  6. Glue a large and a small flower together
  7. The leaves could be sheared by freehand drawing or a template
  8. Place the flowers and the leaves on each other on the Styropor ring and fix them through a pin
  9. In order to make the pins invisible and your wreath appear very pretty, cover them with a gem
  10. Fill the whole styrofoam ring with flowers
  11. Then wrap the top of the wreath with a ribbon and make a tied loop. So you can easily hang it up

So you end up with a nice wall and door decoration

Room deco diy paper wreath make yourself

Decorate the spring ring in pastel colors

Room deco diy for the spring dekokranz handicrafts

Other creative ideas

Spring inspires with all creative ideas. Even using very simple items from the household can be impressive decoration create.

Experiment with drinking straw

Diy deco apartment creative idea with paper

Colored birds made of paper

Room deco diy bird saus papier selbsttallteln

Make a mobile with birds

Room deco diy mobile self tinkering with birds

Diy deco apartment flower made of paper craft and in vase pots

Room deco diy flowers from sheet music

Diy deco apartment colored paper flowers

Diy deco apartment creative garden decoration from paper craft

Diy deco apartment wall decor with flowers for the spring

Room deco diy tulip from paper craft

Room deco diy from paper flowers

Room deco diy deco paper paper in fresh colors for the spring

Room deco diy wall decor of paper butterflies

Room deko diy deco from birds

Room deco diy chrysanthemums from paper self-made

Room deco diy decoration with flowers from napkins

Room deco diy mobile tinkering deco self tinkering

Room deco diy origami birds make themselves

Room deco diy bird ties from paper

Room deco diy colored bird made of paper itself

Room deco diy butterflies garland paper craft

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