10 Küchentrends 2017, Which Bring A Fresh Breeze Into The Modern Kitchen

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As a functional living space, the kitchen is for many the most popular place in the home. The modern kitchen is actually a special living space: practical and with its own character. And as certain trends in the interior design of the living room and bedroom appear every year, one also observes typical furnishing trends in the kitchen. Which are the Küchentrends 2017 in the following.

Modern and functional is the contemporary kitchen

kitchen furnishing concrete kitchen and metallic elements

1. Metallic optics

The metallic look is a hot trend in modernist cuisine. Gold, copper, bronze and brass are very popular here. Not only fronts or workstations in metallic look are coming into the kitchen design this year. Handles, fittings and lamps are another alternative to use these materials in the modern kitchen.

Metallic optics is a must!

kitchen furnishings 2017 metallic optics

2. Industrial design

With a kitchen in industrial style, you can create the mood of a lofts. The material mix of wood, steel and other elements makes this trendy kitchen design possible. Despite the typical color scheme in black, gray and wood color the industrial kitchen does not look uncomfortable. On the contrary, even!

Gray fronts and brick walls are typical of an industrial kitchen

kitchen designs 2017 industrial style

3. Concrete

Fronts in concrete optics are fully up-to-date in the modern kitchen. This material is also used in the wall and floor design. Concrete is combined successfully with different types of rock like marble. It is easy to bring an industrial touch into the kitchen area by hanging suitable lamps.

Concrete gives the kitchen an industrial look

küchentrends 2017 concrete accents

4. Highlights in blue and aqua

Color accents in these two shades are an excellent solution as you enhance the modern kitchen area. Not only in kitchens with light wood they are refreshing, but they also make a beautiful color duo with dark wood.

Color-intense ambience in white and blue makes cooking and eating an experience

kochentrends 2017 blue and aqua as beautiful accents

5. Dusty Colors

Matte and slightly foggy gray, blue, green, violet or brown tones are a different trend in modern kitchen design. They create an appealing and stylish ambience, where you feel comfortable.

Simple interior design to feel good

kitchen utensils 2017 dusty colors at furnishing

6. Matt Black

Matt black is a trendy color in the kitchen design, which provides a super modern look. However, you should only use accents in this trend color. Cabinets or work surfaces in matt black give the modern kitchen a completely new look.

Matt black looks wonderful in combination with wood

Cake Decorations

7. Granite

Granite has long been a favorite material in the kitchen. This is a easy-care material, which can be easily combined with both light and dark wood.

Country kitchen with granite finish

kuchentrends 2017 granit is particularly popular this year

8. Minimalism

Many modern kitchens are based on the principle of minimalism and do away with everything superfluous. Only the essentials make this beautiful kitchen design. Modern kitchen kitchens, handleless cabinets and floating elements characterize the minimalist kitchens.

Minimalism is always in fashion…

küchentrends 2017 minimalism is back in fashion

9. Integrated sound systems

Do you want to keep up with the trends in the modern kitchen?! Then integrate a sound system into kitchen planning! Try to cook and watch music: you might create real culinary wonders!

Original idea for more mood in the kitchen

küchentrends 2017 integrated sound systems are a hit

10. Bright color combinations

Strong colors such as red, yellow, orange and green in matching color nuances could be real eye-catchers in the modern kitchen! If you combine some together, you only get fresh mood! Cupboards in such shades match beautifully in a kitchen furnished with wood or concrete.

Color nuances of the same color provide an individual kitchen look

küchentrends 2017 bright color combinations captivate the view

Do you plan to renovate the kitchen or create a completely new kitchen? Hopefully, you have drawn inspiration from the 10 hottest trends in kitchen design!

Good luck with the design of your own kitchen area!

White kitchen with gray kitchen fronts is not so attractive, but particularly cozy and welcoming

küchentrends 2017 gray kitchen cabinets and white walls

Industrial kitchen with striking wall design

cooking utensils 2017 industrial kitchen combination of wood and metal surfaces

Create an authentic industrial atmosphere

kuchentrends 2017 industrial look is announced

Bright and friendly, the modern kitchen also has to be!

kitchen dusty colors in the modern kitchen

Through appropriate color selection bring style and comfort into the kitchen

kitchencentrals 2017 modern innendesign in dusty colors

Flooring in concrete optics and white furnishings together make a beautiful whole

kitchen furnishing flooring with concrete optics
kitchen furnishing kitchen backdrop in concrete optics and wooden kitchen fronts
kitchen furniture metallic look is a hot trend
kitchen furniture metallic look surfaces and bright carpet
kitchen set up metallic look and white walls
kitchen furnishing metallic elements bring a fresh breath
küchentrends 2017 accent wall in concrete optics wooden floor and mosaic wall
küchentrends 2017 marmor as a kitchen backdrop and black kitchen island
küchentrends 2017 matt black has its place here
Cake Decorations 2017 matt black and marble surfaces
küchentrends 2017 miminalist and beautiful
kitchen furnishing minimalist with floor design in wood optics
kitchen furnishing modern kitchen backdrop and white kitchen cabinets
kitchen furnishing trends and creative solutions
kitchen furnish what materials and colors are announced this year
green green color
kitchen furniture metallic look kitchen cabinets and bright floor tiles

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