100+ Ideas For DIY Cake Stand And Cupcake Etageren For Your Unique Celebration

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The delicious desserts are at the center of most solemn affairs. They are among these important details that make up the personal charm of the occasion. That’s why it’s so important to do it yourself. Both the cake, as well as the cake stands and the etageren! If you think so, then our ideas and inspirations are certainly helpful!

This cake stand goes great with summer festivals in nature

Wooden trunks cake stand made by yourself

Simple and effective cake stand to make your own

The first group of pictures shows simple but very effective cake stands. They consist of a foot and a plate, or a tray. The variety of materials for crafting such is incredibly large. The example from the picture above consists of Tree trunk cross-sections ,

It is ideal for a festival with a rural or nature theme. You can also make simple homemade cake stands yourself from crockery. This variant is very common and can be found in different sizes and colors. By and large, a plate is supported on a downturned cup.

Everyone can master their own tea cups and saucers at home!

Cupcake Etageren from vintage dishes

Cupcake Etageren – the different possibilities

Simple cake stands can also be found in the form of tiered dishes. Simple models are sold in stainless steel at low prices. However, you can also do it yourself very easily. The one variant is to buy a set of metal and plastic plates and put them together. Especially interesting in the DIY Cake stand and etageren These are made of pieces of crockery. There are two most common variants for this. The simpler ones consist of plates, saucers / soup bowl. The principle is reminiscent of the cake stand just described pieces of crockery. In this case, you have as a base a larger plate. Then comes the saucer turned down, then a smaller plate, etc. According to this principle, you can build several floors. Due to the stability, however, it is usually limited to three. In some other variants, the cup opening also looks up. The Etageren in the picture above show both variants.

One or two plates can be executed in a special form!

hearts and round plates

Etageren from plates with metal bars

For the realization of such projects you need an adhesive gun. Maybe you do not have one, but you have a welder?
In the picture below this text you will see another possibility for tiered dishes. The Etageren consist of such. They are welded together by metal rods. Simple etagers can also be made from other materials and objects. In the example under the text you will find several superimposed kits, as well as simple ideas with metal tablets and many other ideas!

Cupcakes and etagere have the same theme here!

Cupcake cake stand birthday party

Themes and color ideas

Many cake stands, as well as cupcake and other etagere are to be assigned by their colors and motives to a specific topic. Are they e.g. Made of crockery or in pink or pastel shades, they are suitable for weddings, anniversaries or romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day. For children’s birthdays, however, animals and Disney motifs are suitable. The etagere on the picture above was richly decorated with paper. The colors of the decoration, but also the cupcakes and the cakes themselves are very child friendly. This also applies to the pictures and the figures.

Some cake stands and etageren look like works of art!

Simple cake stands themselves build inspiration

In how far should the cake stand, or the cake stand come into effect?

Some tiered and cake stands are a work of art in themselves. The next two examples – bottom and top, prove that. Whether you put a cake, cupcakes, cakes or other objects in it, they look decorative. Are such cake stands & etagers right for your party? That would be the case if they fit well with the festive decoration of the festival. In some cases, the cake or cake is the actual decoration. In that case, you’d rather opt for simple tiered and cake stands that are practical and stable. Among the numerous pictures of this article you will also find such!

With such an etagere the beauty of the culinary works stands out particularly well

Metal Bars Cupcake Etagere DIY

Find the best cake stands and etagers

The selection of the right cake stands & etagers are therefore crucial for the individual character of your party. That’s why we’ve tried to give you an overview of the different variants. Below are some tutorials in pictures. Then you will also discover other ideas for cake stands & etagers, divided into styles and themes. All of these can be additionally adapted to your taste and mastered in accordance with your needs! We wish you much success and several great festivals!

Picture Tutorials for DIY Cake Stand and Cupcake Etageren

Etagere made of colored coffee and soup dishes

Deposits itself build materials
Deposits themselves make colored dishes 2
finished diy cupcake pedestal

Idea 2: make cake stand from two plates and soup cup itself

green cake stand itself make idea
diy cake stand idea 2

Idea 3: Homemade cake stand with blue and white ornaments

dishes for diy stands for cupcakes
Etagere make biscuits themselves
DIY stand biscuits

And a task: How would you make a cake stand out of this harness?

cake from crockery white tools
floor of white crockery homemade two

And here’s the result: great cake stand and cupcakes!

cake stand idea diy

Cake stands and etagere for weddings

Wedding dress DIY cake stand
Cupcake cake wedding
Cupcake cake stand plastic idea
Cupcake and cake stand idea to make yourself

Etageren for weddings on several floors!

Embraced cupcake stand idea

Matching cake stand for weddings

Cake stands and etagere for weddings and other occasions made of wood

Cupcake cake rack several levels of wood
Original design cupcake and cake stand wood
wooden creative cake cupcake
Cupcake stand winterproof
Cupcake tiered wood

Etageren from dishes – simple

Plate of homemade etagere
Cupcake and cake stand for weddings
Black cat theme to make etagere itself
Cupcake cake stand ornamented with plants
Cupcake stand from domestic dishes
Cupcake stand porcelain dishes

Simple etagers and cake stands where the culinary works come into their own

Cupcake tiered pyramid wedding
Cupcake stand glass several levels
Cupcake cake stand itself build glass
Cupcake Etagere build yourself light blue
Cupcake cake stand itself make idea
Cupcake and cake stand for weddings

Etageren and cake stand with child-friendly design

Cupcake cake stand and cupcakes theme frozen

Cupcake stand easy tray
Cupcake stand for kids birthday
Go to topic cupcake cake stand
Cupcake tiered wheel

Cake stand and etageren with decorative effect

Cupcake and cake etagere build idea themselves

Cupcake and cake stand metal and glass

A few very simple ideas that anyone can do!

diy cake stand etagere festive
diy cupcake cake stand white and glass
DIY cupcake stand vintage
diy cake stand decor fruits

DIY cake stand glass and utensils

Cupcake Etageren and cake stands in antique style

DIY cake stand different heights
DIY why cake stand simply inspiration
Noble cake stand made of wood and metal
Cup of coffee cupcake cake idea idea

Cake stands and etagere in fascinating colors

Simple homemade cake stand. Idea
Simple cake stand romantic

Etageren from colored plates

Etageren, which are also suitable for decorating

Etagere for cupcakes glas
Feminine enemy decoration on home-made cake stands

Make glass cake stand yourself
Build glass plate cake stand yourself
Funny idea to make the cake stand itself

Use the already available items for your cake stand!

Several cupcake stands to make yourself
Make metal pans cupcakeständer yourself
Metal tray and glass etagere build yourself
Modern cupcake cake stand idea
Pink glass cupcake stand

Square Etageren to make yourself idea

Beautiful etageren in pink for different occasions

Pink cupcake stand do it yourself

Pink plate cupcake stand

A few more Etageren – vintage ideas

Roses motif cupcake etagere make yourself
Simple homemade cake stand for weddings
Make black cupcake cake stand yourself

Simple Etageren – magnificent culinary works!

Homemade cupcake cake stand suitable for everyday

homemade cake stand ideas
homemade simple cake stand
Homemade cake stand wedding gold

Etageren in fabulous pastel shades, which themselves look”delicious”

Homemade cake stand in light green
Homemade cake stand gilded with glass plate
Taylor cupcake cake stand to make yourself

Etageren for pies on several levels

Pies etagere child birthday
Cake stand made of glass
Cake stand do it yourself idea
Cake stand wedding simply self-power

Cake stand several levels of homemade cake
Cake stand itself build pink

A little more antique flair!

Cake stand itself build plate with ornaments
Cake stand itself build vintage
Cake stands themselves make wood

Vintage ornate etagere and cake stands

Vintage cupcake tiered music notes doves
Vintage dish etagere for cupcakes
White cupcake cake stand stairs
Cake stand wedding simply self-power
Cake stand two stages idea
blue decor cake stand
cupcake cake diy
Cupcake vintage colors cake
wedding union etagere great

Etageren with rural charm

Cupcake cake stand wood and plate
cake capcake cake in style
rustic forest flair red stand
sunflower etagere cupcake
Black cat theme to make etagere itself

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