20 Doors That Are Real Eye-catchers

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The front door is the first thing your guests see before they enter the house. The first impression always counts, so one should give the necessary attention during an alteration or conversion of the front door, and still express its style and taste outside the house entrance. To warmly welcome your guests, you have to carefully select the right design, materials and accessories for your doorstep. In many cases, this is not an easy task, since most homeowners are faced with the torment of choice. There is currently a wide range of doors on the market, ranging from classic-traditional to elegant to super-chic models. At the same time, the colors come into the game very decisively and can not only determine the appearance of the front door but also the entire house facade.

The first impression counts!

Traditional wooden design

In our dynamic presence, we have an ever-increasing desire for more security in our own home. It is to begin at the front door. There are many good deals also in this regard, that is, great models with safety equipment that increases the resistance class of your doorstep. Of course, you want to feel well cared for in your own home, right?

Extra secure, super modern doors are however the subject of another contribution. Today we want to take a closer look at the classic models. From the traditional wooden doors to the visually striking role of the color on the front door, you will find many ideas that could encourage you to a new front door in classic style. For every front door can be considered as the business card of the house, it not only points to style and mood in the interior, but also expresses your individuality best. How this works together is shown in this article.

Traditional wooden doors in neutral colors

Millions of homeowners all over the world prefer a front door in classic style. This is usually made of wood and writes itself wonderfully into the house facade. Bright shades look inviting and stylish. If you are a fan of the vintage style, your front door can show wood grain, aging traces and patina. Thus, the home tells stories and arouses curiosity among guests and past guests. These classic models can have two, three or more door wings. Some are even adorned with interesting wooden decorations, which makes the front door particularly attractive. Others are painted in a nuance of white, light gray or beige and blend completely with the architecture of the house. Even the front door decoration is executed in the traditional style.

Neutral colors and wood texture go hand in hand

Bright and wooden furniture

Ivory or light gray? Both color nuances look stylish at the doors

White wooden door looks so elegant and beautiful

Front doors in bright colors attract all eyes

Obviously, you want more color in everyday life, especially in places where it is cold, wet and dark in winter. That is why, in the northern geographical latitudes, classical doors are often found in strong colors. If you want to choose olive green or turquoise, you can transform your door into an absolute view. Blue in its varied shades is also the first choice for the home entrance in coastal areas. Bold heads can strike the door in bright red. This color is perfect for building bricks. And if you want to introduce a definite masculine flair at the entrance, choose a dark color. This puts a strong accent on a white house facade and expresses your individuality. If you’re just targeting that, then put on vigorous colors and you can absolutely not go wrong!

Crisp colors transform every door into a real eye-catcher

Beautiful wooden doors in warm orangenuance

Spectacular doors bring a lot of light into the house

Spectacular doors with more than two wings, glass sides and a chic round arch combine wood and glass. The door frame can also show some decorative elements and round off the classic look. The built-in glass panes flood more light into the house. So you can make a great statement about style and taste. Tune all the elements in color and you’ll get an appealing and stylish look at your home. When each doorway is in tune with the other details, you also ensure the visual balance that attracts the eyes even more.

The traditional wooden doors can be colorful and inviting

Houses in beautiful colors wooden house and brick facade

Quiet and refined, traditional doors look out to emphasize the classic charm of your own home. Enjoy further downstairs in our picture gallery many other front door models, which exude classical style and charm and remain inspired!

Wooden doors are classic
Wooden furniture in fresh colors captivating the view
Wooden doors make a nice first impression
Decorate wooden and glass doors
Wooden doors give the entrance a rustic charm
Wooden green wooden house
Wooden wooden house in dark green
Wooden wooden house with rustic charm
Wood and glass look very chic together
Purple house has the look
Modern wooden house
Houses rustic house decorated at christmas time
Rustic wooden house for the wonderful combined with the house facade
Rustic house gives the house facade more individuality
Beautiful wooden door in green

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