29 Housing Design Ideas For More Openness And Comfort

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Nowadays, open-plan accommodation is one of the most recognized solutions in interior design. It makes the small apartment appear slightly wider and is generally considered a very modern trend in residential design. The natural light spreads in such an atmosphere and makes it more comfortable. With an open plan, you will also let an old apartment appear as fast as new.

All these advantages are emphasized by designers and architects. Do you really like the open plan? Would you choose your heart? The open plan has a lot of drawbacks and maybe they are especially important to you. Let’s examine this together.

What is the central element?

A successful interior design always sets a striking central element in advance. Determining a central element in the open plan of housing is extremely difficult. We are dealing here with different functions and they each have their own special focus. For a non-professional designer, the escape of chaos and reaching the balance are not difficult.

Solution: Determine one of the zones as”central”in your home. In the other areas, use interior design ideas that take a reference to it and at the same time act somewhat subordinate to it.

Apartment furnishings Ideas with an open plan are now very popular

Kitchen furniture living room dining room kitchen bar stool

Stroking is the problem

The uniform brushing of a room is a problematic topic anyway. It will be especially difficult in a larger room. However, this is the case with the open style of living.

Solution: If you like the open plan, you should leave the walls either professionally painted or leave as little free wall space as possible.

A further alternative would be the walltapets or other decorative solutions. These will reduce the wall surface that you have to paint.

Do you really save energy?

Energy-efficient housing with an open plan is a major challenge. It works well only in modern and excellently isolated buildings. Is this the case with you?

Housing Design Ideas in Industrial Style

Open plan living room living room kitchen dining room sofa

Are not you really flexible?

At first glance, we have great freedom in interior design ideas in the open plan of living. But is it really like that? The need to match different zones is quite restrictive. In many cases, you have fewer options for positioning the furniture than in a small living room.

Solution: Let a piece of furniture fulfill several functions: A sofa can also separate different rooms from each other.

They need great works of art

If you love the wall design with works of art, you have a problem with the open living room. Due to the large area, everything seems much too small. You have to invest quite a lot in order to acquire works of art in suitable masses.

Solution: Clear one or more zones clearly, so that the effect of the chosen work of art clearly spreads to the one. Select corresponding images or installations for the remaining areas as well.

Or do you prefer a designer floor lamp as a trendy eye-catcher?

Apartment furnishing ideas living room dining room open plan

No privacy

In an open living space, you will rarely and difficultly protect your privacy. Once someone is home, you can almost isolate yourself from reading a book or doing something for the job.

Solution: In an apartment, only part of the rooms can be connected in an open plan. At least one room must be completely separated to have a place to move back.

Smells spread quickly

When you cook, the odors will spread throughout the home. This can be a real problem, most of the clothes take it all in, and that will give you problems in your everyday life.

Solution: Invest in a fairly good ventilation system.

As you can see, we do not want you to opt for an open plan. You should just make that aware and consider all the disadvantages. Only then will you make sure that this solution is right for you.

Open plan solution with style

Open plan living room folding tables dining table sofa dining room kitchen

Openness and comfort in one

Apartment furnishing ideas dining table pendulums kitchen bar bar

Living atmosphere in the open living area

Apartment furnishing ideas kitchen dining room living room open plan

Modern furnishing ideas in neutral colors

Home furnishings ideas kitchen living area round couches high pile carpets

Designer furniture and stylish ambience in your own four walls

Home furniture ideas kitchen living area leather sofas white dining table

The large-scale loft apartment more homely

Apartment furniture ideas open plan living room dining table kitchen

White is simply timeless!

Apartment furnishing ideas open plan kitchen dining room kitchen island bar stool

Combine shades and textures in a tasteful way!

Apartment furnishing ideas open plan kitchen modern kitchen

Provide more comfort through soft home textiles!

Home furnishings ideas living room purple couch oval couch table dining table

Open living area with a rural flavor

Apartment furnishings living room living room fireplace wall covering natural stone kitchen theke marmor

For real design fanatics

Designer apartment ledersofa couch table

Ergonomic kitchen with cozy touch

Apartment furnishing ideas ergonomic kitchen open plan

A vertical garden in the open living room provides for freshness

Apartment furniture ideas kitchen open plan living room living room

Nordic clarity in design

Apartment furnishing ideas kitchen dining room terrace open plan

Create a few colorful colors here and there

Apartment furnishing ideas kitchen living area open
Apartment furnishing ideas kitchen living room dining room open plan

Light wood and white walls provide more optical width

Apartment furnishing ideas open plan kitchen dining room workplace bookcase stairs

Small but big!

Apartment furnishing ideas kitchen living room dining room open plan

If you prefer a defined zoning

Apartment furnishings ideas open plan dining area kitchen room divider shelves

Surround yourself with your favorite images!

Apartment furnishing ideas living room kitchen dining table open plan

Care for fresh flowers in the room!

Apartment furnishing ideas living room open plan

Clean lines and high quality materials

Apartment furnishing ideas open kitchen dining table sofa living area

Do not obstruct roofing

Apartment furnishing ideas open plan kitchen dining area

Play with light and textures!

Apartment furnishing ideas open plan kitchen living room

More laziness and sensuality through wood

Room furniture ideas open plan room partitioning wooden shelves dining table patterned carpets
Apartment furnishing open plan living room bartheke bookshelf

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