3 Super Simple Crafting Instructions And 30 Decorating Ideas With Pom-poms

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Fancy crafting in winter? The pom poms are ideal if you want to produce rich and fast decoration and jewelry. There are different techniques for their production. Some of them we have already dedicated other articles. Now we continue the topic with three super simple methods. So you may also be able to finish a few Christmas gifts or decorating ideas in time for the festival!

With this technique even beginners can create super easy pom poms

making pompoms with small boxes

Pom Poms crafts with cardboard

The materials needed for this method of pom-poms making are as follows:

  • A small piece of cardboard the size of a business card (or business card),
  • Template for drawing a circle (e.g., a glass),
  • A circular object (about a coin),
  • Pen,
  • smaller and larger scissors,
  • Thread / wool in the desired color.

First draw two circles with the glass or other similar object and cut them out. Now take the coin in your hand. Using this you should draw another smaller circle in the middle. Do the same with the second cardboard circle and put it on the first one.
Now draw two lines that run from the outer edge to the inner circle. The distance between these should be a maximum of 3-4 cm. Then cut the piece between these two lines and also the inner circle. It is best to use the larger scissors. Do this with the two cardboard pieces. How these look after the clipping is illustrated in the picture above.
Wrap the thread evenly around the surface of the 3/4 circle. You can do this multiple times – the layers should match the desired pom poms thickness.

The two end pieces of cardboard must remain free.

After you have finished wrapping, you should separate them from each other. Slide in between the lower blade of the small pair of scissors and start cutting off the loops from the top side. Take only a longer thread and push it between the two pieces of cardboard. Tie the center of the bundle repeatedly and very tightly. At the end make a double knot and cut out the excess thread. Pull down the boxes. Already you have finished the Pom Pom!

The idea and the following video we have from ,

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make such pom poms

finished giant pompom diy decoration

Making huge pom poms with wool

The next tutorial for huge pom poms is really easy! For this you need:

  • A big ball of wool, as shown in the picture above,
  • A long thread, preferably made of nylon.

Tie the middle of the ball with the nylon thread and pull tight. Tie tightly and cut out the remnant of the thread. As it is shown in the pictures below, cut the loops first on one side and then – on the other side. Now start from inside to outside to match the length of the thread tips.

This and the next few pictures show how easy it is to make giant pom poms!

wool ball in the middle tie DIY decoration
cutting the thread while pompons tinker

Sanding properly with a pair of scissors DIY
cutting off the pointed pompons tinker
disassemble the ends of the threads pompom tinker

Making pom poms with children

Furthermore, we would like to point out that you can also tinker with Pom Pom’s fingers. That’s pretty easy and inexpensive. This results in very good results. How exactly this is possible, you will see in the next video tutorial!

Key with Pom Poms – such a great idea for their use!

Everyday idea with pompoms

You can also decorate your wrist with great pom poms

Bracelet colorful Pom Pons

Home-made pom poms can also be used in the bathroom

Bathroom DIY Pom-Pom-Basket

A homemade bouquet Pom Pom would be a great gift idea

pom poms tinker diy idea

Or maybe you want to decorate your bag with it?

Homemade sweets for a handbag

Would you like to refresh an old laundry basket with a few pom poms?

Sweets to decorate the tassels

Even the bookshelf could visually benefit from Pom Pom’s decoration!

Books with pompoms

Also great table decoration can be made with Pom Poms!

Decoration with vases and pom poms
DIY decoration for summery handbag
DIY pompons decoration
Simple DIY decoration for the house

Or do you prefer the simple wall decor of homemade pom poms?

Interesting simple pom poms wall decoration
Tinker chain of tassels pompons
Chain with pompons for the bag
Basket design with pompoms
pom pom wreath

You should also consider an Advent Wreath with Pom Poms

Wreath of natural materials decorated with pompoms
Lampshade in front of a wall with undefined with pompoms
Funny decoration with pompoms
Funny decorative 40 ideas with pompoms
Pom Poms in different bright colors

Such a noble Christmas decoration can also be done by everyone!

Huge pompoms for Christmas
round exotic bag of pompons
Sandals with pompom decoration
Jewelry for Baskets Pom Pons
Shoelaces for the schools with tassels

Or would you rather spice up the door with some paint?

Door decoration with pompoms
white pom pom idea for christmas

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