39 Chandeliers – Modern In Design And Function

If you use modern lighting, chandeliers must be taken seriously. Chandeliers are clearly visible among all ceiling lamps. They have something extraordinary and luxurious about them and as massive lamps they never stay out of the eye-catcher. Chandeliers are available in numerous versions to fulfill their main role: to bring light and splendor into the room.

Extravagant and conspicuous or discreet and reserved must be the chandelier? That depends on the style of the facility. But also wonderful contrasts could be set by the choice of the chandelier. If you also consider a chandelier for the modern lighting of the living room or hallway, then collect some ideas from our picture gallery!

Because chandeliers are modern and functional, they are suitable for every room in the home

chandelier modern fancy chandelier round side table

The chandelier as an accent in modern interior design

Chandeliers appear in different shapes and designs, they are also counted among the pendant lights. In which room and where does the candlestick stand out better? Actually, you can not make a mistake by placing the chandelier in the middle of the living room or bedroom or hanging it over the dining table.

Not only in a really luxurious room are chandeliers beautifully integrated. Even on a small area, these unfold their true potential. Both in the hallway and in the bedroom as well as in the living room or dining room make chandeliers a good figure. They become eye-catchers and no other decoration is necessary in the room! Of course, only when they are cleaned regularly, they unfold their whole unique beauty.

This chandelier captivates the view…

chandelier modern fancy design living room blue carpet

Candlesticks have different sizes

In the modern chandeliers, the real candles were gradually replaced by candle-shaped light bulbs. Even the LED bulbs are particularly popular because they spread good light in the room and are long-lasting. Chandeliers can be single or multi-flame. Depending on their differences, they differ in size. The multifaceted variety of designs and sizes makes it possible to choose the right model for every room. The room size should also be taken into account when the best possible chandelier is sought!

In practical terms, we find that most modern chandeliers are adjustable and can be placed in rooms with different ceiling heights. But the chandelier should not hang too low. Otherwise he loses something of its majestic effect…

Modern geometric design in black brings dynamics to the living room

chandelier black modern design living room lighting

Also take care of the color!

chandelier modern living room green sofa

The material

Crystal, brass, metal, chrome, glass, plastic, acrylic… The list of materials that make up modern chandeliers is very long. But it is an important decision, which material you choose, because this determines up to the most part the appearance of the chandelier. For example, the chandeliers made of metal look minimalist, made of wood – rustic.

This modern chandelier creates a floating effect in the room

chandelier modern dining room illuminate suspended ceiling

Give the dining area a feminine touch

chandelier modern suspended ceiling modern lighting

If you want to create highlights in the interior, you prefer a chandelier in front of a simple lamp, because chandeliers are modern and functional and can be effectively staged. As a home accessory and lighting fixture, chandeliers can transform any single room into a spectacular interior. Whether made of crystal glass or country-style, candlesticks are a good solution for any room!

Playful and attractive is the modern chandelier!

chandelier modern unusual suspension lamp

The chandelier as an elegant addition to the interior design

chandelier modern elegant candlestick dining table light

Adjust the shape of the chandelier to the shape of the table

chandelier modern elegant design ball dark floor

A retro chandelier fits perfectly in the dining room

chandelier modern dining table ideas
chandelier modern dining table lamp luxurious glorious
chandelier modern dining room accent wall furnishing black accents
chandelier modern fascinating chandelier noble
chandelier modern retro style dining room light wood floor

Country-style chandeliers bring comfort to the living room

chandelier modern spacious living room light carpet
chandelier modern hanging lamp dining table lighting
chandelier modern wooden chandelier rustic look
chandelier modern classic noble look
chandelier modern classic look luxurious

A luxurious vision!

chandelier modern luxurious living area colored sofa
chandelier modern luxurious living room white sofa
modern rustic chandelierВ mirrored bathroom wall cabinet blanco silgranit kitchen sinks
chandelier modern rustic style wood light bulbs
chandelier modern rustic style industrial note

Black chandelier in the neutral bedroom

chandelier modern bedroom white carpet beige curtains
chandelier modern beautiful bedroom bench
chandelier modern black chandelier elegant table decoration
chandelier modern stylish dining area bright colors
chandelier modern stylish design black

Chandeliers are real works of art!

chandelier modern stylish design silver color
chandelier modern vintage style living room lighting
chandelier modern white kitchen fancy chandelier
chandelier modern living room set up retro chandelier
chandelier modern living room lighting black furniture

Consider a functional chandelier

chandelier black country style living room fireplace
chandelier white unusual design
chandelier white dining room modern light
chandelier white glorious design modern decor
chandelier white bedroom lighting