39 Space Ideas For The Modern Kitchen

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A kitchen can be equipped with modern pieces of furniture and appliances, but it does not offer the perfect room climate for cooking and amusement, if there is no practical room design!

If you want to make the kitchen a functional place, you can count on clever storage space ideas! By this we mean not only super-practical furniture design, but also creative solutions! Facilitate the cooking process by organizing your kitchen and give yourself more time with your loved ones! Let’s see which space ideas are there for you!

There must not be a difference between small and larger kitchens!

Mobile storage space ideas for the kitchen

Baskets and other containers and boxes offer great possibilities for keeping order in the kitchen. These do not simply represent unique storage space, but could also be regarded as an attractive decoration.

Almost unnoticed, but still stylish storage concept

storage space ideas for the kitchen

The dishes can also serve as decoration

Utensils can also be exhibited. One can create an original accent wall by hanging different cutlery or crockery as desired. This approach still has a plus point: you have everything in mind and ready to hand!

Practical and attractive at the same time!

floor space ideas kitchen use the wall

Open wall shelves or floating shelves

Shelves give you the opportunity to set accents in the room. Open shelves in an attractive color or floating wall shelves are perfect for this purpose. Also by beautiful wallpaper patterns you can bring these to the advantage.

Black wall shelves are beautiful on a bright kitchen wall

storage space open wall shelves in the kitchen

Beautiful wallpapers set the wooden wall shelves in scene

storage room kitchen wooden wall shelves and beautiful wall wallpaper

Cut the dishes and cutlery separately

Arrange dishes and cutlery according to their size and style in different compartments and drawers! So you have certainly more order in both the small and the large kitchen!

So you will find everything much easier!

storage space ideas separate the dishes

Small plates separated from large arrange

floor space ideas in the kitchen

Use the space above the cabinets

Be creative and use any space as a storage space! So you could also collect and arrange various things over the upper cupboards.

Examine your kitchen for a suitable storage space!

storage space ideas for the kitchen all hiding

Include roll furniture in kitchen design

Different wheel furniture is a perfect solution for the modern kitchen. They can always be moved to where they are needed.

Functional pieces of furniture are always useful!

storage space ideas for kitchen and dining area

Use magazines as decoration

Do you have too many books and magazines? Do not worry! You can also show them in the kitchen!

The kitchen island could also serve as an exhibition space for magazines and books

storey kitchen giant kitchen island with lots of storage space

Leave your creativity free space in the kitchen design!

storage room kitchen clever ideas how to keep magazines in the kitchen

The kitchen island as storage space

The modern kitchen island is a perfect storage space! Not only kitchens on a large area but also those on a limited area benefit from a freestanding kitchen island with storage space.

Modern design with lots of space

storey kitchen kitchen island with lots of storage space

Wardrobe with sliding door or curtain as a visibility

Moving doors are a great solution that brings more funtionality to the modern kitchen design! Be it a sliding door or a curtain, your kitchen utensils will be easily accessible!

Very comfortable, right?

storage room ideas k├╝chenschrank mit schiebsystem

A curtain could be particularly functional in the kitchen!

space ideas with gardinen for the modern kitchen

Carousel and suitable taverns

Choose the type of kitchen tins carefully! If you do not have many upper and lower floors, then you can sit on lower drawers, which have a lot of storage space. Much more things will hide you there. Carousels are also a nice variant, to arrange for order and to save space.

Stauraum ideas for the modern kitchen

storage room ideas in the modern kitchen several cupboards for all dishes

Practical solution for the corner kitchen!

kitchen space carousel in the modern kitchen

The seating corner in the dining area also offers plenty of storage space

If you are planning a seating area, consider seating furniture with storage space! A bench with a floor space in the lower part is the perfect solution in small kitchens.

Convert the seat to the floor

storage space idea seat with storage space makes the kitchen more functional

Find the right place for everything

Each object should have its place in an orderly kitchen!

Everything must be handy!

storage room ideas practical kitchen cabinets in the kitchen

Unleash the potential of your kitchen by bringing more order into this room! Cooking and eating should be fun!

Practical kitchen design is the order of the day!

storage space ideas modern solutions for the kitchen cabinets
storage space ideas in the modern kitchen
storage space ideas functional solutions in the kitchen
storage space ideas for the kitchenware
storage space ideas hang up dishes and appliances in the kitchen
storage room ideas glasses in the closet
white kitchen cabinets
storage space ideas open wall shelves for a Scandinavian look
storage space ideas original solution for the spices
space kitchen arranged and stylish
storage space kitchen gray shelves
There is a lot to offer in the kitchen
storage room kitchen wall mounted wooden shelves
storey kitchen open wall shelves kitchen island with storage space
storage space kitchen-open wall shelves are a good solution in small kitchens
black kitchen workplaces and white kitchen cabinets
storage space kitchen stylish solutions for the details in the modern kitchen
storey kitchen modern open shelves make a nice presence
storage room white kitchen cabinets and wooden kitchen
storage room ideas modern kitchens offer different solutions
storeroom ideas small kitchen with lots of storage space

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