57 Ideas On How To Set Up Your Small Living Room

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In every apartment, there must be a corner where people gather to experience the beautiful moments together. This ambience is usually the living room. It must be particularly comfortable and comfortable. In this room, the following two things should be a focus:

  • Guests must feel comfortable and comfortable in the room.
  • The own style and the individuality of the householders must be strongly emphasized.

If you have a Small living room Your task is somewhat difficult. It is quite complicated to put all the necessary furniture under control and at the same time achieve a balance in the mood.

Small living room set up – create a harmonious Zen feeling

Small living room furnishing zen japanese style wood couch

As a result, you need some tips and great concrete examples. Below we have some of them ready for you.

Soft colors

Paint the walls in gentle shading. Most suitable are white, ivory, beige, pale yellow, light green, light blue and other similar nuances.

It is important that the furniture is particularly noticeable in front of such walls.

Optimal, when the living room furniture is unusual and original

Small living room furnishing vintage industrial style metal wooden commodes cabinets

Wallpapers for the small living room

Would you like your small living room with Murals shape? Look for these to your own taste, but avoid the too colorful variants.

Light gray and subtle patterns are particularly suitable

Small living room furnishing wall sheltered wallpaper gray white

Mirror on the walls

Mirror and mirror surfaces are a universal means for the visual spread of space. This can also be used when setting up the small living room. If possible, the mirror should be installed against a window. This is the best effect of the visual enlargement of the room.

Natural you can also place the mirror differently

Small living room furnishing retro hanging lamp chandelier round couch wood

Selection of furniture

As a rule, the medium-sized, functional furniture is the most suitable for the furnishing of the small living room. The large wardrobes and cabinets narrow the room extremely. He feels visually smaller than he really is. Look for ergonomic storage solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the interior.

For example, For example the wall niche shelves, which are designed in the same color as the wall

Small living room set-up patterned built-in shelves

If you still want to have a closet, this can not fragment the room. It should be the same height as the wall and should be as tight as possible. The color should be the same as this of the wall.

Particularly suitable for the furniture of the small living room are the small side tables and chests of drawers. They do not take up much space, are functional and provide additional storage space.

Two small instead of a large sofas

Most of the time, the living room looks better when you choose instead of a large, for two small sofas. This makes you more flexible.

In small living rooms optimization is always necessary

Small living room furnishings built-in wardrobe wall unit couch table designer furniture

Have you already decided how to set up your small living room? Hopefully our tips and the concrete examples were helpful to you.

Retro lantern and concrete wall – simply the classic

Living room furnishing 50s style furniture

Choosing an accent wall

Small living room furnishing accent wall retro furniture arc lamp

Apple green as a wall color soothes the senses and visually expands the space

Small living room furnishing apfelgrüne wall paint high gloss flooring white sofas

Or do you prefer the Boho Chic furnishing style?

Small living room furnishing bohemian style residential furniture houseplants

Combine vibrant colors and playful patterns in the living room

Living room furnishing boho furnishing style dekokissen colorful carpets

Fine ornaments, rattan furniture and pastel colors add charm to the ambience

Small living room furnishing boho style vintage rattan furniture dekokissen

Harmonious contrast in white and brown

Small living room set brown sofa wall shelf square wood round side table

Earth colors and warm nuances ensure more living in the living room

Small living room set brown wall color armchair chest of drawers

Elegant seating furniture in minimalist style and red accents

Small living room furnishing designer furniture modern ergonomic armchair footstool

Comfortable comfort in the living room

Living room set up translucent couched white carpet white sofas

Curved shapes and perfect ergonomics with style

Small living room set up ergonomic sofa round couch lamp retro

Create clear zones in the room

Small living room set dining table fireplace

High-gloss tiles and beige shades

Small living room furnishing granite wall tiles flooring pile carpet leather couch beige

Gray as a color theme with lots of velvet and silvery

Small living room furnishing gray nuances including white carpet

For real retro style lovers

Small living room furnishing graunes sofa round ottoman square stool retro

Small living room with masculine flair

Small living room furnishing high pile carpeting floating sofas

Soft textiles and fine textures

Small living room furnishings wood furniture high pile carpet white black leather sofa

Comfort in the urban style

Small living room furnishing side table natural wood wooden block

Valuable materials and modern design in one

Small living room furnishing light designer furniture leather stools transparent chairs

Long live minimalism!

Small living room furnishing minimalist interior furnishings living furniture seat cushions

White, spacious seating furniture for even more optical width

Small living room furnishing modern furniture white couch stool

Floating bookshelves are especially recommended for the small living room

Small living room furnishing modern living furniture bookcase wall shelf

Geometrical patterns on the walls and on the textiles lead to a certain dynamism in the room

Small living room set-up patterned carpet round wooden partition

An original spotlight in flash color will definitely become a real eye-catcher in the room

Small living room furnishing pastel colors yellow stool white sofa pink stool

Abstract art and simple furniture – refined living room furniture

Small living room furnishing retro furniture geometric patterns wall art

A Sisalteppich and Holzklotz as a side table – also not a bad idea

Small living room furnishing retro home furniture sisalteppich natural wood

Arc lamps are always hip and are trendy

Small living room furnishing round side tables ottoman bookshelf window bench lamp

So you like to sit in a sociable round

Small living room armchairs couch round metal table black

Elegant couch table with plenty of storage space are just perfect for small living rooms

Small living room set-up armchairs fireplace built-in shelves

How do you find the industrial furnishing style?

Small living room set up shabby chic style portobello deco

Green and white – the ultimate color duo for small spaces

Small living room furnishing wall paint green white round armchair wall shelves

If you like it more sunny

Small living room furnishing wall paint orange high pile carpet brown

Find the right lighting

Small living room furnishings wall shelves book shelves high pile carpet light fixtures

White and light gray are outstanding

Small living room furnishing wall shelving cabinet white

Spiral and spheres give the small living room a new perspective

Small living room furnishing white couch armchair round hanging lights wall

Put fresh color accents through colorful curtains

Small living room furnishing white furniture glamor commode orange curtains

Relaxed lifestyle and perfect living comfort

Small living room set up white sofas lounge couch

Small living room with integrated home office

Small living room set up corner sofa desk chest

Natural colors and warm wood textures

Small living room set up sofa couch table wooden chest of drawers

Even small wooden stools can be used as side tables

Small living room furnishing chest of drawers side table round wood stool fireplace

If you need expert advice, have a look Ikea after

Small living room furnishings commodes living room furniture IKEA

Multifunctional living room with style

Living room furnishing compact design gray sofa rudner dining table chairs

Living room with retro furniture and three different zones

Small living room furnishings fur rug retro living room furniture

Built-in shelves can hardly be used for small rooms

Small living room set round ottomane white couch perserteppich

Vintage meets Boho Chic

Living room set white sofas seat cushion antique couch lampion

Green, yellow and orange – a delicious color trio to fall in love with

Small living room furnishing white sofa couch table orange high pile carpet dekokissen

Symmetry in centennial style

Living room furnishing white carpets upholstery sofa armchair mirror

Little is often more, especially in design

Small living room furnishing white living room furniture sofa armchair gray curtains tiles

Seamless transition between living room and kitchen

Living room furnishings living room furniture white sofa armchair ottomane

The purists among you will simply love this living room

Small living room furnishings living room furniture white sofas natural wood side table couch table

Create harmonious contrast in the living room!

Living room furnishings yellow armchairs book shelves striped carpet

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