7 Typical Errors In Setting Up No Home

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Would you like to set up a small apartment soon?

The process of housing design can be creative and playful. With the result, however, is not to be joked. Everything must be really comfortable. Ultimately, you must live there and if you do not feel comfortable, this can lead to serious consequences in your everyday life. You may not recover, feel uncomfortable, and radiate this tension to your environment. The problems are attributable to the bad, even the wrong, accommodation facility. However, they are much more likely in small apartments, because there you have to connect many functions. It is a great art to design everything in such a way that it works harmoniously and serves you well in practice.

There are many on the Internet Ideas for home furnishings Small areas. Today, however, we are asking the question from the other side. We write what mistakes should be avoided. This is very important, and with this approach you can reduce the risk of a failure to a minimum.

Little space

The pursuit of minimalism is quite natural when one has a small surface. But you should not be too extreme. You always need enough space. Therefore you should also install sufficient shelves and cabinets. A wide area on which everything is lying is also not particularly pleasant. If you want more space, you’ll be creative, use the tricky corners and stow away things. They can still get ceiling-to-ceiling wardrobes and mirror their front surfaces. This makes everything also brighter and wider. There are so many furniture in the shops, such as stools, sofas, benches and tables, whose interior also serves as a storage space for many different objects. They are all a good solution for making your home more ergonomic and at the same time Enough space ,

Look for multifunctionality when you set up the small apartment

Small apartment furnishing dwelling sacks side table white walls

Too small furniture

Too big furniture is, of course, not a good idea for a small apartment. Too small are not the best idea, which could happen to you. Anything that does not look proportional makes for an unbalanced phenomenon. This is stressful and impractical.

Furniture you do not really need

In your quest for more space, you should not buy furniture that you do not really need in the long run.

Buy according to your needs or leave yourself more time planning. The spontaneous ideas rarely prove to be the best in setting up the small apartment. You can be strongly influenced by tempting role models and good advertising. Create a plan for your institution and let yourself be really time with its realization. Everything you need at home must be really necessary, and by no means just take a seat.

Think really well before every single furniture purchase

Living room furnitures deco consoles consoles chandeliers vase flowers

They focus only on one variant

It is often the case that you simply fall in love with a design idea: it can be expensive or not perfectly suited to your own needs, but you are ready to change everything at home to realize it. Take your time again. Look at other things you could realize at home. Consider longer different variants. Evaluate them according to practical criteria. Ask the other family members and your best friends. There are certainly many different variants for the right one Set up your small apartment , So, consider each situation very carefully and make sure that you do not apply an original but absolutely impractical solution at home.

Do not overload your apartment!

Tiled white house carpet living room ottomane sofas fireplace

Do not overdo it with zoning

Everywhere one reads that one has to open open spaces in the small apartment and should divide them into different zones. This is already right. The clear division into areas ensures the harmonious appearance and the feeling, one has its whole home and not only a room available. However, they must not be exaggerated with the division into zones. This can cause everything in your home to be fragmented. As you yourself understand, this approach also makes the apartment feel too small. And this is usually not the effect that we strive for.

Too dark colors

Here, however, you should not misunderstand us: we do not say that you should not use dark colors when setting up your small apartment. Quite the opposite: properly applied as an accent wall, for example, they will emphasize the one or the other dimension and create a very nice atmosphere. But if you put too many dark colors everywhere, the apartment will suddenly look too small and gloomy. So the dark shades should be applied to a small extent. They can be accent, but by no means dominate too much.

Also ensure adequate light sources

Small apartment furnishing dark colors sofa armchair

Too little experimentation

This is the last mistake we want to warn you about. The furnishings of the small apartment must be very well thought out. This does not mean that you are not allowed to put any experiments or creative ideas into play. Quite the opposite: the small apartment is just getting more and more original and will love you and your loved ones!

Style mix is ​​ok, but please do not allow kitsch!

Small apartment furnishing deco articles ltruhe couch sofa sofa piano fireplace

Bright wall color and furniture provide for more optical space

Small home decorating decorating wall decoration living room ideas

Put on few, but original furniture and living accessories

Small apartment furnishing designer furniture sofa carpet round couch pouf

Designikonen are of course quite welcome, if one can afford it

Small apartment furnishing designer furniture eames lounge chair high pile carpet pendant light

Define different living areas

Home furnishings tiled neutral colors bowling parquet desk kitchen

Smooth textures and bright nuances

Small apartment furnishing light wood living room deco articles designer furniture hanging light armchair round couch

Select 2 to 3 main colors when setting up!

Small apartment furnishing natural colors light nuances high pile carpet sofa glamorous

Graphic patterns and complementary colors ensure a pleasant balance in the room

Small apartment furnishing upholstered furniture couchtic ottomane sofa patterned wallpaper

Artful vintage for true connoisseurs

Small apartment furnishing vintage accessories living room furniture armchair couch

Little is often more!

Small apartment furnishing white walls rug sofa gray sofa cushion telescope

Do you like the colonial style of living?

Small small apartment furnishing living room colonial style animalprints armchair couch

Or do you rather prefer simpler?

Small apartment furnishing living room bright colors glamorous sofa hochflorteppich

Curved lines and transparent pieces of furniture provide noticeable freedom

Small apartment furnishing living room ideas beige armchair sofa glamor fireplace

Stay true to your favorite style!

Small-living-room-ideas corner sofa leather couches couches side tables high-pile carpet

Glass walls, white furniture and light flooring for greater visual appeal

Small apartment furnishing living room ideas lederofas couchtisch tv window blinds

A subtle living room in retro style

Small apartment furnishing living room ideas retro style couch sofa sofa floor lamp

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