9 Stunning Dream Homes That Will Make You Dream Of The Perfect Vacation

On our website we publish daily articles about stylish architecture and first-class design. But today’s contribution is something special, though it is dedicated to this topic. But in turn, here are nine beautiful Canadian homes for you! It is intended primarily for aesthetes and for all readers who are inspired by breathtaking images for unique interior design in their own homes. We have found fascinating dream homes in Canada that will easily take your breath away. They are located from Quebec to British Columbia, are all located on the water, far away from the well-known and totally crowded tourist destinations. They have a lot in common. First of all, its location directly on a romantic beach. The magnificent coastal atmosphere outside is masterfully transferred to the whitewashed interiors of these dream homes. They look so homely and inviting that you will definitely dream of such a luxurious beach house. Or at least of a summer vacation right there!

This dream home is not far from Ontario. From its wide sun terrace you can admire untouched beaches and azure seawater every day.

Canadian dream houses

  • Gentle colors dominate the interior of these Canadian dream homes

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes the irresistible charm of a home? We can say the answer to such questions: that is the stylish interior! The first impression is determined by the prevailing color palette.

All rooms in these beach houses are decorated in white, which is mixed with delicate shades. We find a number of dreamy ones pastel colors , from beige to sandy yellow to sapphire blue. Of course, there are rooms that are mainly designed in the color duo blue and white and radiate a romantic holiday feeling. Rarely does one allow oneself to break the visual uniformity of the rooms by a few color accents in light brown. The atmosphere created by delicate colors is relaxed and their perception unique. The next pictures can only confirm it.

This house is located on Lake Rousseau in the Ontario area.

Canadian dream houses charming beach house at the lake in Ontario splendid view

Its entire interior is decorated in white and light blue…

Whole Interior Light Blue White Gray Beige pastel colored reading corner with armchair

… and is in visual harmony with the surrounding nature.

Canadian dream houses living area dining room in blue white white flowers in vase very inviting

  • All dream houses have fascinating designed premises

Interesting is also the fact that all rooms of the Canadian dream houses are decorated in pastel colors and thus give a unified whole. Often the boundaries between the individual rooms disappear. You feel a deep sense of infinite space every time you look out the floor-to-ceiling windows. But let’s come back to the color scheme. Here you can see cozy living rooms that radiate peace and serenity. A bedroom or guest room in trendy color duo Blue White by no means looks less inviting. On the contrary, every room is simply fascinating.

The pastel shades of white, gray and beige make up the charm of this living room.

Canadian dream houses Living room white gray

Sunny and decorated in soft colors, this bedroom is quite inviting.

Sunny and in soft colors inviting bedroom Canadian dream houses

The bathroom is designed in beach style.

Canadian dream houses bath in beach style bright and sunny

Kitchen, dining room and living room are in a large living area and all decorated in pastel colors.

Canadian dream houses kitchen dining room living room in the large living area very attractively inviting

The kitchens in these luxurious beach houses are also breathtaking. They usually have an open floor plan and are characterized by their threshold-free transitions to the other rooms in the house. In most cases, they are part of the open plan living area. There are only clean lines and simple shapes, natural materials such as wood and rattan and a few green indoor plants. The last round off the first-class room design and give it the finishing touch. Life in these Canadian dream homes seems to be simple and easy. And appearance does not deceive in this case!

Simplicity that captivates.

Canadian dream houses dining room simple design bright and dark in the color mix mural flowers

The interesting color mix of white, gray and black in this modern kitchen is broken only by two fruit bowls in sand yellow.

Canadian dream houses modern kitchen in white gray black two fruit bowls in sand yellow

  • Dream houses that are just as beautiful indoors and out

When we talk about these stunning dream homes in Canada, we must also mention their remarkable architecture. Some are located on rocky banks and look like modern fortresses. Others score points with their super-modern construction, yet they perfectly fit into the surrounding environment. Obviously, architects and interior designers have worked closely together to create unique buildings. They liked to extend the living space to the outside, because these beach houses have comfortable seating on the veranda or in the backyard. These courses are designed in the same beach style and leave nothing to be desired. Outside you have the same comforts as indoors – comfortable seating, many green plants and a modern fireplace let you forget the stress of everyday life and just enjoy your break.

Modern architecture that fits perfectly into the natural environment.

Canadian dream houses modern architecture is perfectly integrated into the environment

Nice view from the lake on one of the Canadian dream houses.

Nice view from the lake on a Canadian dream house inconspicuously beautiful

Located in British Columbia, on Alta Lake, this chalet offers all the comforts of home outside.

Chalet British Columbia at the Alta Lake Exterior very comfortable Seating stone wall built-in fireplace

This first-class designed outdoor area is heavenly beautiful, but quite real!

Canadian dream houses first-class designed outdoor area heavenly beautiful

Scroll down and see more stunning pictures of the Canadian beach houses. You can use these as a source of inspiration for great room designs with a holiday feeling in your own home. Lean back and let your mind wander! It is summer, the most beautiful holiday season of the year. Now you can afford to dream.

For very cozy hours outdoors.

Canadian dream homes outdoor seating area cozy hours outside

A strong holiday feeling is also to be felt in this guest room.

Guest room in white light blue executed strong holiday feeling

Cosiness in white and light brown with rattan carpet and seat cushions.

Rattan carpet seat cushion cozy living room in white light brown Canadian dream homes

How would you feel in this dining room?

Canadian dream houses cozy dining room all white bench cushions carpet hanging lamp

Open beams in white on the ceiling, however, remind you, this is a beach house!

Canadian dream houses open beam ceiling also in white beach house

The transition between inside and outside is blurry.

Canadian dream houses transition between indoors outside blurred hallway firewood

Rarely do interior designers access garish colors.

Canadian dream houses striking interior colorful water view fireplace in the middle

Preference is given to natural materials in warm shades.

Canadian dream houses natural materials warm colors modern kitchen dining room overlooking backyard

Admire the next pictures and be inspired for dreamlike room designs at home!

Modern kitchen kitchen island white light wood very attractive Canadian dream homes

Canadian dream houses bedroom very stylishly decorated white beige
modern kitchen stool beige canadian dream homes
Canadian dream homes open living area warm colors natural materials
Bedroom under slanting warm colors beige lots of wood Canadian dream homes
charming dreamy living room Gray greenish large glass walled chalet
super modern kitchen in red designed wooden stool Canadian dream homes