Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Exposed Brick Wall In The Interior

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The exposed brick wall is a trendy trend that has lasted for several years. And for many house residents this is a fortunate coincidence. If you have such a brick wall at home, you do not have to provide them with plaster and paint. Also, it is modernized because it gives the space warmth, Appealing aesthetics and character gives.

There are many great examples from the luxury design for the use of a detached brick wall. Thus, the apartment is certainly lifted by her.

The brick wall has however also disadvantages. We would like to discuss the reasons for and against this designer solution in the next few lines.

Uncovered brick walls are chosen for many modern designs

Library with red color

The advantages of the brick wall

In addition to its popularity, the brick wall also has many practical advantages. The following is an overview of these.

The exposed brick walls are easy to maintain in many respects

Nature comes to the geltung before the red color

easy care

Bricks are basically an easy to clean material. They are very durable and maintain their color for a long time without problems. These need not be specially edited or regularly painted after installation.

An environmentally friendly and natural solution

Brick and gray and brown

environmental friendliness

The exposed brick wall is one Environmentally friendly design solution , It consists of the most common materials of the earth: clay and water. In addition, the bricks can be reused. You can create retaining walls or walkways.

With such a design solution, you are more protected against fire and severe weather

Industrial room with brick wall

Weather and fire resistant

The brick wall is a suitable solution if you are afraid of fire danger. They are also an additional protection in stormy weather and generally gives you more security.

The exposed brick wall can only occupy a smaller area

Brick under sloping roof

The disadvantages of the brick wall

Now we go over to the disadvantages of the brick wall. Building with bricks is relatively expensive. So if you do not have such a wall in advance and have to produce it, then you have to expect a high investment.

The painting of a brick wall is complex, but often worth the effort

Gray and black painted bricks

They do not have as many colors to choose from

If you have an exposed brick wall in a room, then you have a small selection of colors. You must choose one of the typical nuances of this material. Since you can also paint the wall, but this is quite expensive and expensive.

You can also install the brick wall in the bathroom

Bathroom brick walls

You could have problems with the mortar

While bricks are very easy to maintain and sustainable, the same can not be said of the mortar. You might have problems with this. You must be absolutely sure that the installation is of the best quality.

Now you have an overview of the pros and contrasts of the brick wall! You can objectively decide how much effort you can take. Can you and would you like to contribute to the aesthetics of the brick walls in your home?

Accent wall in the bedroom green and white ceiling

Bright brick wall
Wood and baked in inner design
Indoor design open industrial room
Children's bedroom with brick wall
Kitchen with exposed brick wall
Kitchen with brick wall
Modern industrial space
Modern bedroom wall with windows

Next to the fireplace azentwand
Neutral internal finish with exposed brick wall
Rough appearance brick wall
Rough wall design
Rough brick walls black furniture
Black and brick
Very light and neutral brick wall
Very white room with accent wall of baking stones
Scandinavian design with brick wall
Super modern with brick wall
Great emphasis on nature
White bedroom red brick wall
White gray and brick
Brick behind the media wall
Brick in a living room with view on the nature
Brick and brown color in indesign
Bricks and furniture in similar color
Acrylic wall coverings
Brick walls colored furniture
Brick walls and light fixtures
Brick wall behind the library
Brick wall interestingly decorated
Brick wall several colors
Brick wall room with industrial radiation
Brick wall red and brown
Brick wall and exposed area
Two-storey apartment with connecting brick wall

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