Becoming Modern Loft Apartment In Barcelona Inspired For Modern Projects

The following loft apartment in Barcelona appears very simple on the one hand. However, here we see a very innovative approach to how many traditional notions of this type of apartment are turned upside down. This is exactly what their modernity is all about: the modern interior is always tailor-made and original. It does not look like it was created by a designer especially for the locals. Rather, the latter have a great interest in the housing design. Are you looking forward to this project? Let’s look at this together!

Everything in this loft apartment radiates modernity!

wide application of wood and glass loft apartment

Loft apartment with many natural materials

At first glance, we realize that in this beautiful loft apartment the industrial design dominated. This is also something natural for such kind of apartments. What is rather surprising, are the natural materials, which are widely used here. And also the variety of these.

We have a lot of wood and in some places even natural stone. The individualization takes place through creative ways to separate the individual zones. Accent lights and glass walls obviously have a strong priority in this regard.

The accent lights help to separate different zones

industrial decoration loft apartment

Blur the usual boundaries

In this loft apartment, the usual assumed limits are blurred. On the one hand, this is a not so clear separation between nature and urban living. Nature is not only present through the processed materials here. Rather, one decides for real small gardens within the apartment. See how well these trees inscribe themselves in the interior! Furthermore, this loft apartment shows how well the industrial facility combines rough features and comfort. For example, the distinction between functional and comfortable spaces is not very clear. For example, you can see a shower inside the bedroom and all the decorative elements have their own function.

The boundaries between nature and artificial interior are blurred

loft apartment make the hallway great

A trend-setting interior

As surprising as some interior design methods are, this loft apartment can be described as trend-setting. Because the listed features are becoming more commonplace in modern homes than before. Both the pursuit of nature and the individual distribution of the zones go in advance of the sober urban character and the clear separation according to traditional rules. Find inspiration for your own individual concept!

Industrial and residential properties are equally well represented here

loft apartment bike as a decoration

In the kitchen area, as in the other zones, most of the decoration has a function at the same time

loft apartment kitchen island industrial

The bedroom furniture is full of provocative elements

loft apartment bedroom ideas

Living area in the bedroom? This is quite possible in a modern loft apartment!

loft apartment beautiful souvenirs and accessories

The glass walls are used widely in this loft apartment

loft apartment great glass walls

Garden in the middle of the room – a preferred modern interior design strategy

loft apartment living room with pillow decoration

The green decoration makes the atmosphere more pleasant and comfortable

loft apartment two great nievaus

The design of the kitchen with a blackboard is another individualization in this loft

great kitchen corner loft apartment

Such details are also very impressive

box in the garden loft apartment