Bedroom Roof Pitch – 33 Ideas For The Sleeping Area On The Roof

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Designing a bedroom on the attic does not seem to be a simple matter. In fact, it is a challenge to set up rooms with sloping because of their particularity! And the bedroom is no exception of course! With a proper design strategy it is still possible, and especially successful!

Previously, the attic was used as a storage space. However, an attic offers a variety of possibilities for spatial design. And can fulfill numerous housing functions. The attic is even a particularly popular place in a modern apartment! Let’s see how to set up a bedroom roof slate with care about the spatial conditions and in accordance with your own preferences!

Wooden beams bring comfort and warmth to the bedroom

bedroom sloping wood ceiling gives the interior more warmth

Bedrooms on the attic can be furnished in different styles

Rooms with sloping roofs are actually considered difficult to design! For such an interior architecture creates a different sense of space. The steep inclination to the roof in these rooms limits the facilities.

But also dormitories can be attractive or cozy. And they are turned into wonderful bedrooms with their own charm! One should therefore very specifically set up such premises…

Top floor bedrooms can also be spacious

bedroom sloping cozy sleeping area

Even if you do not have a classic loft, you can set up a bedroom at the top. Also the limited area does not exclude beautiful interior solutions. So you can easily create a cozy room atmosphere here. Wooden roofs and wooden floors contribute to particular comfort and make interesting combinations possible. These are rooms that can easily be transformed into a romantic ambience. The slanted roof windows and matching lighting make this room a fancy bedroom.

Beautiful wallpapers and a mixture of patterns leave an unforgettable impression here

bedroom roofing cozy interior design in light colors

Romantic interior in neutral colors

bedroom sloping wooden beam and beautiful chandelier

Minimalist bedrooms can also appear with sloping ceilings. A bed with straight lines and modern fitted wardrobes make a beautiful minimalist bedroom on the attic. If you combine materials and colors in the right way, you can enjoy beautiful interior designs that offer peace and relaxation after a long hard day.

Very simple bedroom design without any details

bedroom sloping white wall paint and wooden floor

Bedrooms with sloping ceilings offer beautiful views

Top floor bedrooms have a huge advantage: you can enjoy wonderful views from there. Of course, suitable roof windows have to be considered! If you get the inspiration to retire and make a well-deserved rest, the roof-top bedroom is a wonderful opportunity…

Top floor bedrooms have their own charm!

bedroom set up with beautiful sloping views

This bedroom has a beautiful city view

bedroom furnished with sloping ceilings stylish interiors with relaxation area

It is possible to convert the rooms into beautiful youth rooms

Not only stylish sleeping areas can be created on the attic. Also fascinating youth room interiors can be created here. The imagination knows no limits! Creative solutions make the attic bedroom the favorite place for the newcomers! Both girls, as boys, appreciate the uniqueness of the bedroom with sloping ceilings.

Girl bedroom with golden accents

bedroom set colored accent wall and roof slope

By color accents the boys room upgrade

bedroom roofing set for teenagers

And a last tip from us in the bedroom slanting set-up: Watch out for the right lighting! The special room conditions make it necessary to choose a suitable lighting strategy well in advance.

Be creative and design a bedroom to fall in love with!

Wallpapers are a great solution for a bedroom with sloping ceilings

bedroom sloping white and gray combine

Colored wall design of the bedroom in the attic

bedroom sloping blue walls and colored carpet

White interior design with green details for a relaxing atmosphere

bedroom sloping simple design and green accents
bedroom slanted black bedding and white rug carpet
bedroom sloping white interiors and fresh air
bedroom furnishing flowers and fresh accents
Bedroom set of brown bed and beautiful wallpaper
bedroom set up with slanting lia carpet and wooden beams
bedroom set up with sloping male look
bedroom furnishing with sloping ceilings with textiles betthimmel
bedroom furnishing with roof slanting minimalist interiors
bedroom furnishing cream interiors with sloping ceilings
bedroom sloping cream walls and white bedding
bedroom furnished with sloping ceilings and wooden floor
bedroom set up beautiful accent wall and sloping ceilings
bedroom furnishing with sloping roof and gray accent wall and light gray carpet
bedroom furnishing beautiful interior design and modern lighting
Bedroom set up beautiful wallpaper and white walls
bedroom furnished with sloping ceilings and armchairs
bedroom furnishing brick wall and rustic side table roof sloping
bedroom furnishing black accent wall and beige flooring
bedroom furnished with sloping ceilings
bedroom roofing unusual interior solutions
bedroom sloping white bedding

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