Built-in Cupboards – Practical Solution For Highest Demands

In our dynamic everyday life, a rule of interior design applies always and everywhere – we strive to make the best use of every corner and niche at home and to provide us with more living and storage space. Surely you know the situation: in your home, there are unattractive walls, angles and/or inclines, which are often not assigned a functional task and stand bare. Of course, this must be changed, because every centimeter counts now and must be used. What should you do with unattractive, unused surfaces? That is the big question, the answer to such problems must be given. How you can find practical and suitable solutions for smart places at home, we want to show you immediately. The key word here is built-in cupboards and we will present you with great ideas for your home. Stay with us and be inspired by our practical built-in cupboard ideas!

Get more storage space in your four walls!

Elegant design in white

Where do modern built-in cupboards fit?

Very often it happens that the storage space in a certain room is not sufficient. Mainly in the bedroom, but of course not only there. Built-in wardrobes maximize storage space and provide more space for clothes and bedding. The situation looks the same in the children’s room.

We often wonder where the great toys of our little treasures belong. Here comes the practical solution and it is called built-in cupboards again. If you don’t necessarily want to show off your large collection of books in the living room, you can also opt for a built-in wall unit. It looks elegant and trendy and has many practical advantages to offer. Inside, you can store everything you don’t need every day, but want to have in close proximity at all times. In the kitchen, the built-in cupboards for the modern housewife are always must-haves. You can store crockery, cutlery, tablecloths and much more in these and always have it handy.

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Is there another more practical solution for your kitchen? Certainly not, because built-in cupboards are really the best! Such cupboards are indispensable under stairs or in an attic flat because they are precisely adapted to the desired location and fill the free space there perfectly. In the hallway or in the entrance hall the built-in cupboards represent the perfect storage possibility. There you can store your winter clothes, boots and shoes and the umbrellas, of course. Practical and elegant at the same time, isn’t it? The application possibilities of the built-in cupboards are actually inexhaustible, you only have to think creatively and think up the best variant for smart places at home and ascribe new functions to them.

Built-in shoe cabinet offers the perfect storage option in the hallway

Wardrobe in the hall


The built-in wardrobe hides a lot of space

Built-in cupboard in the hall

Select the suitable design for built-in cupboards

When it comes to the design of this functional piece of furniture, no wish can be left unfulfilled. Do you prefer modern design or are you a fan of vintage style? The palette ranges from classic designs to romantic and luxurious to Asian style. There are still built-in cabinets that have a modern, functional and super practical design, which many homeowners prefer. Despite the rich choice, it is imperative that you carefully consider your home furnishings and style before making the right decision. It only depends on your own wishes and ideas on what exactly you choose.

First of all, you can choose between different types of wood, in relation to which there are some such as beech, maple or cherry. Their typical colors are also complemented by white and grey. There are also built-in cupboards with sliding doors, shelves or drawers. If you want to visually enlarge your living space, then you prefer cabinets with mirrored doors. If you want more transparency in the room, choose built-in cabinets with glass doors. There are no limits to your ingenuity!

Built-in wardrobe with sliding doors – modern, elegant and practical

Fitted wardrobes stylish in black


Order built-in cupboards made to measure

Yes, we admit the offer in the furniture shops is huge. But in many cases, the conventional cupboards do not fit exactly or you don’t like your design very much. Then you have another option that will help you solve this problem. It is called custom-made built-in cupboards! If you’re about to move into a new or attic apartment or want to give your old apartment a new and modern look, then custom fitted wardrobes are the best solution for you. You need the millimeter-exact measurements of your niche or slope and only then can you find online the company that builds custom-fit cabinets for you.

A built-in cupboard in the kitchen must fit exactly because every millimeter counts.

Built-in wardrobe lighted wardrobe in the kitchen

Planning online and designing built-in cupboards

The Internet also offers other options that should not be underestimated. It’s about planning and designing online. At your disposal are online planners who will give you a good visual idea of how you can design your built-in cabinets. There are also other online tools that are useful in this respect. Just make sure you get the best information and act bravely! Because you can’t do anything wrong with built-in cupboards! Just bring the interior design of your own four walls to a new, higher level! And that’s what we wish you!

Romantic in pink is a successful variant for built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

Built-in wardrobe functional wardrobe in pink

White built-in cupboards with integrated bench seat

Built-in wardrobe practical solution with seat

Built-in wardrobe with mirror doors makes the small entrance hall look bigger

Fitted wardrobes stylish and comfortable


There is enough storage space in the built-in cupboards for your jackets and boots.

Fitted wardrobes quite functional and so modern
Fitted wardrobes in the living room lend a stylish look
Built-in cabinets for a lot more storage space
Built-in wardrobes in the kitchen make the room more functional
Fitted wardrobes with matching lighting for the living area
Built-in wardrobes beautiful living areas for more storage space
Built-in wardrobes unusual residential ideas for the living room
Built-in wardrobes for the modern corridor
Built-in wardrobes beautiful residential ideas in white for the modern home
Fitted wardrobes for the hall
Built-in wardrobes and unusual textures in the kitchen
Fitted wardrobes in white and beautiful floor in wood optics
Beautiful residential ideas built-in cabinets in modern home
Beautiful living rooms modern cabinets for the bedroom
Nice living rooms modern wardrobes in the bedroom and carpet floor for more comfort
Beautiful living rooms functional cabinets in the bedroom more space and more space
Beautiful residential ideas functional cabinets modern white built-in cabinets save space
Beautiful residential ideas modern cabinets in brown for kitchen kitchen island with white workboard
Beautiful living rooms functional cabinets in the bedroom combined with mirror subtle colors
Nice living rooms functional cabinets modern home with lots of space
Beautiful residential ideas modern cabinets in the kitchen and functional kitchen island in white
Beautiful living rooms modern cabinets under the stairs functional storage space ideas for more space