Chenille- The New Velvet In Fashion And Interior Design

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Although modern man is increasingly reduced, recycled, and self-sufficient, one can observe a natural need for some luxury and even abundance in current fashion and interior design trends. The purely practical furniture ends up with some clothes in the workshop or garage to make room for something pompous and not quite ordinary.

You do not need to be an expert in fashion and interior design to realize that the time of noble fabrics has long arrived. Fur, leather, velvet and eye-catching accessories can finally be fetched from the dusty attics. And to have a clear conscience that you have not harmed the animals, there are wonderful and equally magnificent alternatives on the market. In this context, we would like to briefly report today on an excellent fabric called Chenille. Many of you already wear trendy chenille sweaters without knowing anything about them.

The chenille is back (and was never really gone)

chenille coat

For fine curtains and covers you can take good chenille

chenille curtain retro scenery

Nice, warm and cuddly feeling, which makes winter your favorite season

chenille surface

Fashion accessories made of chenille give your outfit a final and very fine finish

Chenille heavy

What is chenille?

The chenille has been known in Europe since the 18th century and is a velvety thread from which to make chenille yarn. The chenille was first used as a pure knitting yarn to make garments. Later, the fabric was considered a typical texture for upholstery and heavy curtains.

The chenille sweater is of course the hit this winter


A headband that protects your hair and protects the head

chenille earwig

Clothe and surround with chenille is a condition that needs to be experienced

chenille pullover

Today, in line with the increasing trend for splendor, the material has a very present presence. You can practically wallpaper your whole flat with chenille, get the furniture, make bedspreads and pillow cases out of it. The more you surround yourself with chenille, the nobler and more comfortable the room looks.

Patterns, colors and texture can pamper you

chenille pattern

Treat yourself to velvety-soft clothes can only be good for you

chenille overall

The permanent sitting should be as pleasant as possible

Chenille relation

The chenille is not only velvety and soft, but also a very easy-care fabric. Because of its practical features, the chenille immediately becomes popular in every room of your home.

Refresh an older piece of furniture or wallpaper your walls with chenille

chenille papering

Chenille runners and rugs are loved or left to be

chenille butter chenille sofa

A good arrangement and fine color matching work better

chenille glamor

Home is the place where you like to come to rest

chenille carpet

And everything that caresses skin and senses is in demand

chenille day coat

A good sofa for pampering you should already have

chenille sofa blue

Why can we prefer Chenille without hesitation?

To wear clothes or fashion accessories made of chenille yarn is simply wonderful. The chenille wool hugs and warms without irritating the skin or being a heavy burden on your shoulder. Clothing looks classy and beautiful, and besides, it’s trendy. Compared to pure velvet or corduroy, you can achieve just as good results with Chenille without having to pay big sums of money.

chenille cuddly
chenille home textile
chenille blanket
chenille miktofiber cloth
chenille carpet rolled up
chenille modern interior
chenille laerufer carpets
chenille bedspread

Luxurious pampering without big expenses

If you are not necessarily one of those people who are constantly buying new things, but still want to pursue this extravagant trend, you can certainly find cool clothes or matching patterns for furniture upholstery with your parents. If that is not possible, you can always look at Ebay for a matching accessory Chenille.

Clothes and fabrics from other decades often look much more original and authentic than those you buy today.

Indulge your senses and see how far the limits of coziness can be extended!

chenille boots ud pulli
chenille ganyes dress
chenille suit smart
chenille pink
chenille cardigan

woven chenille pillowcases
chenille culture bag
chenille catwalk
chenille with jeans
chenille muetze
chenille pullover

chenille sticks

chenille textiles art
chenille sofa

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