Cleaning Up Made Easy: 5 Practical Last Minute Tips

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Really clean up? Is there really such a thing? Very often, we mean that as soon as possible our four walls have to appear properly again. Because especially before a spontaneous visit, we do not have enough time to turn the everyday life into a homey and comfortable ambience. And although it is often difficult for us to overcome our inner porcupine, we can provide a good clean-up plan and the necessary portion discipline for a sustainable order at home and keep an overview.

Clean up like the pros

In doing so, the practical tips from experts in this area often help us. Often it is advised, for example, that we always splice everything nicely into smaller zones and units and arrange and clean one after the other. The distribution should even be done in time. By cleaning up one unit in one day, you feel more secure and somehow quieter, and on the other hand, you do not feel frightened. In addition, one should always try to put each individual object used again in its designated place. In this way, a lasting order is ensured and, consequently, much less time is lost during cleaning.

Cleaning up made easy

Expert tips, such as the small reward after or the mucking after system, are particularly effective and always recommend during the cleaning up. In this useful infographics You will find some great cleaning tips, which will certainly help you with the organization at home.

But if everything has to go really fast, then you definitely need our last minute tips for lightning-up.

Today we have 5 of them ready for you. Stay with us and find out what these are!

Clean up the corridor very quickly and sustainably

# 1 The corridor – the business card of your home

The first thing your visit will see is, without doubt, the hallway or generally the entrance area. Therefore, you should clean this up well. Even if you have only a few minutes to do so, you can at least take away the rough and hide it – such as shoes and too many clothes hanging around the cloakroom. Always remember: you should leave a few blank hooks free. This makes the visit really welcome. There are nice braided baskets, storage boxes, corridor cabinets or even such wooden boxes, as seen in the picture above.

Try to make the hallway simple and inviting

# 2 The”secret room”strategy

A successful method for quick-cleaning is that of the collection room. You should define one of your rooms as a”secret room”. This will take up all the superfluous items and as long as you have guests, simply stay simple. So no one will be allowed to walk unauthorized and keep your peace and household secrets all by themselves.

Special attention should be given to the floors and storage areas. When these places in the house are tidy, they create an additional optical feeling for more order. If you do not have a storage room at home, your work or bedroom is usually the perfect solution.

With this clean-up strategy, it is flawless even with very little available time

Untidy bedroom scarf books

# 3 Down into the crate

Baskets, sacks, wooden crates, moving boxes – everything you have on hand will help you hide all the objects around you from the eyes of your visit in no time, and then store them in the Secret Chamber.

An effective wooden chest of drawers or rattan plaited can be the perfect solution. You can even place these as a couch table in the living room.

The same principle also applies to all other containers as well as to your dishwasher and washing machine for example. The dirty dishes that are still lying in the kitchen disappear very quickly into the dishwasher… door to! Finished!

Tastefully styled laundry baskets create order

Woven linen baskets with white fabric

# 4 Mission: Bathroom!

The bathroom and the toilet have top priority during last minute cleaning. Because these rooms are most likely visited by your guests. Of course cleanliness plays the most important role. Here you should use a lot of your strength and time. But do not take too much at once. Wipe the mirror in the bathroom with a glass cleaner and window cleaning cloth and then go over to the sink. Here you have to clean the soaps and toothpaste and clean it with the bath cleaner of your choice over the tap and the washbasin itself. Finally, you should clean the toilets and the bowl from both sides as well as inside and outside and rinse well. A pleasant fragrance in the bathroom can of course never hurt, but the whole pleasant round off.

Clean the bathroom carefully

Wash basin clean

# 5 Distract the attention of your visit

Last but not least, there is a tried and tested trick – the distraction of attention. As a result, this is not only effective in cleaning up, but also in practically all areas of life. Surely you have tried it yourself, have not you?

Flowers, candles, directed light are the main tools that help with this task perfectly. This will also make your visit in the first place and welcome you and feel much more relaxed.

Decorate the coffee table or the chest of drawers with fresh flowers and candles

Stumped ornaments windy houseplants as table decoration

General clean-up: “Out of sight, out of mind”… old proverbs always bring it to the point! Also in this case, because what the guest does not see, is also definitely outside his perception and thus also no problem.


When it comes to cleaning up really fast, imagination and improvisation are the key to success. So, you also invent some new ideas and strategies, depending on your specific living conditions and personal preferences.

And do not forget: Good aerating is definitely part of the last minute cleaning up!

Always try to put color harmony

Fresh flower table decoration in the living room

Small fresh color accents are always a welcome sight

Side table of oak wood in the living room

Fresh flowers at the entrance speak for a warm welcome

Hortensia spring branches in the hallway on wooden commode

With neutral colors and bright wood in the interior, everything looks a little tighter

Living room furniture in neutral colors and light wood

Indirect light and chimney ensure even more comfort and distract attention

Living room dining room fireplace firewood

Everything should have its own place

Damask bag summer hat in the shelf

Perfect order in the ladies wardrobe

Diy wardrobe chest of drawers bookcase

The clever shoe storage

Shoes clever

Wipe the TV away from the dust, do not forget!

Dust wipe tv in living room

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