Color Scheme Ideas – Earthy Nuances In The Interior

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Each of us knows the strange feeling of the first visual perception: the moment we enter a room, we are immediately overwhelmed by the color palette that prevails there. At first sight, we take up the room colors and they immediately affect our psyche and evoke certain emotions within us. The scientists attribute different meanings and functions to the colors. The room designers use this knowledge and apply colors in the interior in such a way that an attractive and very comfortable ambience is created. In principle, we strive for all those spaces where we can enjoy maximum relaxation and best relaxation. There is a logical question of how we can shape our own four walls so that we really feel at home there. What nuances must dominate in a room? What color shades are the trend now? We will answer these questions in the following.

Get to know the power of the colors and create a comfortable home!

Colors in the innendign sky blue walls and a bit accents in the room

In today ‘s post we want to keep our overview of Trendy colors in the interior 2017 and introduce you to four earthy nuances, which are very popular with interior decorators and homeowners. They are all inspired by nature and bring their irresistible charm into the interior design.

Earthy green

Green is, of course, our first choice among earthy nuances, since this color is always associated with nature.

What happens to you spontaneously when you think of earthy greenery? Surely moss or olives, is not it? Yes, right, but to this color palette belong especially pastel nuances of green, symbolizing the new life, growth and longevity. But this is not a true grass green. This color is brighter and has a stronger effect on the eyes. Olive green, on the other hand, is darker, in this shade other earthy nuances are added. The palette from the earthy green begins with the green of the fir, goes over spinach green, and continues until the green of the jade. The last tint is accompanied by gentle pastel tones. However, one thing is important: all these nuances radiate natural freshness and can be combined with other neutral colors.

Earthy green is a soothing color

Color scheme green wall paint in the bedroom and white flooring

Earthy green need not be the dominant color in an interior. It would be much better to use this earthy nuance to a small extent. For example, a sofa in green leather, a vase of green glass or earthy green on the carpet. It immediately attracts all eyes and provides a natural touch in the ambience.

Delightfully beautiful in the earthy green!

Color ideas for the modern living room green armchair and neutral wall paint

Light pastel blue

Light pastel blue is often the color of the sky, at least on sunny days. This gentle blue nuance draws our gaze and gives us a feeling for the endless. It carries an ancient symbolism and illustrates human fidelity. It looks wonderful as a wall paint in the bedroom, as the light pastel blue soothes all senses. Combine this gentle nuance with creamy white linens and you will get the perfect sleeping room to fall in love with.

A tastefully decorated bedroom in light pastel blue

Color design in the bedroom pastelblue wall design in the sleeping area

Actually, light pastel blue fits any interior, because it is easily combinable with other pastel colors. Neutral colors such as caramel and natural wood surfaces form a striking whole with this blue nuance. It radiates balance and harmony that everyone loves!


A very appealing mixture of blue and green gives the gentle shade of jade green. It exudes opulence, changes easily between warm and cool nuances and ensures that there is always something special for every taste, style and taste. With a little jade green in the interior, you make a serious statement for more sublimity in your four walls. This is the hue of the jewels, which can easily be transferred to fabric and furniture. Also a few color jars in jade green can bring a refreshing touch into the interior and provide for more visual interest there. This gorgeous earthy color nuance is particularly good with other jewel shades, including violet and ruby ​​red. Such color combinations are often conspicuous. In these earthy nuances patterned decorative cushions or individual room accessories jump immediately into the eye.

Does your dream bedroom look the same? Mine, however!

Colorful trendy ideas in green for the bedroom

A stylish and distinctive interior, which awakens in us the need to let us fall dully

Colorful trendy shades in modern bedroom hunting walls


Our latest favorite among earthy nuances is a saturated dark blue color, known as indigo. He originally came from East India, but over the course of many years he has conquered millions of hearts all over the world, but he never seems to go out of style. When indigo is used as a wall paint, it can unfold its color splendor well in the room and show very strongly. This is a classic in the color palette, known as the last recognizable blue tone, after which a bluish violet comes. This powerful and very striking Blaunuance is very popular in modern interiors and its popularity is expected to rise in the next few years. If you want to express your individuality through the spatial design, then choose Indigo! Pair it with a chocolate brown wooden floor, creamy white linens and a little gold yellow here and there as an accent. To make your room design even more interesting, look for modern patterns and geometric shapes in the colors mentioned here.

Discover the color diversity of the earthy nuances

Colorfully used in the bedroom indigo for the bedding

Some homeowners do not want to risk it with strong, meaningful nuances. With Indigo, however, you can not commit a mistake in your interior design. You can only love this saturated blue tone. Indigo can not leave any indifferent! Use the nuance as an accent in an interior designed entirely in blue, or use patterns that combine deep blue and white. For example a striped carpet or throwing blanket in this color duo provides a stylish look in the room. Do you like these earthy nuances? What color is your personal favorite?

Use it now, love it later!

Colors in the modern bedroom indigo and white for the bedding

Color scheme in fresh earthy nuances brings a natural touch into the room

Coloring ideas for the bedroom blaunuancen combine
Color green nuances in the bedroom set green is excellent for this
Color scheme trendy ideas for the bedroom

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